Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hiya !

I promise I am not doing this on purpose ! But the camera and vision restriction features are being banged at hard, and as a results, lots of rendering bugs are found and need fixing asap... that's why I am constantly releasing bug fixes. I hope the flow will slow down because I really have other things to do, and you probably have better things to do than to constantly update your RLV as well, right ?

One thing I like in this version is the way the silhouettes are rendered. At last I finally found how to make them look like silhouettes, instead of like half-rezzed dark avatars. The initial plan was to render silhouettes like muted avatars in forward rendering (aka ALM off) :  flat and grey, but with attachments. The purpose being having someone very close to you but only guessing what they are doing, and who they are.

Anyway, here is the change list :

- fixed : Hovertexts on HUDs were hidden when the vision was restricted (a consequence of the changes in
- fixed : Unrigged alpha attachments were visible through the vision spheres (I didn't know since my blindfolds also enforce avatar silhouettes, so attachments didn't show anyway).
- fixed : Show point at was still visible when the vision was restricted.
- changed : Silhouettes are now really silhouettes, with the attachments and all, but no details. For some reason, opaque unrigged mesh attachments do not show on silhouettes, but they do not show on regular impostors either (which the silhouettes are implemented from).

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hi there,

Seems some people have found ways to "cheat" through blindfolds (well not exactly cheat, they couldn't see clearly, but some tricks allowed them to get clues about their environment that they weren't supposed to get), so more work was required on the RLV. Here is the latest version with the fixes to these loopholes !

- fixed : Semi-transparent attachments worn by other avatars would show through the vision spheres if they had materials. Now they are rendered only when close enough, like particles.
- fixed : Editing and highlighting objects could make them render through the vision spheres, now there is no highlighting anymore when the vision is restricted (but you can still edit stuff, just... less easily).
- fixed : Removed a loophole that could allow the user to edit an object even when @edit was active, under some very specific conditions.
- fixed : When the vision is restricted, don't let the user capture the depth buffer on snapshots.
- fixed : The viewer was slowed down by some unnecessary object updates when receiving or removing restrictions (it was noticeable when receiving bursts of RLV commands), even those that had nothing to do with vision restrictions.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Ha ! You didn't expect another one so soon, did you ?

You did ?

Alright, well it does happen often, that after a big version (or at least a version on which a lot of work has been done), a few bugs are introduced and need some fixing right away. It does drive Kittin mad, I know it. Poor girl.

Anyway, here is the latest version of the RLV, with some bug fixes that were overdue !

Look for yourself :

- changed : When forced to sit somewhere, allow to do it even when @sittp is active, to let traps re-capture the avatar after a relog. This was supposed to be introduced in 2.9.5, but a revert of the code I made after a totally different test completely wiped this fix, so here it is again.
- fixed : Selected faces were not rendered with their overlay when blindfolded (this was due to an older fix that did no longer have a purpose).
- fixed : When changing the draw render limit, visually update all the objects around.
- fixed : Hide fully transparent, non-phantom prims in-world when the vision is restricted.
- fixed : Remove the color of all the faces of all the objects in-world when @camtextures is active. Yes, I finally figured out how to do that after much research !
- fixed : In-world objects that are 100% transparent did not render even when "Highlight Transparent" was on, restricted vision or not. Now when the vision is not restricted, they appear normally again.
- fixed : Difficulties playing movies on media prims in 2.9.6.

I'm particularly glad that @camtextures can hide the color of the prims as well as their textures, at last. That part really bothered me.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Friday, January 9, 2015

RLV 2.9.5

Happy new year !

So, after 2 weeks of intense work on the RLV, trying to fix those silly rendering bugs that crept up when the avatar was blindfolded (namely, alpha attachments and particles not showing properly), I could finally get the vision spheres to render correctly. And I used the opportunity to also fix a few other bugs that had nothing to do with vision restriction, but that were overdue nonetheless.

A big addition (and I am aware it will trigger a few "WTFs" from some users, but think about it for a second and you'll see it makes sense), is that now you will be blind and unable to TP and to see the location right after logging on, and will stay like this for a few seconds, while your avatar rezzes. No more cheating through blindfolds and TP restrictions right after a relog ! It can sound cumbersome at first, but you'll see, you won't think anything of it after some time.

As a result, this version of the RLV is much more enjoyable to use while blindfolded, since now your avatar shows correctly at last. Phew !

Here is the change list :

- changed : When forced to sit somewhere, allow to do it even when @sittp is active, to let traps re-capture the avatar after a relog.
- changed : When the vision is restricted, force all "Rendering Metadata" types to TRUE, forbidding from hiding the world, the prims, and more importantly, the avatars (since the vision spheres now need the user's avatar to render).
- changed : Allow to set a tracker to a location even when @showworldmap is active (it worked in RLVa so I'm making it work in the RLV too, since apparently some games use that feature).
- changed : Now when logging on, the RLV receives a bunch of "dummy" restrictions, forcing blindness, loss of location, loss of radar and loss of TP ability for a short moment, until actual RLV restrictions come (or after a few seconds). This is good to keep a user from cheating around restrictions right after relogging.
- fixed : Now particles and alpha attachments are rendered correctly when the vision is restricted. This implied changing the place where the rendering of the spheres was called, which brought its own lot of bugs, which in turn implied making a few corrections leading to a few less serious rendering issues (see the known issues below and the Rendering Metadata line above). As a result, blindfolds and other vision restriction devices look a lot better now.
- fixed : When the vision is restricted, alpha rigged attachments will no longer poke holes through the vision spheres. That was the biggest concern.
- fixed : When the vision is restricted, particles spawned by the avatar's attachments (such as leashes) are now rendered correctly. That was the other biggest concern.
- fixed : Impostors near clip range was too far and would make it impossible to zoom up-close to a silhouette.
- fixed : When zooming up close to a prim, the camera could move out of the vision spheres.
- fixed : When under @shownames, we could still see an avatar's name if it was talking through an attachment that impersonated its name (like a gag).
- fixed : @acceptpermission did not work for avatars whose last name was "Resident".
As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Friday, December 26, 2014

RLV 2.9.4

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

To begin the next year right, here is a new version of the RLV with a few bug fixes by me and a lot by LL. I find this version quite more comfortable than the last one, in fact, it seems more responsive, especially when it comes to avatar baking (the process of changing the texture of the avatar, mind you, we do not cook people here).

See for yourself :

- changed : A lot of fixes from LL to make the viewer more enjoyable to use (namely a fix for the rotation glitch, a fix for baking, a fix for corrupt sculpt textures in the cache, and more).
- fixed : When stuck in mouselook, we couldn't move the cursor and the mouse at the same time.
- fixed : When issuing @detachallthis without an option and without @detachthis along with it, we could detach the object from the pie menu (not from the inventory), and we could unwear pieces of clothing contained in the same folder (but not in child folders).
- fixed : @addattach did not work when no attachment was included into the name of the object (now the viewer attaches then detaches it immediately when it realizes the target attach point is supposed to be locked empty).

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Erotic bondage movies !

Hi there !

I have been silent for some time, but that's only because I've been busy. Busy making movies. Erotic bondage movies !

Six of them, to be exact. Five out of the six being part of a series inspired by House of Gord (you know, the excellent fetish, ultra-bondage website). This is even where the name of the movie brand comes from : "Maison de la Marquise" ("House of the Marquise" in French), as a homage to the aforementioned website.

The movies are all made with top-notch technology and animations, and often with stuff that I have to make myself for the occasion. The sweat on the girls' skins is a prime example of it. The latex and spandex suits as well. Not to mention, of course, the restraints.

I also give the name of most of the furniture and accessories used in the movies, not for advertisement purposes (they don't pay me for that), but as a "if you want to do it yourself" kind of hint. I'd like my movies to inspire others to create their own, so I help by pointing out where to find quality stuff.

Attention, the content of the movies is explicit, and there are pictures here that are just as explicit. Usually I refrain from posting pornographic pictures on this blog (at most, I am almost nude but not totally), but since the focus of those movies is eroticism and porn, there is little point in censoring them, because I want to show pictures that are directly taken from the movies.

I wanted to wait before telling you about that series, for the simple reason that it needs a few movies to get an idea of what it is, where it is going, and what the main characters do and look like.

And with time, the characters grow up on their own, write their own stories... Every writer will tell you that this is how it works. They are solid and consistent, and that's why I am happy to tell you their hot, very hot, stories.


Gina is the main protagonist of the series, she is the heroin, a typical East Coast city girl of Italian ascent, with a knack for getting herself in trouble. She is a cute, smart and adventurous girl, who is out to satisfy her own need for good, tight and kinky fun with people she can trust. She has tried pretty much every domina in her area but wasn't satisfied, and her last ditch attempt is the Marquise, a domina recommended to her by several others.

She is also the only character you can hear the thoughts of. Well, not always, sometimes she thinks out loud so everybody can hear her. And usually, that gets her in trouble.

The Marquise

Presumably from noble ascent (unless this is just a codename), the Marquise is a refined and classy woman, whose business is into providing professional domination sessions to a select few customers. Her house (from which the name of the brand comes) is a big, classy mansion, very cozy in appearance but also partly re-purposed for her activities.

She also realizes the movies, stars into them, produces them, and publishes them. Her actual name is inspired from a famous British singer (who pretty much handles her whole business herself as well). And also from a character from a book. Her accent and odd expressions give her away as an European, probably French or Spanish.


Sandy is a well-known British porn actress starring in vanilla movies (but also in some adverts). She's a sweet, outgoing, friendly girl, but can be very wicked when she wants. Not a beginner in her line of work, her views about it are somewhat tainted but she still enjoys what she does. And for good reason : it is the job that suits her best.

She is also a real bondage slut, and regularly comes to the Marquise for long-term sessions of intense bondage. Long-term as in several days long. As a result, she and the Marquise know each other well and are now good friends.


Jade is an employee of the Marquise, she serves mostly as a rigger (someone dedicated to tying up boys and girls, and to look after them, inside and outside bondage sessions). Laconic, sharp and watchful, she seldom speaks about her regular job (being a rigger for the Marquise is a filler), which sometimes takes her away for weeks or months. But when she is there, she is a very trustworthy asset in the Marquise's business.

She is also quite kinky, and sometimes enjoys getting in bondage herself.

There will be, of course, other characters featuring in the series, and some cameos, too...


For the time being, the story of Gina spans over five episodes. There will be more if the series is well received. Each episode lasts about half an hour, give or take 5 minutes.

Gina's Debut

This is the first episode of the series, and pretty much the pilot, introducing all the main characters. This is the episode with the fewest videos, but with the most storytelling.

In this episode, Gina enters the Marquise's mansion for the first time, and immediately gets thrown into her universe. Met with bondage before even crossing the threshold, then stripped nude only a few minutes later, cuffed, the girl's mind will be blown away by how the Marquise handles her own little world, and will quickly be seduced by it.

As the Marquise introduces her to the other members of the tribe and explains how things work around here, she tightens her grip over Gina, always pushing her further and taking more of her freedom, until her inner bondage slut comes out. And that's when Gina realizes that she came to the right place.

This episode lasts 30 minutes.

Hot Mouse

In this episode, Gina is made to train in some kind of giant, human-sized mouse wheel, under a scorching sun.

Totally nude and tightly bound in leather, the poor girl will learn what it means to train with the Marquise, who is... merciless. Borderline sadistic, some may say.

Unlike the first episode, this movie does not tell a complex story, but rather focuses on Gina's sexiness, offering a lot of very hot videos of her sexy bound and nude body, working out under the sun in an ever-increasing bondage.

This episode lasts 25 minutes.

The Wait (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

This episode is so long that it is cut into 3 parts (each part being a movie on its own), and the third part is so long that it is cut into two tapes (main and epilogue, both included in the package). It is recommended to watch the first part, then the second one, then the third one, then the epilogue, in that order. Or else it will make little sense.

In this multiple episode, Gina is scheduled for a day-long session of bondage. She comes to the Marquise's mansion early in the morning... to find out that the Marquise is not there. But she left a note with instructions, to which Gina obeys to the letter. She soon finds herself wandering alone in the house, naked and in cuffs, looking for a cozy place to wait for the return of her favorite domina.

But things do not go exactly as expected... Firstly, Gina soon finds out that she is not alone in the house, someone else is waiting for the Marquise as well. And she is not the only one to be in cuffs. And she is not the only one to be horny either.

The whole episode, the three parts, are a blur of girl-on-girl, sometimes girl-on-girl-on-girl, kinky sex. At least one of them being in bondage. Gina goes from surprise to surprise, and realizes that someone seems to have plotted a long-term plan for everyone. A long-term plan that involves an absurd number of climaxes.

The first and second parts last 30 minutes each, the third part lasts 45 minutes. Most of the time being sexy videos of very hot lesbian sex. In bondage.

Applicant Payback

This movie is not part of Gina's story, but is realized by the Marquise, so expect a little crossover between both worlds. After all, it has been shot in the same house by the same people.

A sexy young woman applies for a job in a small company, led by a CEO who is more impressed by her curves than by her resume (which is impressive nonetheless). The woman plays along and they soon get "acquainted". On screen. No, they have no shame.

But that's before the applicant reveals her actual agenda to the CEO...

This movie is more vanilla than the others, but there is still a little bondage in it, because I just couldn't resist. It is also part of a mini-series, so those characters will come back.

As I said, I will continue to make movies, if these are successful enough. I have received a very positive feedback so far, and I can't hide that even I, after watching them all 20 times each (that's the least you have to do when you make movies), they still make me hot. No, I have no shame either.

Unlike my other two brands, those movies can only be found on the SL Marketplace, at this address :

You will find more pictures from the movies in there, so you can judge by yourself of their quality.

They require my HD Video System to watch, that you can find either in world, or here :

I hope you will enjoy the movies, I know I do !

And maybe they will inspire you to make your own, too !

Have fun,


Thursday, October 30, 2014

RLV 2.9.3

Hi !

On top of working on my products lately (the Deluxe gag and Gina's Debut), I've also been working on the RLV v2.9.3. In fact, it has been available for a month and a half now, but I'd never sent a notice nor a blog post about it, because I felt it wasn't ready yet.

It integrates LL's last changes about Server Side Appearance (making it so your skin and clothing are calculated by the sim instead of the viewer), as well as the connections to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. And it would be an understatement to say that these new features were difficult to integrate. SSA in particular, was bug-ridden and it took me four months to stabilize it all. That's why I didn't want to communicate about it until now. But there are enough bug fixes now to make it worth a release.

So here it is, and take a look at the list of changes for yourself :

- added : LL's latest additions for Facebook, Twitter, Flick and SSA support.
- added : Shortcut to Mouselook : Ctrl+Alt+M (the official shortcut "M" does not work when the "Pressing letter keys starts local chag" option is selected in the Preferences).
- changed : Secured the @adjustheight RLV command, to stop it from failing at times. Also made it faster to commit the change by forcing a rebake after a couple seconds.
- changed : When standing up and under @standtp, nothing happens if the landing point of the parcel is fixed, instead of TPing to the wrong place.
- changed : Do not restrict sit distance under @fartouch and @touchfar.
- changed : Do not allow someone to give anything to anyone when under "@showinv" (it makes sense when "@sendim" is active too, to stop people from cheating around it by sending renamed items as a way to chat).
- changed : We now cannot select or inspect anything or anyone beyond the range specified by "@camdrawmin" anymore. This means you can't use your mouse pointer to detect someone by looking at the tooltip, when blinded.
- changed : When clicking or double-clicking on a point to walk to it, don't reset the view, and rotate the avatar so it faces the direction of movement.
- changed : Improved the "force rebake" (Ctrl+Alt+R) command to make it quicker for clothes to appear locally (and usually, remotely too).
- changed : Do not force the texture memory down to 512 if the user has set it to something higher in the TextureMemory debug setting.
- fixed : Crash when receiving a folder or an object which name is shorter than 5 letters.
- fixed : The "detach" exception for an object that was given during this session (for example in the "Objects" folder, while under "@unsharedunwear") will be ignored if this object issued a "@detach" command.
- fixed : Flycam was not restricted under "@camXXX" commands.
- fixed : We couldn't use FlyCam when RLV was deactivated.
- fixed : When replacing or removing outfits from the Appearance window, locked items were detached as well (in the past, these options were greyed out when something was locked, but it is no longer the case).
- fixed : When the camera is controlled by a script, it would not get restricted by the "@camXXX" RLV commands. This was on purpose at first, but maybe it was too permissive.
- fixed : When teleporting, silhouettes were no longer rendered under @camavdist.
- fixed : A way to bypass the @editobj restriction.
- fixed : @recvchatfrom and @recvemotefrom did not take attachments into account.
- fixed : When teleporting to another region and forced into Mouselook with @camdistmax:0, the mouse pointer would show but we would be stuck in ML nonetheless (thank you Sinha Hynes for the heads-up).
- fixed : @detachallthis would still lock the whole #RLV folder.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

PS : This change list is actually for 2.9.2, but the available one is 2.9.3... This is simply because the day I released 2.9.2, I worked on integrating the latest changes from LL (which were many), and found them quite useful, so I decided to go straight to 2.9.3 so you could benefit from them too. The difference between those two versions is only the code that LL worked on, specifically the login page and the snapshot window, plus many small bug fixes.