Friday, July 18, 2014

New project, new technology, more fun !

Hi there,

Let me tell you about a project of mine that I've been brewing in my head for some time... And recently I have made the whole tool chain that allows me to realize it. Now... I could get all technical on you, but instead I'm going to shake my butt.

Do I have your attention now ? I mean, really ?

Okay. So as I was saying, this tool chain allows me to -- hey, you there, will you stop staring at my butt for a minute please ? Thank you.

With this tool chain, I can process a video into animated textures that I upload back into SL and -- what, again ?! Okay, I knew it was a bad idea. I give up, I'll show you what I mean with videos :p

Right now, if someone took this video and somehow turned it into an animated texture, the resulting texture would look like this :

As you can see, it is a mosaic of frames organized so that SL will play them one after the other, from left to right and top to bottom, at a pace fast enough that you have the illusion of movement. If it were uploaded into SL, it would look like this :

Pretty blurry, isn't it ? This is not surprising, the video lasts 30 seconds and was shot at 10 frames per second. This gives 300 frames, decimated down to 256 frames, so that the texture is exactly 16x16 frames (a square is a better choice so we don't have any stretching). Since the maximum size of a texture in SL is 1024x1024, the math is simple : each frame is a small 64x64 thumbnail. Stretched up to fit that square you see in the video above, you can see why it is blurry.

And that's why you don't see many animated pictures in SL, except for controls and the like, stuff that doesn't need a high resolution and a big number of frames at the same time. But you don't see good looking videos unless you use media, which means your viewer connects to an external video (YouTube or whatever), and then all bets are off. You don't have any control over what kind of url your viewer connects to, the url could be potentially malicious. None of this happens with animated textures, since you are only looking at harmless textures inside SL.

If you don't want to give up too much detail nor too much smoothness, you have two options.

The first one is to cut the time frame of the video into several short clips that are to be played in succession. This is all well and good and makes sense, but unfortunately, playing videos is a viewer-side feature, while the switching from one part to the next is the responsibility of the script telling the viewer to play that video. In other words, both will never be synchronized well enough, there would always be a slowdown or a pause between two parts of a video.

The second option, the one I chose, is to cut the screen itself into parts, in 2x2 squares, 3x3, 4x4 etc. That's what my tool chain does and when it's done, it creates a bunch of textures that I just upload back into SL.

Here is how the video looks in 2x2 (that's the exact same AVI file you've seen at the beginning of this post) :

It's much crisper already, but I can do better. Look at it on a 4x4 :

Now we're talking. You can see each piano key for example. And no I am not showing myself on the videos because of a sudden case of inflating ego... but only to show you that this is SL, and the scale of the TV compared to an avatar :p

As you can see, this 30 seconds video, shot at 10 frames per second, looks a lot better on a 4x4 screen (that's 16 textures of 1024x1024 each, instead of only one) than on a regular 1x1 square prim. There are seams between the different squares, but that's due to how SL stretches small textures (since each individual frame is still small), it blurs it, I can't do anything about that. The texture itself is crisp without any blur, I saw to that (you can check in the animated texture above in this post that there is no blur in it).

You must be thinking, where is she going with all this ? Well now that you understand the technical stuff (and that I've shaken my butt enough), maybe you can see the possibilities of such a device.

First of all, the TV itself that you've seen on the videos above is fully working and can display a video on a 1x1, 2x2 or 4x4 screen. It also adapts the dimensions to the specified dimensions of the video or picture (because it can display static pictures as well, even multi-part ones) so that they don't look stretched.

It plays a playlist received from the decoder (which looks exactly like an old VHS tape recorder), which itself receives it from a VHS tape.

And that's where it becomes interesting : the movie producer (Yours Truly for the moment) shoots a video into an AVI file on the hard drive, then processes it through the tool chain I made, then uploads the resulting pictures into SL (automatically named so the SL scripts understand that they are in fact one single video, and the parameters such as the speed, the number of frames and so on). So far so good.

Then they insert the pictures (without changing anything to the names) into a VHS tape, which calculates a playlist out of it. Then, once the tape is inserted into a decoder, the playlist is transferred to the decoder, which in turn dispatches it to all the connected TVs. But the textures are never transferred anywhere nor to anyone, the tape deletes them before they can be taken out. Everything is encrypted so the data are safe.

For now the tool chain I made is pretty difficult to deploy (it uses 4 different tools, all freeware, that need to be installed on the computer), so I will keep it for myself for a moment. Plus I must make sure it works perfectly, it's still a little rough around the edges. But I can at least start the fun part of the project :

Producing erotic SL movies !

Think about it : nowadays we've got a lot of good looking furniture with gorgeous motion-capture animations for solo avatars, couples, threesomes and even more. Those animations can take up to 30 seconds so we need the best resolution in order to render them into SL as animated pictures without looking dull. We've had erotic SL comics, now we'll have erotic SL movies !

I know it sounds silly and all, but isn't every new technology used either for war or for sex first ? Sex and war are what make the world turn !

In all seriousness though, this technology isn't going to be used for eroticism only. It has actually nothing to do with eroticism, it's just a video recorder and player. I will produce eroticism because everything I touch turns to kink, but it will be great for in-world demonstrations, fashion shows and the like, without having to rely on videos on external servers (which, I repeat, always contains a part of risk, whereas with animated textures you're safe, since it stays within SL).

I will be more than happy to share this system once it is mature enough (no pun intended), but it is still a bit early for that. What I will do first is produce a few good videos with friends, for once mixing business and fun because I will create an SL "company" for it (I have yet to decide the name but it will probably be a silly one), sell tapes (for a small price) as well as the TV with its decoder (for a small price too). Then, if all goes well, I will probably hire more actors and actresses to produce more videos, but I don't know how many yet. What I do know is that the processing of such videos will be the bottleneck of the whole production, and with the amount of work that is awaiting me for the next months, I can't afford shooting videos to take more than a fraction of my time. In other words, I'll be part of this business only for a limited amount of time, after which I will probably write an API of some sorts and release the scripts (not as open source since the protocol is encrypted, but free to distribute nonetheless), as well as release the tool chain and explain how to make it work. I do want high resolution videos to be part of SL !

Of course, you know the drill : no ETA, I'm just stating what I am working on. And shaking my butt :p


Friday, July 4, 2014

Update to all RealRestraint products, v1.25

Hi !

As promised, here is the update of all the RealRestraint products up to v1.25, with three main features and many bug fixes and small improvements !

This update is quite big, and some products will require a full replacement, while others will do nicely with a soft update (when you click "UPDATE" on the menu instead of "REPLACE"). A RR Anim HUD is included in the update folder, so you don't need to replace the armbinder to get the new HUD.

The products that just need a soft update and do not need a replacement are :

- Armbinder
- Ballgag
- Scarf blindfold
- Body harness
- Isolation Hood
- Jammer
- Restrained Elegance (collar only)
- Ringgag
- Serious Shackles (collar only)
- Slave crate
- Straps arms
- Tape gag & blindfold
- Vixen leather training set (collar only)

And the products that do require a replacement (because of new animations and some slave scripts being updated) are :

- Police handcuffs
- Police legirons
- Pretty Mummy (all of it, gag and blindfold included due to slave scripts having changed) (*)
- Restrained Elegance (except collar)
- Serious Shackles (except collar)
- Shibari arms
- Shibari legs
- Siren arms
- Siren legs
- Straps legs
- Vixen leather training set (except collar)

Normally, if I did my job correctly, you should not see an "UPDATE" button if your product is part of that second list, but you will necessarily see "REPLACE" since that product has been identified properly. But if you do see an "UPDATE" button and your product is part of that second list, DO NOT PRESS IT. Although the product would still work afterwards, it would not have the new animations, therefore it would not be recognized as a retail product in a future update anymore.

(*) For the Pretty Mummy set, the warning stated above is not entirely true. You can still choose "UPDATE" on it and it will not break future update attempts, because only a slave script has been changed, which makes no difference to the updater. You will not benefit from most of the changes specific to this set, that's all (but you will still benefit from the changes to the core scripts, like the RLV 2.9 features for the blindfold, the new feature on the Anim HUD, the new Vulnerable plugin, etc).

Here is the list of what has changed :

Firstly, following the release of RLV 2.9 and its new camera commands, the restraints now use these new commands to make blindfolds much more enjoyable. Instead of simply moving a prim in front of your view to blind you totally, you will now be blinded "selectively" : the tighter the tie, the smaller the area you can see around you (but you can still see yourself), beyond it will be just black (or mostly opaque for the three lower locks, "Blurry", "Very thin" and "Thin"). More so, the three upper locks ("Medium", "Tight" and "Opaque" will remove the texture of everything around you, so you can only guess what you're touching. In "Opaque', you will really have to hug the walls to actually have a clue where you are going. But it's better than not seeing anything at all, right ? Also the upper locks will turn people into silhouettes, unless they are really really close, to enhance the feeling.

Secondly, a new plugin, called "Vulnerable" is added to all the arms restraints, and only them (not collars, gags, blindfolds or legs restraints). The gist of it is simple : when your arms are bound, you are more vulnerable than when they are not (well, duh), so anyone can do things to you without you being able to resist. Namely, they can strip you by force, make you wear things (but not lock the outfits on you), they can force you onto some furniture, and they can snap a chain to lead you around. But the latter two features will not be available if you are already locked down on a furniture by the keyholder, or leashed by the keyholder, respectively, to avoid breaking their set up. This plugin, as discussed in earlier threads, has two toggles : one for the sub to allow the dom/me to make them vulnerable (they are not by default), the other to actually make the sub vulnerable when tied. That way, the sub is vulnerable only if she and her top wish so.

Thirdly, the ability for anyone who owns a RR anim HUD (that's anyone who wants, since that HUD is copy/mod/transfer, just ask the sub to give you a copy of it) to actually command the animations and poses of the nearest sub around. Even if she is not tied by them ! More so, the top can even "freeze" the sub in place, i.e. make her unable to change her position herself. This simulates the fact that once bound, a sub can be rolled over or held in place forcibly, and she cannot resist. More power to the dom/mes ! Attention, the sub needs to have a RR product v1.25 or above, or it won't let the HUD (even the updated one) control it. The feature takes place in both the Anim HUD and the Anim plugin.

Aside from these new features, there is a number of smaller changes and fixes that I hope will satisfy everyone :

* Autolock :
- changed : Prevent access to the wearer while the plugin is running and there are macros waiting to be executed.
- changed : The countdown is now hidden by default.
- fixed : The first macro run after a reset would execute immediately, due to a faulty timestamp check.
- fixed : Setting a timer on a macro didn't reset any existing timer when executed, resulting in ever-growing timers when stuck in a loop.

* Anim plugin :
- fixed : Possible infinite loop in some rare cases, resulting in the plugin freezing, but not crashing.
- fixed : Struggling animations did not default well, resulting in struggling not moving at all while it should, on some restraints.
- fixed : Prevent the plugin from saying "LABEL : 1/1" when changing the pose while it is unlocked.
- fixed : Do not change the avatar height offset automatically when sitting on something.

* Unlockable :
- fixed : "keys on" was written instead of "loosened"

* All arms restraints :
- added : The new "Vulnerable" plugin for forcing the sub while not having the key (see above).
- added : New groups of poses for the "hands back" locks, with the hands crossed higher behind the back, with a more relaxed look. It's quite sexy.
- changed : The RealRestraint_Base.1 script now uses RLV 2.9 features (only if the user is on a RLV 2.9 or above), which means when forced to Mouselook, the avatar is actually locked into Mouselook, with no way out of it.
- changed : When /77 is off, clicking on the RR HUD (when blocked) will not go to the main menu any longer, nor using "menu" button on the RR Anim HUD. Careful, this means a sub can really find herself stuck now, but this is desirable in some situations.

* All legs restraints :
- added : The 3 legs poses from the Pretty Mummy set (lie straight up, lie up with the back arched, lie down with the knees bent 90°).
- changed : Replaced all the "TTSd" (standing straight in "Tight") animations by the newer, sexier one from the Pretty Mummy set.

* All blindfolds :
- changed : The RealRestraint_Base.2 script now uses RLV 2.9 features (only if the user is on a RLV 2.9 or above), which means no more HUD covering the screen, the blindfolds will now be much more enjoyable !
- changed : When /77 is off, clicking on the RR HUD (when blinded and not on RLV 2.9 yet) will not go to the main menu any longer. Careful, this means a sub can really find herself stuck now, but this is desirable in some situations.

* Siren ropes :
- changed : Make the Style and SirenTex plugins back to "keyholder only", since the sub is not supposed to be able to change the ropes after having been bound. It was made that way as a convenience, but it confused many people and was not very realistic. Plus, the Pretty Mummy set did not work that way anyway, so here is a little consistency across different products.
- changed : The Style plugin won't change the style when the same lock is chosen repeatedly. Once again I had done this that way for convenience, but it was just confusing and sometimes frustrating. Now if you want to change the style of the ropes, just use the Style plugin.

* Armbinder, Ball gag, Scarf blindfold, Shibari ropes, Tape gag & blindfold, Vixen set :
- changed : Make the BinderTex, Color this, Color all, ShibariTex, TapegagTex, TapeblindTex and VixenTex plugins (respectively) back to "keyholder only", since the sub is not supposed to be able to change the restraints after having been bound. It was made that way as a convenience, but it confused many people and was not very realistic. Plus, the Pretty Mummy set did not work that way anyway, so here is a little consistency across different products.

* Pretty Mummy :
- added : Some struggle anims from other ropes sets.
- added : Now the "Cover ears" plugin has an "IM blockable" button, unset by default, to allow the dom/me to block the IMs or not, just like the Isolation Hood. That way the sub will not have her incoming IMs blocked if she doesn't want to.
- added : The Style plugins of the gag and blindfold allow to hide and show the wads of cloth in the mouth and on the eyes respectively. This allows, for example, to wear a ballgag or a disc blindfold under the tape. The effect is quite nice !
- changed : The "Very funny" plugin hides the drawings by default.
- changed : The sounds now depends on the chosen tie, but also on the tie the restraint was on. For example, unlocking the gag from "Loose" (where only the wad of cloth shows in the mouth) will sound like removing the fabric, while unlocking it from "Tight" will sound like removing tape, plastic, latex or cloth.
- changed : Now one can only change the color and opacity of the parts of the set they have control on. For example, if the sub is tied in "mummy" in both the arms and legs, she won't be able to change the color of the body fabric by using the MummyTex plugins on the gag or blindfold.
- changed : The modifiers and costs for the Wriggle plugins of the set have been lowered, to make it easier to switch from standing to lying and back.

* Body Harness :
- added : Now the harness has the Outfit, Wear and Unwear plugins so you can force the sub to wear and unwear clothes, and prevent her from wearing or removing certain outfits. For example, it can be used to lock a catsuit on, since it is locked over it.

* Lockable_Plugins :
- changed : Now each page shows 9 plugins and the favorites are gone. It was confusing and took too much room anyway.

* RealKey plugin :
- changed : Modified to take the Vulnerable plugin into account.

* Touch :
- changed : When prevented from touching one's own attachments, the restraint will not have the "touchme" exception to it, so the sub has to use the /77 channel (if allowed).

* Outfit :
- changed : When accessed from Vulnerable (i.e. the user is not authorized to use this restraint, but Vulnerable gives them limited access), the buttons that control the restrictions ("Unshared", "Wear", "Unwear" etc) are not visible.

* Leash :
- changed : When accessed from Vulnerable (i.e. the user is not authorized to use this restraint, but Vulnerable gives them limited access), if the sub is already leashed by the keyholder, this plugin won't be available to the user.

* Sit :
- changed : When accessed from Vulnerable (i.e. the user is not authorized to use this restraint, but Vulnerable gives them limited access), if the sub is already tied down on a furniture by the keyholder, this plugin won't be available to the user.

There are four updaters in-world. Go to one of these locations, spot the updater (it looks like a black orb with stars, floating above some kind of pedestal), and click on it. The rest will be explained on site.

My little shop :

The Little Shop of Kink :

S&M Castle :

(near my vendor, you need to walk a little)

Roper's Dark Playground :
(not easy to spot, for the time being it is located on the right of the main structure, the black castle)

Have fun !


PS : It is very likely that you will get an error when trying to update your Pretty Mummy set. This error will say something like "Task 'RR Update orb' trying to illegally load script onto task 'Mummy MAIN XXX'". If this happens to you, fret not, this is not your fault but mine : it is all due to the original Request script (the one contained in each of the four main parts of the set) being faulty, it does not open a slot for the updater to modify its contents. Without this opening, the update cannot proceed and you're stuck. To fix this, all you have to do is to delete the Request script from the part you are trying to update and to put the one contained in the folder you get when you click on the updater. Do not delete anything else, of course. Once done, you may try to update again and it will work this time. I'm very sorry for the trouble, and there is nothing I can do to fix this automatically, since such a fix would require an update anyway. It's like locking yourself out of your own house !

Monday, June 30, 2014

RLV 2.9.1

Hi there,

RLV 2.9 had a few bugs and quirks that needed some taking care of ASAP, especially the color of the fog and the bugs in Mouselook, so here it is, RLV 2.9.1 which will hopefully work better for you !

See for yourself :

- added : Now when an item has been given by someone else or some object (such as a furniture), the user will be able to wear it and unwear it at will, regardless of the restrictions, until the next relog. This should help keeping the clothing restrictions from getting in the way of play.

- changed : Default to "Unconstrained" when opening a texture, whereas the viewer used to try to guess the proportions of the picture from its dimensions... but the server always serves textures as squares, so the default ratio was always 1:1.

- fixed... ish : RenderResolutionDivisor was broken, and is still broken, when turning the simulated fog on. It is not fixed yet, but now when using this debug setting while @camdrawXXX commands are active, the blur is set to be very high (256 for now), in order to prevent cheating.

- fixed : Mouselook was bugged when clicking on Alt, sitting down or teleporting, leaving the avatar stuck.

- fixed : The simulated fog introduced in 2.9 was not opaque enough, and it got worse when increasing the number of gradients.

- fixed : The color of the fog was wrong, too much greyish.

- fixed : @camavdist broke when impostors were turned off (thank you Vanilla Meili for the heads-up).

- fixed : Request teleport wasn't scrambling the attached message under @sendim.

- fixed : @tplure was preventing from receiving teleport requests, which was odd.

- fixed : The "Report" button on the context menu when right-clicking on an avatar was still working under @shownames and @shownametags, while it shouldn't be (you can AR someone through other means anyway).

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Upcoming changes in RealRestraint products

Hello there,

I have been thinking about this for a while, and I am writing this blog post to ask for your opinion (and opening comments for this so feel free to give me your opinion, but please make it constructive, thank you).

To me, a restrained sub should be vulnerable when out and about. I know SL is a virtual world and we are safe and all, but I am striving to make it feel as real as possible, so it strikes me as odd that a bound sub can walk everywhere without feeling helpless, and at the mercy of anyone who wants to overpower them, regardless whether they have a key to their restraints or not.

In fact, it may very well be something that some, if not most, serious players would agree with. Suppose you're outdoors with your hands cuffed behind your back, trying for example to slip out unnoticed (it could actually be a game, with the recent changes to the RLV...). But if you fail to go unnoticed and someone catches you, currently what can they do to you ? Nothing at all unless you permit it with an RLV relay or whatever attachment that has nothing to do with your restraints. That's not very realistic. If you're bound, you're vulnerable and people can do things to you whether you want it or not, that's the way I see it.

So here comes my idea. Suppose the person who caught you clicked on your cuffs, currently they would get a slightly condescending "you are not authorized" message and a suggestion to use a RealKey. Most people don't know what a RealKey is about, so they just assume they can't do anything to the sub and walk away. Opportunities of fun are missed. Even if the restraints are locked, there are many things that can be done to the sub, right ?

What I want to do is to provide the captor with a small menu, a little like the plugins browser, giving limited access to some plugins. These plugins would be Outfit, Sit and Leash. Because when you stumble on someone who cannot defend themselves, you can strip (or dress) them, you can snap a chain to their restraints (provided there isn't one already) and you can force them to sit somewhere.

This solution makes it safe for plugins such as "Public" (which immediately hands the key to the person touching the cuff), because only a handful of plugins would be available.

Currently what I'm trying to do is to add some code into the "Sit" plugin, which is present only in arms restraints, so that it triggers the menu I mentioned above. That preserves collars, legs and gags from this feature, and allows me to add this feature without adding a script for it. Notice that I didn't mention adding it as an option, if the sub is restrained, she is de facto vulnerable.

It makes sense to me, but does it make sense to you too ? Would you actually like such a feature ?

Thanks for your input,

PS : From the short but rich chat in the group immediately after I posted this article, it seems the general consensus is to have a plugin dedicated to it, that will be called "Vulnerable" (unless a better name is found), and that will give two switches : one for the sub only, to allow her keyholder(s) to make her vulnerable while bound, and one for the keyholder to actually make the sub vulnerable while bound or not. Only if both switches are turned on (they will be off by default, to let the restraints behave like they did until now), will someone get access to the Outfit, Sit and Leash plugins when clicking without having the key.

PS 2 : I'm sorry for taking so long to let the comments show... for once I will blame the tools because Blogger does not bother telling me when someone comments and that the comment is awaiting moderation. The consensus here is the same as on my group : such a feature needs a toggle, so there will be a toggle, as explained in the PS above. Thank you all for your comments !

Monday, June 16, 2014

Restrained Love Viewer v2.9

Hi there,

As promised, here is the latest version of the Restrained Love Viewer (RLV if you lived under a rock for the last 7 years), with the brand new camera-related commands !

I won't detail all the commands here, the RLV API is meant for that kind of technical stuff, but let me just paste the release notes :

- added : @camzoommin and @camzoommax to prevent from zooming in or zooming out too far. This is great in games where the avatar is not supposed to have binoculars integrated directly in the eyes.

- added : @camdistmin and @camdistmax to force the camera to stay within a range, or at a certain distance from the avatar (or both). Set @camdistmax to 0 to force the view to Mouselook, and @camdistmin > 0 to prevent from going to Mouselook at all. This is great for games where you don't want the players to be able to cam around the sim, like in mazes.

- added : @camdrawmin and @camdrawmax to simulate fog or even blindness, by obscuring the world around the avatar (not around the camera like windlight settings do). Best used along with @camtextures. The camera is restricted to be inside @camdrawmin * 0.75 on top of it. This is especially fitting for blindfolds.

- added : @camdrawalphamin and @camdrawalphamax to indicate the closest and farthest opacities of the fog defined by @camdrawmin and @camdrawmax. When @camdrawalphamin is 0 (whicih is the value by default), you are assured that the world beyond @camdrawmax will be behind an opacity of @camdrawalphamax, regardless of the number of spheres rendered (which is decided by the new debug setting "RestrainedLoveCamDistNbGradients", which default value is 10).

- added : @camdrawcolor to set the color of the fog (default is black).

- added : @camunlock to prevent the camera from being unlocked from the avatar (it is unlocked when focusing elsewhere, or panning or orbiting the camera). This is great when you don't want the let the user see through walls.

- added : @camavdist to specify the maximum distance beyond which avatars look like shadows. This is great when blind or partially blind, to let the user know what the other avatars do, but not too clearly.

- added : @camtextures to make the whole world grey, except the avatars and the water. This is great when used along with @camdrawmin/max, to simulate blindness while still having a "feel" for the world immediately around the avatar. Please note that bump mapping and shininess stay untouched, because the avatar can "feel" whether a surface is smopoth, rough or slippery. (thanks Nicky Perian for the help !)

- added : @shownametags act exactly like @shownames, except it does not censor the chat with dummy names (but it does hide the radar, the name tags, prevents from doing things to an avatar through the context menu, etc). This is great for games where you have to find your opponents who may be hidden, and who don't want to be betrayed by their name tags.

- added : 3 more camera presets : left, right, top. This is to account for the lack of freedom we experience when @camunlock is set (since we can't move the camera much in that case).

- changed : now when you minimize a window in your viewer, its minimized shade stays where your window was, and the window reappears where the shade is when you restore it, so that the "Close" and the "Minimize/Restore" buttons stay at the same place. It was annoying when building and scripting to have windows move all over the place when minimized.

- changed : increase the limit of the avatar Z offset from -0.5/+0.5 to -1.0/+1.0.

- fixed : @detachall commands will not make the viewer stall anymore, they are now actually usable even when called on the top of the #RLV folder hierarchy.

- fixed : right click and selecting "Detach" on a temporary item in world did nothing (thanks Kyrah Abattoir for the heads-up).

- fixed : crash under @shownames, when a HUD owned by someone else spoke while imitating the name of its wearer. This was especially irritating when speaking to someone using a translator.

- known issue : RenderResolutionDivisor does not work well when @camdrawmin or @camdrawmax is set. No idea why.

- known issue : @camtextures won't hide the colors of the prim (the tint), only its textures. If someone knows how to fix this, I'm all ears !

Let me tell you a little about the camera restrictions. In essence, the goal is to let a script restrict the camera and the view : how far and how close the camera can go, how clearly and how far the user can see, and whether to let the camera go through walls or not. Here are a few pictures of how it looks with a "RestrainedLoveCamDistNbGradients" debug setting set to 40 :

 From 3 to 10 m, with an alpha going from 0 to 0.8

 From 0 to 10 m, with an alpha going from 0 to 0.5

From 3 to 5 m, with an alpha going from 0 to 1

You can also make all the avatars around look like dark silhouettes (or only beyond a certain distance), you can hide all the textures from sight to remove the visual feeling of the surroundings without cutting the whole picture (after all, a blindfolded captive can rebuild a visual image of her surroundings by the sounds, the touch and the smell, right ?).

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

On a side note, I am planning on updating all my RR blindfolds with this new feature (but users who are not on a RLV 2.9 will still have the old HUD so the products won't break), but it will take some time. Not because it's difficult (the script is already updated and tested) but because I have many more things to update in my brand, so I will take my time.

Have fun !

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcoming RLV 2.9


This is just a heads-up, I am currently working on a few new commands for the RLV (I know, it's been a while, right ?), specifically aimed at handling the camera and the view range. It doesn't sound very glamour said like this, but here is what these commands can do :

- You can restrict the camera within a sphere around the head of the avatar, and if you restrict the distance to zero, it forces the view to Mouselook, without any way to get out of it until the restriction is lifted.

- You can also prevent the camera from going under a certain distance of the avatar's head. It prevents from going into Mouselook as well.

- You can specify a view range... that alone deserves some explanation. It has nothing to do with the draw range of the viewer, which lets you decide how far the objects rez. Here, it "simply" draws a hollow sphere around your avatar's head, at a specified radius, with a specified color and more importantly, a specified alpha. The camera is automatically restricted within that sphere so that your avatar looks normal to you, but the rest of the world may look darkened (or completely hidden). Even better, it can draw a gradient of spheres going from the specified alpha at a specified range, up to 1 at another specified (higher) range. The effect is good enough to simulate gradual darkness or fog. It does not look as good as Windlight fog, of course, but at least that simulated fog is centered on the avatar, not on the camera (but nothing keeps you from using fog on top of it, of course).

These features are great for blindfolds, with or without a gradient of darkness, because you can't see anything around you but you have heightened senses about your own body. I never really liked to obstruct the HUD with a prim to simulate blindness, since SL is mostly a visual world, take out the visuals and it becomes a lot less interesting. So now you will be able to make blindfolds that obstruct the world but not your avatar and not the immediate vicinity (for example the chair you are sitting on, or the bed you are laying on, or the wall you are trying to follow). Couple that with a clever use of RenderResolutionDivisor and/or Windlight parameters, and you can make some nice effects.

The camera and view restrictions are also great for mazes, or overall keeping the avatar from camming around. I know it is already possible through a script, but at the expense of a fast timer, hence a lot of lag for a single feature. Plus, a script would never be able to catch up quickly enough when you go outside the allowed range, so you can see things you are not supposed to see for a short moment. With the RLV handling that internally, the camera simply cannot move further than the limit.

I said earlier that it had nothing to do with the draw distance that decided whether a prim is rezzed or not. This because artificially forcing the draw distance to a low value does not look good, and removes some interesting prims such as lights, walls casting shadows, and the like. It would look, well, broken.

Here is a couple pictures to illustrate what I have been talking about :

With just a semi-transparent bubble around the avatar, set to alpha 0.5. No max draw specified means we can see through. The camera cannot go outside this bubble, by the way.

With both a min and a max draw specified, you can see (barely) a gradient. Beyond the max draw limit, everything is black. Once again, the camera cannot go beyond the min draw limit (where the world starts getting blackened a little).

Of course, those spheres are visible to the user only, not to other people. It is a local thing, as it should be. It would have been possible to simulate all that with attachments, but then everyone would have seen those black spheres, right ?

On a side note, all the limits (camera and view alike) are set to be the most restrictive among those specified. Suppose you have several attachments imposing different view limits, the minimum range will be taken into account, so no way to cheat there. Same for the alpha, the highest alpha is retained. As for the color, it is a mix of all the specified colors (default is black).

There are some other things I'd like to work on if I find out how to do them. For example, I'd really like to be able to restrict the camera to points in space that are directly in the line of sight of the avatar's head. But that requires some heavy computation that cannot take place in a frame update. I'd also like to let the user choose how many steps in the gradient of alpha to render, because the more layers of alpha to stack onto each other, the slower the rendering. Lastly, for now the spheres that are supposed to obstruct the view, do not appear on snapshots. I'm currently working on a way to make them show (the snapshots I took here are not taken with the SL snapshot feature, but with a classic screen capture).

There is no ETA for the release, but it is nearly satisfying as it is, so it should come out soon. I'm also trying to keep the code clear in my repository so that it will be easy to port, for example to RLVa.

Have fun !

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New release : Pretty Mummy

Hello there,

I'm back after nearly two months of silence, having been busy working on my latest and biggest product : the Pretty Mummy set. This blog post is meant to demonstrate it fully, both as a manual and as a tutorial, but it's not for the faint of heart : it's long and there are over 130 pictures in there ! Most of them being full-screen snapshots with no photoshopping done to any of them, all the pictures have been taken in-world with materials and shadows enabled, so what you see here is what you get.

This is a full-body mummification set that allows the dom/me to completely wrap the sub in fabric, latex, tape or saran wrap. Of any color, any transparency, even sheer or clear, and any style. You can choose to wrap the parts of the body you want and to leave the rest uncovered, or to cover it completely.

It is the biggest product in the RealRestraint brand so far, because it is comprised of four different and mostly independent restraints : the top parts to restrain the arms, the bottom parts to restrain the legs and cover the body (it is a mummification set after all), the gag for the mouth and the ears, and the blindfold for the eyes and the top of the head. All together, these restraints let you restrain your sub pretty tightly (the restraints are very difficult to struggle out from) and let you fashion her bondage the way you want.

See for yourself !

A nice and quiet mummy getting a well-deserved rest in warm wrappings


Or in lighter fabric...

... like nylon


Or in latex

Encased in latex from head to toe


Even clear latex

Or saran wrap

In tape again...

And making a nice decoration !

As you can see, the textures are very finely designed, the poses are sexy and tight, the possibilities are... many.

Before you go further, if you intend to buy this product, be advised that it requires your viewer to be able to handle two things : Fitted Mesh and Materials. Without either of these features supported by your viewer, it will look at best flat, at worst like a mess of vertices. You really need your viewer to support both features in order to enjoy the product to its fullest. Same for the people who are looking at it.

Half of the set is made of Fitted Mesh objects. Fitted Mesh is a special kind of rigged mesh (mesh attachments that articulate like the part of the body they are attached to, like dresses, pants or jackets) that is deformed more or less like the shape sliders of your avatar. That is to say, if your avatar has big breasts, the breast part of the object will be bigger as well. Fitted Mesh works better than standard rigged mesh but it is is not ideal, so the avatar shape has to stay within some parameters (which I will detail later in this post) to avoid "clipping", i.e. having your skin show through the material.

It has been mentioned that the mummy set could be transparent... This is actually one of its main features. Being Fitted Mesh and being built the way it is, it allows the sub to be completely encased into sheer fabric, clear plastic, nylon, transparent duct tape, you name it. The effect is great and very realistic.

If you don't want to modify your shape in order to fit in the Pretty Mummy set, and you don't really care about being encased in transparent fabric, you can use some of the alpha layers provided along with the product, that will remove all clipping by hiding some parts of the skin of your avatar.

What's in the box ?

The box contains a lot of things, in fact. You will find :

- Four main items : They contain all the core scripts and plugins, and they look like simple spheres or eggs. Each main item makes one of the parts of the set work : "top" for the top parts, "bottom" for the bottom parts, "gag" for the mouth and "blindfold" for the eyes. Each one of them is an individual restraint and is independent in terms of completeness : the sub can, for example, wear just the gag part (along with the variant she wants, see below) and use it all by itself, without needing to wear the arms, legs and blindfold parts along with it.

- Several items marked "wrap", two of them having "rigged" in their name. All these items are controlled by one of the four main items, and are in charge of actually making the bondage visual. They are the ones bearing the textures, the sounds, the color and the actual shape of the bondage. All of them are objects containing at least two prims, their root prim being a simple sphere hidden inside the body of the avatar, the rest being mesh objects. They are all invisible until locked.

- Three boxes marked "variant", containing the equivalent of the "wrap" items described above, but with different materials : tape, latex and plastic. They are meant to be rezzed on the ground and to be opened, and their contents to be moved to the inventory and used just like the "wrap" variant. Of course, the sub does not wear different variants of the same object, but she can wear different objects from several variants, such as a tape gag along with latex body restraints. That's not a problem at all and it will work seamlessly.

- A box containing Pussy and nipple tape pasties : These are unrigged mesh attachments, they will change color along with the rest thanks to the "MummyTex" plugin, but they are a bonus, they are absolutely not necessary for the product to work. It's just, well, you can always have use for more tape, right ? By the way you get two copies of each, so you can use one as a backup.

- Several gestures : The "Feet" gestures are used to force the feet either straight or bent, while the "Toggle breasts" gesture allows the sub to switch between the classic and the rigged version of the breasts cover.

- Twelve optional alpha layers : This is a "just in case" bonus. If the sub's avatar clips through the fabric and she doesn't want to change her shape and doesn't care about the transparency, those alpha layers can help. But if her shape fits in, those alpha layers should not be worn. Along with the alpha layers are provided the source textures, all full-perms.

- RR Anim HUD : This HUD is to be worn by the sub to help her control her pose when she's bound (see for details).

- Notecards and a landmark to my main shop, where you can find an updater when needed.

The restraints

The Pretty Mummy set is divided in four parts, plus a few bonuses.

* The upper part (top, arms and hands)

This restraint is made to cover the top part of the body and to restrain the arms. From classic tape bondage to industrial shrink plastic, you have all you need to make sure your sub's arms are kept snugly out of the way, and her upper body is elegantly shaped. Here are the ties demonstrated with the tape variant :

 Elbows only, she can still use her hands for many purposes (except getting out).

 Elbows and forearms, for a tight bondage.

 Armbinder, a tighter and more secure version of the above.

Pony, when you need those arms in check, and the pose proper.

 Straitjacket front, now we're talking.

 Straitjacket back. Has she been naughty ? Good luck getting out of that !

Mummy front. The arms are taped tightly against the body.

Mummy back. The arms are pinned against the back.

It also controls the visibility of the breasts through its "Style" plugin, allowing you to either cover the breasts or let them show.


Here you see the chest part hiding the breasts. You can hide and show that part thanks to the "Style" plugin contained in the arms restraints :

It says "Sorry, no style is available for this lock" (which is true, in this tie, named "SJ back", there is no predefined list of styles), but you can still click on "Breasts" to deactivate it. Then here is what happens :

You can also cover the hands to prevent her from touching stuff around (or people around, or even herself), thanks to its "Cover hands" plugin. This can be configured, you can allow her to touch the world but not other people, for example.


With her hands unwrapped, the sub can touch. But if the dom/me goes to the "Cover hands" plugin and clicks on "Wrap"...

Now she can't touch anything anymore.

* The lower part (bottom, legs and feet)

This part is for the legs, but also for the body and the overall fashion. It is the part that provides the most cover, because it goes all the way from the toes to the neck.

 A simple hobble tie. But you'll see later that it can take some other interesting shapes.

Moar tape. You can always use moar tape. There is a "Lying" version of it too.

"Pet". Now this is original : it forces the arms into "Pony" and makes the sub crawl on all fours. More about this tie later on in this post.

Hogtie. Or should I have called it "nice package" ?

Frogtie. When you want her legs in check, and her pose proper.

 And finally "Mummy" (and its sibling "Mummy lie", the same but on the floor), it covers the whole body in one single loop of tape ! The whole roll, actually.

You can even cover her feet to prevent her from removing her shoes. And depending on the shoes she's wearing (if any), there should be an appropriate shape in the "Cover feet" plugin to cover them nicely :

For example, here I am wearing high Slink feet with heels. I must select "Slink high" on the "Cover feet" menu to make sure I will use the right shape...

... then click on "Wrap" to make it show and activate the restrictions :

And the feet are covered all the way down (or almost) :

You noticed there were "Short", "Medium" and "Long" versions. This was the long version, here are the other two :

"Short" : it covers only the ankles.

"Medium" : it covers half of the feet.

This plugin should cover most common prim shoes such as Slink (flat, medium and high), N-core, Skifija, and of course the default system feet.

Be advised that the feet won't be covered on certain ties, such as those that don't hold the legs together ("Hobble", "Pet" and "Frogtie").

* The gag

This gag looks like the standalone RR Tape Gag, but is even more covering :

"Loose" : only the stuffing is showing. Is that panties in your mouth or are you happy to see me ?

"Medium", in case the stuffing is too much for her to bear, and she needs help keeping it in.

"Tight", in case some sound still comes through all that tape.

"Total", total silence. At last.

It even has an option to cover the ears as well, thanks to its "Cover ears" plugin, turning it into an isolation restraint because when her ears are covered, she won't hear chat or IMs anymore. Like the hands, this can be configured (you can make her able to receive IMs but not hear chat, for example).

When the tape is transparent, you can see small pads of cloth against the ears.

You can also add a couple more strips of fabric to cover her nose and the back of her head, to close the gap between the gag and the blindfold :

What do you say ? "How does she breathe ?" Well, there are tiny holes under the nose, but you don't see them. She just has to breathe slowly, that's all.

* The blindfold

Finally, tie the blindfold over her eyes to make sure she is in total isolation :

"Blurry" to "Thin". You don't see them here, but there are little pads of cloth before the eyes (you can see them when the blindfold is transparent). You can see them on other pictures on this post.

 "Medium" to "Opaque", but also the simple "Tie", which doesn't blind.

You can even go as far as covering the top of her head and make sure she is fully encased, with not one inch of skin showing underneath !


This makes a fine hood when the blindfold and the gags are both tied to the maximum, with the ears covered :

 Mmmph ?


 All taped up and ready to go !

* One special tie : "Pet"

The "Pet" tie in the bottom part is a bit special : not only will it tie the sub's legs into a frogtie, but it will also tie her arms into their "pony" tie (i.e. arms folded tightly), even if they were already tied. This double tie forces her on all four like an animal, it is very humiliating !

 She can crawl, even run like that (or really, crawl faster), but she can also be cute and sassy :

Have her restricted properly with her hands covered, her mouth gagged and you're guaranteed to give her a humiliating, dehumanizing experience. She will love it !

Changing position

Almost all the ties in this product allow the sub to change her position to an extent. For example, if her arms are tied behind her back, she can move them further back, closer to the body, or even fold them or hold them in a strappado. Likewise, if she is bound standing, she can kneel and sit down. She can also control the angle at which her legs are tied, when she is sitting on an object.

All this is done through the use of the Anim plugin and its HUD

And even when she's tied up standing straight, the sub is able to wriggle her way down to the ground so she can lie, and the other way around. Although the restraints are tight, they are comfortable, so it is difficult but not tiring. She can do this thanks to the "Wriggle" plugin, which allows her to switch from one tie to another almost at will. In short, she goes to the "Wriggle" plugin, presses the button corresponding to the pose she wants to switch to (from standing to lying or from lying to standing), repeatedly, until she succeeds. It just requires time and total stillness to do so.


Like every other RealRestraint product, this set is filled with additional plugins, to bring more features to the restraint, especially RLV support. For example, the "Control" plugin allows the dom/me to restrict the sub while she's tied (inventory, map, names, build...), while the "Touch" plugin allows the dom/me to restrict the sub's ability to touch. My favorite configuration is "don't touch other avatars, don't touch far, don't touch self, but allow touching world. As explained above, the "Cover" plugin of the arms part also imposes its own touch restrictions. Finally, the "Outfit/Wear/Unwear" plugins allow the dom/me to control what the sub can wear.

All those plugins are pretty standard in the RR brand, and there are comprehensive tutorials for each one of them here :

Be advised that this set of restraints does NOT include a "Leash" plugin, a "RealKey" plugin or a "Give Keys" plugin, since it does not have keys nor any solid part that a leash could anchor to. It would not be believable to add such a feature to it. Mummies are carried and stored, not dragged on a leash, right ? And although the "Pet" tie could use a leash, since this product does not include a collar, I expect the sub to be leashed by her collar, whatever model and brand it may be (RR or not).


The main purpose of these restraints, beyond actually restraining a girl, is to make her look pretty (as the name of this product implies). So there's a ton of customizations available to you, brought to you in the form of three plugins : "Cover hands/feet/ears", "Style" and "MummyTex".

You have already seen the "Cover" plugins in action : they are meant to cover the extremities such as the hands, the feet or the ears, depending on the restraint, and will restrict the sub accordingly.

* "Style" plugin

The "Style" plugin is meant to hide and show some parts of the restraints as well, but this time without any additional restriction, just for fashion. For example when the arms are tied in the "Arms tight" pose, or the legs tied in "Legs tight" pose, you may want to let all the wrapping show, or divide each part in two strips or even in three strips :

Arms set to "Full" and legs set to "4 strips"

Arms set to "Full" and legs set to "6 strips"


Arms set to "Full" and legs set to "2+1 strips"

 Arms and legs set to "6 strips"

Thanks to the same plugin, you can even turn the "Hobble" tie into a hobble dress :

Likewise, the top part of the restraint lets you hide and show the breasts. Because you may want to have her snugly tied up under many layers of tape, but still have access to her gorgeous breasts to tease them, right ?

If you choose to just tie the bottom part without a pose (by clicking on the "Tie" button), the restraint will look like a tight dress.

And a sexy one at that, especially with the Latex variant

Then, use the "Style" plugin to select the parts you want to show and hide :




 Top only

 Stomach only

Skirt only

... no need to show what "Nothing" means.

How sexy can you make her ?

On a side note, the box contains a few gestures that allow to switch the breast part between rigged and unrigged. When the rigged part is visible, it should follow the shape of the breasts of the sub's avatar, but if she's wearing mesh breasts, chances are this won't be enough and they will clip through. That's why the top part of the restraints contains an unrigged part for the breasts, that can be resized at will. Don't forget to check "Edit Linked Parts" on the Edit window before doing so :


The box contains a gesture, "Toggle breasts", that allows the sub to toggle between rigged and unrigged breasts at will by pressing Shift+F10, but all that it does is make her say "togglebreasts" on chanel 1144. Of course, the gesture is full-perms so she can change the shortcut to whatever she wants. The same result can be achieved by saying "/1144 togglebreasts" (without the quotes). She can also say "/1144 classicbreasts" to make the unrigged breasts show, or "/1144 riggedbreasts" to hide the unrigged breasts and show the rigged ones instead.

Each restraint has its own styles, and they are different when you tie them differently. That's a lot of customization for you, and that's only the hiding and showing part of it.

* "MummyTex" plugin

To actually change the color and the opacity of these restraints, you need to use the "MummyTex" plugin. Its layout is very much like the "HarnessTex" in the RR Body Harness and lets you select the part of the restraint you want and its surfaces, and to choose a color and a transparency. Each one of the four "MummyTex" do exactly the same thing and have the ability to modify the whole body, so you don't have to customize four times. The "Cover" and "Style" plugins are pretty simple (as a reminder, "Cover" will add restrictions, "Style" will not), but the "MummyTex" plugin could deserve its own tutorial page. Maybe there will be one later. Feel free to experiment with it, you won't break anything.

Just know that "sections" means what objects you want to modify, while "surfaces" means what parts of those objects you want to modify.



There are fun things you can do with the "MummyTex" plugin by playing with the sections and the surfaces. For example, you could tint every strip of tape differently while your sub is in the "Arms tight" and "Legs tight" position :

All it took was a change of tint on every single surface (edge, inter, middle...) and choosing a different tint each time. Think you can make your own flag ?

Now, let's try something else. Suppose you want to tint the whole body black, after covering your sub from head to toe. You go to the "MummyTex" plugin of any of the four restraints (gag, blindfold, arms or legs), you select "PRESETS..." and you choose "All black".

But if you want more control, for example if you want her legs and her head to be tinted in a color that looks like skin, you just select the "Head" section (that's equivalent to "eyes" and "mouth" combined) with "ALL" surfaces, and select the "Flesh pink" tint. Then, you select the "bottom" section, the "Lower" surfaces and select the "Flesh pink" tint again and voila !

Looking through the window... there's someone inside, but who could tell...

... that's she's in a bit of a bind ?

She looks like she's dressed for the party, doesn't she ? Seen from afar that is. Because on a closer look, she's tied up really tight. 

By the way, how fun would it be to actually paint eyes and lips on her blindfold and gag while she's like this ? To make her look even more casual, you know ?

And now ?

 Ok the disguise may not be perfect, but it's good enough to fool the casual bystander !

* "Very funny" plugin

You can actually do that with the two "Very funny" plugins located in the gag and in the blindfold. "Very funny", that's what she will say when you use it on her. Or rather, that's what she would try to say. Chances are it would come out as "mmmmph" instead.

Both "Very funny" plugins are totally independent, and both work more or less like the "MummyTex" plugins explained above, but simpler. You can select a texture and a tint and decide to let it show or to hide it (it is hidden by default). Among these textures you can find :

- Anime drawings (starting with "Ani" in the menu) : pretty, happy, confused, dreaming, kissing, yelling, grinning...


- Japanese emoticons (starting with "Smi" in the menu) : disgusted, confused, happy, dead...

- Handwriting (starting with "Wri" in the menu) : the eyes and the mouth have different textures too, and they are chosen so you can make combinations easily :

My favorite is the pretty eyes with lips over flesh-tinted gag and blindfold, with hair. That way, a casual glance will not reveal the girl to be helplessly bound, while walking her in the street. Kinky !

But you know what ? You can make your own textures as well and paint them over the gag and/or the blindfold without even having to give it to the sub (although that works too, all she has to do is to put it inside the gag or blindfold, it just has to be full-perms).

To do this, make your texture in Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, Paint or any graphics program, export it as a texture and import it in SL. Good formats for the texture would be 512x300 for the eyes and 512x410 for the mouth. Once imported in SL, right click on it in your inventory and select "Copy Asset UUID" (meaning, copy its unique SL identifier, a 36 character long piece of data, to your clipboard), and paste the content of the clipboard in the text box you get when you select "CUSTOM" in the "Pattern" menu of the "Very funny" plugin.

Please be advised that to avoid alpha sorting issues (a graphical glitch that occurs when you stack several transparent textures on top of each other), the alpha mode of the two prims used to display the paintings are set to "alpha masking", which means that each pixel of the texture will be either completely transparent or completely opaque, but nothing in between. Keep that in mind when you design your own texture, don't do elaborate transparency or anti-aliasing, it wouldn't look like you would expect. Keep it simple, it's just supposed to be a painting made by hand anyway.


The box contains all that is necessary to wrap up the sub in tight cloth. I mean, it's a mummification set, right ? In fact you could wrap her into anything if you wanted, so the box contains three additional variants : tape (as in duct tape), latex (excellent for fetish sessions) and shrink plastic (that's my favorite, it's so tight !). All those variants behave exactly the same way, they are just using different materials : shrink plastic and latex have a high gloss (but the shrink plastic variant is all stretched while the latex is perfectly smooth) while tape shines somewhat less and wraps barely shine at all (only the outer fibers have a little shine, to simulate the wear on the fabric). Their sounds are also different, of course.

Depending on the variant, if you make the restraint semi-transparent, you will either see overlapping strips or not. It makes sense : wrap and tape are actually very long strands of fabric wrapped around the sub's body, so the strips will overlap, making the restraint less transparent where they do. It makes for a much more realistic feeling, and allows for example to render nylon. Simply make her wear the "wrap" variant and have her completely covered, then choose a translucent or transparent opacity and a gunmetal or a brown color for the whole body. And voila, you have her trapped in a full-body nylon bondage :

Latex and plastic, on the other hand, are supposed to be painted or sprayed, or whatever you can think of, directly on the body, making for a big single thick layer of material that is stretched to the max to keep her restrained tightly, and that is resilient enough to withstand the sub's struggling, and even puncturing. In consequence, there is no overlap, even when you make it half transparent. The effect is different, somewhat more futuristic, and certainly more fetish :

I would have made a plugin to let you change the variant yourself (and provided more textures probably), unfortunately Linden Lab did not provide us scripters with a way to modify the materials through a script. Maybe when we're able to, I will merge all those variants into one, and make such a plugin to switch between them.

These variants are the reason why the main objects (the ones containing all the main scripts) are actually just invisible spheres, while the restraints are separate objects. That way, these objects can be replaced painlessly without losing or duplicating any feature, and can even be mixed.

Oh, I've heard that materials tend to slow the computer down... that's not entirely true actually. There is an option on the viewer to activate what is called "Advanced Lighting Model", which completely changes the way the world is rendered. When it is turned on, it activates the dynamic shadows as well, and that's what slows your computer down. But you can see materials without having to suffer dynamic shadows, if you want.

To do this, go to your Graphics panel of your Preferences window, activate "Advanced Lighting Model" if not already done :

Then turn "Shadows" off, where it probably said "Sun/Moon + Projectors" (meaning in plain English, "render shadows from the sun and the moon, and shadows from local artificial lights set as projectors") :

Et voilĂ , you can now see materials and the shadows won't show, and your computer will be happy.

Fitted Mesh

As indicated above, part of the restraints are made of Fitted Mesh objects. Fitted Mesh is made to follow the deformation of the avatar shape, but it is not perfect (the reason for it is technical : the data available to the Fitted Mesh object is simply a size, while the data available to the avatar is a complete shape, with vertices positions and all, so both are bound to deform themselves differently, but the approximation is good enough for most mesh clothing, provided the avatar wears an alpha layer that hides parts of the skin).

You have noticed that this product allows you to make the restraint partially transparent, forbidding the use of an alpha layer (or the holes in the avatar would show under the fabric).

This means that the skin could clip through the restraint if some of the sub's shape sliders are too extreme. I have done all that I could to keep that from happening, but it might be that the sub needs to modify her shape slightly to avoid some clipping when bending or twisting her body.

In practice, the shape sliders to keep an eye on, and the acceptable values for them, are the following :

Torso :

- Torso Muscles : Make it 40 or more. I recommend 50, that way you won't get clipping around the elbows when bending them.
- Breasts Size : Something between 50 and 80. Under 50 the fabric will be "sucked" inside the body.
- Love Handles : Not above 50.
- Belly Size : Keep it over 5 and under 30. The body is supposed to be compressed anyway.

Legs :

- Legs Muscles : Make it 60 or more. It sounds like a lot, but it is not really. Anything under 50 will look very skinny. Like "Breasts Size", the fabric tends to be sucked in when set to lower than that.
- Butt Size : No more than 65. Same remark than Belly Size.
- Saddle Bags : Between 20 and 40 is good.
- Knee Angle : Make sure it is around 50 because Fitted Mesh does not deform well at all on this slider.

The rest can be what you want.

If you don't want to modify your shape and you don't really care for semi-transparent fabric, you can wear any of the alpha layers provided in the box as a backup, but you shouldn't need any of them if your shape is within the parameters mentioned above.

Resizing the unrigged mesh parts

The other half of the objects are not rigged, meaning they can be resized manually. These objects are invisible while unlocked, but they can be seen by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T (they appear in red on the body) if you want. You don't need to here, though, it's just to give you an idea of what they all look like.

They are organized in several multi-prim (or should I say mesh) objects so the number of attachments is kept minimal. But that's still 8 attachments : eyes, mouth, left and right upper arms, right forearm, left and right thighs and right ankle. All those objects contain a few mesh objects that must be resized individually. But don't worry, it's not difficult nor too long. Oh, the rigged top part also contains an unrigged mesh prim to resize : the chest piece.

Firstly, tie yourself up in one of the locks, for example "Arms tight" for the arms, and "Tight" for the legs.

Right-click on one of the attachments that appear and select Edit. For example here, the upper arms :

Notice that it actually highlights the whole attachment, and not only the object that shows. You want to resize only one object at a time, unless you're okay with resizing only proportionally.

Tick the "Edit Linked Parts" checkbox on the edit window :

Now click on the object you want to resize and resize it. Having "Edit Linked Parts" checked means "select only one prim in this object" (or in our case, one mesh). To resize, simply hold Ctrl and Shift down at the same time and the resize boxes appear :

Since you have selected only one "prim" (more like mesh, but let's call it a prim here), you are able to resize it not only proportionally (with the white boxes), but also in any individual direction, either symmetrically (if "Stretch Both Sides" is checked) or not.

Once done, switch to the next object that is visible, and once you have done them all choose another lock and do the same with the rest. There are not so many objects to resize, something like 10 (2 pony, 2 frogtie, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 hogtie and the unrigged breasts), but they are all placed and rotated correctly already, so all the sub has to do is to resize them the way she wants, it takes little time each.

After you've done all that, you might be wondering "What about the other three variants ? Do I have to resize them all the same way ? That makes forty objects to resize !". Don't panic, there is a plugin that will handle it for you.

Click on your blindfold and go to the "Shape" plugin. In fact this plugin could have been put in any of the main items of the product, but I chose to put it in the blindfold because that item is the one containing the fewest plugins of the whole product.

On the menu that shows, press "Save", wait for a few seconds, the plugin should tell you every time an object has had its positioning stored (a positioning is a location, a rotation and a scale at the same time).

Then unwear all the items except the ones marked as "MAIN", and wear the next variant you want. Still in the "Shape" plugin contained in the blindfold, press "Load" and wait a few seconds, the objects contained in this variant should take the exact shapes you've just set manually. Then do this on the remaining two variants if you want, and voila, all your manual resizing has been copied over to the other sets.

Bonus : Nipple and Pussy pasties

A set of tape restraints wouldn't be complete without the appropriate nipple pasties and pussy cover to match, right ? This box contains both, and both are unrigged mesh so they can be resized at will. You can change their color and transparency (even if they're supposed to cover the sub's private areas, you may want them to be slightly transparent !) through any "MummyTex" plugin. You can set their color and opacity manually with the "Intimates" (that's nipples and pussy at the same time) or "Pussy" (only the pussy part is selected then) sections. Attention, they are not included in the "ALL" settings for the "Sections" menu, they have to be tinted separately. It makes sense because they are not really restraints, so they are not part of the rest of the wrapping.


Like the other unrigged parts of the set, the nipple and pussy tape parts can be resized with the "Edit Linked Parts" checkbox selected. And both nipples are independent, you can scale, turn and move both of them one by one so they will fit any shape of breasts, mesh or not.

The nipple tapes are designed in a way that their local axes are the most natural possible : X and Y along both tape strips, and Z being the thickness. That way you can position and resize the tapes naturally.

Be advised that due to alpha sorting concerns, the "Alpha Mode" value of the nipple and pussy tapes is set to "None", meaning they won't be transparent even if you choose a non-opaque value in Opacity in any of the MummyTex plugins. That's not a problem and is even desirable, in my opinion.

But if you really want them to become transparent on demand (they are supposed to hide the private parts, but why not), have the sub edit them and set their "Alpha Mode" to "Alpha blending" in the Edit window, Texture tab :

But if she does that, probably a transparent fabric will actually hide them altogether since they are underneath. That's due to the infamous alpha sorting rendering bug, that is not a problem only in SL.

Actually, the box contains two copies of the nipple tapes. One is resized for average breasts, while the other is resized for big mesh or sculpt breasts such as Lolas or Lush, but both are identical and they can both be resized the same. It's just so that, since they are no-copy, the sub can keep a version for system breasts, and the other for bigger mesh breasts. Same for the pussy tape, in case the sub wears Phat Azz or such body mesh parts.

Version 1, fit for medium-sized system breasts

Version 2, fit for Lolas Tango, rather on the big side (but you can resize them)

Oh, you might wonder why I didn't make an applier for the Lolas. Simply for the same reason I had to make four sets instead of one : you can't change the materials through a script and I really want the nipple tapes to shine like the rest. It is impossible to do that through an applier, at the time of this writing. And it would have been unfair to those who don't wear mesh breasts anyway.

Other bonuses : Bows, Gestures, Alpha layers

The box contains another box, which holds 12 optional alpha layers. Normally, since the product is made of Fitted Mesh objects, it should fit MOST shapes without modification. But as explained above, the sub's shape must remain within some normal parameters so some shapes are bound to clip through the fabric of the restraint. In that case, simply wear the appropriate alpha layers, knowing that SL has a limit of 5 alpha layers that can be worn at the same time.

Also the "Wrap" variant (which looks like gauze or such fabric) includes four cute bows to make your mummy even prettier :) You can see them on some of the pictures above.

Finally, the box contains three gestures called "Feet" and one to stop them, which allow the sub to force her feet either straight or bent, because some poses may bend her feet oddly if she is wearing rigged mesh feet.

You can find the RR Pretty Mummy in any of the RealRestraint vendors, it is Modify, No-copy and Transfer, and costs L$1250 :

Have fun !


PS : The clothes, hair, shoes, mesh breasts and mesh feet are not included.