Saturday, August 24, 2013

RestrainedLove Viewer with Z offset fix

Hi there,

So I was hoping Linden Lab would do something about our Z offset feature... you know, the slider on the top menu bar that lets you make your avatar hover above the ground or sink. It was handy for adjusting your position when sitting on a furniture, or when your avatar is simply not standing on its feet (sitting, kneeling, laying...). There is even an RLV command that uses this feature, to adjust your height automatically with a script.

This was very useful feature and the recent Server Side Appearance rollout across the grid broke it. Linden Lab were called out on this, and Nyx Linden took it on his personal time to provide us a replacement, by adding a "Hover" value in the avatar's shape, that does more or less what the old Z offset did. Problem is, while doing its job, this replacement was barely acceptable in our case because not as precise, cumbersome and needing your shape to be modifiable. So I was hoping LL would do something about it because, I don't know, it is a bad idea to break features the users are accustomed to.

But no.

Instead of that, the whole grid was rolled out this week and sure enough, the Z offset was broken and inoperable. You could play with the slider all day, nothing would happen. I didn't have time to look into this breakage before yesterday, but thanks to Henri Beauchamp's work in his Cool Viewer, it is now working again, as well as before, and the RLV command @adjustheight (which relies on it) still works like before. The only problem is that your shape must be modifiable now. No modifiable shape, no Z offset (we can call it an offset now, can't we Henri ? *wink*). This is going to be a problem for people who sell and for those who buy no-mod shapes, but it is that or nothing.

Another thing : the SSA rollout also broke the temporary upload feature, so I removed the checkboxes from the Upload and the Snapshot windows. But fret not, you can use the standard "Local" feature instead, which is faster and cleaner :

When you want to apply a texture on a face or prim, notice the "Local" radio button on the texture chooser. Click on it, then click on "Add", select one or more textures to add to the local cache in the explorer, then click on one of the textures that appear in the list to apply it to your face. The neat trick is that this texture will update itself automatically as soon as it is modified on your hard drive. For example, when you work on it in Gimp or Photoshop and save it, switch back to your viewer and you will see the result right away. No additional action is required. It's neat and is a time saver over the old "temporary upload" which was taking a lot of time for each upload.

I would like to thank warmly Nyx Linden and Henri Beauchamp for both taking on their personal time to fix that breakage. Thanks guys !

So here it is, a new version of the RLV with the fix and you can adjust your Z offset again. Sorry for the wait !

You can grab the viewer here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows package is

Have fun !