Sunday, January 15, 2012

Restrained Love v2.8.3

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with many bugfixes and improvements over the last one. Check this out !

- added : New keyboard shortcuts for builders (they are also added to the Build > Options submenu) :
- Alt+W to edit linked parts
- Alt+T to set to stretch textures
- Alt+B to set to stretch both sides
- Alt+R to set to set grid mode to World
- Alt+F to set to set grid mode to Local
- Alt+V to set to set grid mode to Reference
- Alt+G to set to set current selected object as Reference and set grid mode to Reference

- added : Debug setting "RenderMeshDeformed" to switch Qarl's parametric alpha mesh deformer on and off (it is off by default).

- added : Include LL's patch for the new inventory features.

- changed : Allow to click in-world while in Mouselook mode, even when your controls are taken, but only while pressing Alt.

- fixed : Inventory offers were unreadable (the Show button used to overwrite the url), same for teleport offers.

- fixed : Shift+Right-click on an object in world failed to open it.

- fixed : In Mouselook mode, we could only click on something or fire with a gun once.

- changed : We couldn't be force TPed when in Busy mode.

- fixed : RLV_50 : The alignment tool in the build floater is broken. Thank you Lance Corrimal and Jonathan Yap for the fix !

- fixed : RLV_52 : another avatar sitting down while I'm in ML resets my camera. Thank you Lance Corrimal for the fix !

Grab the installer here :

The MD5 hash of the Windows installer is :

Have fun !