Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Latex ponies and puppies everywhere !

Hi there !

After watching my latest movie Rocket's Tail (Part 1 and Part 2), many people asked me how to actually make those latex pony suits for themselves. It is true that the ponies Cohete and (later) Gina look so hot in their latex tacks !

Imagine, this is the ideal way to turn a brat from this :

Yatta !!

... into an obedient ponygirl like this :


But making this tack has been a long process, so instead of explaining to everybody one person at a time, I think that making a blog post, with pictures and step-by-step explanations, is a better idea. Yes, that's pretty much what fashion blogs do, and no, this is not a fashion blog... but an exception from time to time cannot hurt, right ? Plus, this is for the good cause. I want SL to be flooded with ponies and puppies. Mwahahaha ! *cough*

And if you liked Danna Pearl's Bitch Suit pictures, you'll notice that pretty much the same techniques were used, so I will also explain how to make the latex bitch suit as well.

I'll explain here how to assemble all that stuff, but I am also providing for free a box at my shop with all the things you need in order to make your life easier when making these outfits. Of course, that box won't contain any of the commercial products that I mention here, but only the objects and scripts you need to make the latex suit itself. You can find it to the right of my booth, in front of the TV screen that shows a trailer of the Rocket's Tail movie.

So here we go. Let me show you how to make those two suits. Let's begin with...

The latex pony tack

Latex catsuit



The latex catsuit has dynamic shine, because we are supposed to be in the "next-gen" era (of course you need to activate Advanced Lighting Model on your viewer, but the shadows are not required if your graphics card struggles with them).

There are actually several ways to make your own :

- Wear the one included in the box, with or without the Lolas applier (if you are wearing Lolas mesh breasts and want to wear the RR Body Harness on top of your catsuit, you can use the applier and then click on your breasts and choose "Copy to Bra" in order to make your suit go underneath the harness). That mesh catsuit is Fitted Mesh, meaning it will more or less follow your shape. There are two versions : a plain one and a corset one (the latter having its middle part hidden so it won't clip through the corset). It is pretty much exactly what you see in the movies.

Fitted mesh suit

- Use the provided Maitreya applier or Omega applier if you're a mesh body user like me. Pros : it's easy and looks better since the mesh body is smoother than the SL avatar (that's the point). Cons : on the Maitreya body you can't set an environment value, so the suit looks less polished, and you can't change its color and you have to set the shine yourself. Belleza should look more polished, as it applies Environment values unlike Maitreya. I don't know about the other mesh bodies.

Maitreya applier

- Buy the KaS mesh catsuit with corset. It is not what we used, but it looks good if not better, and you can control the materials the way you like ! It doesn't work with the corset we use, but it has its own corset that looks just as good (albeit different style). KaS also has a lot of items for ponyplay, including hooves.

KaS catsuit + corset

You can find it there : Kas Shop

As you can see on the pictures above, the three solutions yield similar results.

Latex corset

The corset we use is the Black Damask Underbust one by MaggieDoll Alter. It costs L$245. It's simply my favorite one, and it's mod ! The box includes a script to texture it automatically, simply rez the corset on the ground, drag and drop the script into it, wait a second, then pick it up, the script removes itself after doing its job (think of making a backup first). Attention, it seems that some corsets in this brand use different prim numbers, so this script is only guaranteed to work on the Black Damask one. I can't be sure it works on the Black Leather one. In order to wear it with the Fitted Mesh catsuit, you need to use the "corset" one, obviously. Also, this corset doesn't work with the KaS catsuit, but KaS has their own corset anyway.


This one is easy, the hooves are from Ri, by Regan Flasheart (here on the Marketplace). They are one single prim each (well, it's mesh, not prim, obviously), and mod, so you can resize and re-texture them at will. They cost L$250. Feel free to use the hooves you like. If you are using a KaS mesh catsuit, there are hooves in the same brand that will fit it perfectly.

Pony tail

Don't ask me where it goes. The girls in Rocket's Tail use the one from Mesmerize Dungeon (which is not the one on the picture above, since my pony tail comes from Morbid Play) and costs L$350.

Arms restraints

Ponies have no use for their arms, right ? I'm using the RR Armbinder that I have textured with materials to make the leather shine dynamically, but the stock leather textures work well too. Vixen cuffs from RealRestraint work just as well, and they include the collar that we use.

Latex horse-shaped head

With its bridle. And maybe a collar and hair, if you are so inclined (we use the RR Vixen collar, if you don't already have it and don't want to spend L$1200 on the full Vixen set just for it, send me an IM in world, I can sell it to you directly for L$400).

The head is the most important part, the one that makes this tack so unique. The rest is up to your taste. It comes from Hybridz by Fyre Furse, and is part of a full pony suit. I have spoken with Fyre and she agreed to make a standalone product with just the head for only L$100, so you don't need to buy the whole suit that costs L$800, and that horse head uses the very textures and values I used in the movies. That way, you won't even have to modify it yourself ! Thanks Fyre !

As for the hair, I use Yelena from, but I can't find it either on the Marketplace or in world. Maybe it has been discontinued. Just take a look at Darling Monday's shop and see if you can find it, maybe.

And if you want to go one step further...

I'm sure you want your latex pony tack to be functional, on top of being sexy, right ? How about making you feel like an animal, instead of just looking like one ? How about being actually mute, deaf and blind on top of being bound and encased, and being trained that way ? Yes. Mute. Deaf. Blind. What, does it scare you ? We train like that nearly every day around here. It's hard at first, but you'll see, after a few months of training, it becomes second nature.

A RealRestraint ballgag from which you take the scripts, and put them into the latex horse head. Don't forget to take the two Leash_slave scripts from its rings, and to put them into the rings near the bit, and you'll see reins when you're leashed. Of course you won't wear the ballgag itself as it will be useless, but the horse head will then be fully scripted. And if you want to update it in the future, those scripts will be removed from the horse head (without destroying it) and you will be given a new ballgag by the updater.

A RealRestraint blindfold with a RLV 2.9. Perfect for keeping a submissive into sub-space. It is not mandatory though.

A Sassy Ponygirl AO for a perfect stance (made by me, you can find it at my shop in Pak).

A Riding Reins HUD if you do pony carting, mandatory for blind ponies. You can find it at my shop, as well as pony carts.

And last but not least, Danna Pearl's SubListen HUD, which filters out what you hear except the words you learned yourself or that your trainer lets you understand (it is completely customizable and not only dedicated to ponyplay). You don't learn by repetition, you actually have to guess words in order to learn them, and be careful not to try to guess words that you already know, or you will forget them ! It is very effective at making you feel like an animal, as you have to focus in order to evolve from wild animal to trained pet able to obey orders. I have been using it for weeks, it works like a charm.

The latex bitch suit

Latex catsuit

This is the same catsuit as the pony tack, except we use the RR Body Harness (it costs L$450) instead of the Perception corset, so if you use the Fitted Mesh catsuit, you'll need to wear the plain version of it, not the corset version.

A pair of shoes... or not

The shoes we use are the Maggie Heels but feel free to use the ones you like best, or not to wear any shoes at all. If you want to wear heels with your Slink feet, I recommend you grab a black latex applier for your feet at Hugo Designs for L$100, if you haven't already.

Puppy tail

The tail we use is the one from Z Puppygirl by Zenga Ling. You can color it the way you like, it works well and looks very cute.


This is what makes the bitch suit a bitch suit. The RR Pretty Mummy set does exactly that when you lock the legs into the "Pet" lock, which automatically locks the arms into the "Pony" lock. In that bondage, you cannot do anything but crawl on all fours (on your elbows and knees, to be exact), and lay around and look cute. Use the MummyTex plugin (in standard in this set) to choose the "Black Latex" preset, and you'll be very close to what the suit looks like.

Latex puppy head

The head is made of three different parts : a RR Isolation Hood, a RR Isolation Blindfold (sold along with the hood) and a Z Puppygirl Muzzle and Ears (sold by Zenga Ling), heavily modified. You'll find a script to texture the hood and another to texture the blindfold. Like the Perception corset, simply drag and drop the script into both items after rezzing them on the ground, then pick them up.

At the time of this writing, I am currently discussing with Zenga Ling to ask her to make a light version of the muzzle+ears so you don't have to modify them yourself, but for now, just know that you need to buy the puppy set in order to get those items. Then, if you want to modify the ears and snout so they look as dark and shiny as the rest, here is what you need to do :

- Edit the shiny parts with Edit Linked Parts. Attention, the snout has two layers, one half transparent on the outside (you might want to make that one invisible), and the actual shiny prim on the inside.
- Set the texture to "blank" and the tint to RGB 5 5 5.
- Set the specular texture to "blank" as well, the Glossiness to 150, the Environment to 15 and the color to RGB 128 128 128.

That's it !

And if you want to take it to the next level...

Being sexy in tack and suit is all good and well, but you may want to make them actually restrict you and make you feel like the animal they make you look like !

Like the latex pony tack, you might want a few more accessories if you want to make it fully functional, but the bitch suit is very functional as it is already, as the mummy set and the iso hood and blindfold handle all the restrictions. However, we use Danna Pearl's SubListen HUD on top of it to complete the experience. And it is perfect for it, as combined with the bondage and blindness, a pet is broken in a couple of weeks, tops.

So, to recap, assuming you don't own any of the products I mentioned above, here is all you need to buy in order to look exactly like the ponygirls in Rocket's Tail, stance and restrictions included :

- Latex catsuit with appliers, scripts and all that stuff : Free, get it at
- Latex corset : L$245, get it at
- Pony hooves : L$250, get them at
- Pony tail : L$350, get it at
- RR Armbinder : L$600, get it at
- Vixen collar (part of the Vixen set) : L$400, get it by IMing me directly (Marine Kelley), please don't pay me before I answer though
- Latex horse head : L$100, get it at
- Hair : Hmm... I can't find Yelena anywhere, either on the Marketplace or in world. Sorry, you'll have to use your own. I recommend Juliana by Truth Hawks as it is mod and well done, and it was actually my first choice. That's the hair I wear on my Sassy Pony AO vendor picture.

Total : L$1945 to make that suit.

And if you want to go further :

- Ballgag (extract the scripts, put them in the horse head, don't forget the ones in the rings) : L$200, get it at
- Any blindfold you like, the ones I make all use RLV 2.9 : L$160 for my cheapest, get it at
- Riding Reins HUD : L$100, get it at
- Sassy Pony AO : L$600, get it at
- SubListen HUD : L$300, get it at

Total : L$1360 for all the gear that makes you enjoy it.

And for the bitch suit :

- Latex catsuit with appliers, scripts and all that stuff : Free, get it at
- Body harness : L$450, get it at
- Pretty Mummy set : L$1250, get it at
- Isolation hood : L$450, get it at
- Z puppy gear set : L$700, get it at
- Z puppy tail plug : L$250, get it at

Total : L$3100 to make that suit.

And if you want to go further :

- SubListen HUD : L$300, get it at

Total : L$300 for the gear that makes you enjoy it.

There you go ! I hope the explanations are clear, and I know this looks expensive to make a suit, but being a reader of my blog, there is a good chance that you already own some, if not all of that stuff. So in practice it should not cost you that much.

Have fun !


Friday, June 26, 2015

RLV 2.9.12

Hi there !

I have become a mesh body user not long ago, and like every mesh body user, I quickly found out that having dynamic shadows activated while wearing a complex mesh body (Maitreya which is my choice, but also Eve, Belleza, Slink, Abar, TMP...) totally kills the FPS (Frames Per Second, the measure of rendering speed). Like, it divides them by half. It was so bad that I had to turn the shadows off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I knew it was due to the avatar shadows, simply by looking at the Fast Timers in-world (press Ctrl-Shift-9 to show them). A little digging in it and you see "Avatar Shadows" in plain letters as the FPS hog. In fact, this was due specifically to complex rigged mesh rendering, the FPS slowdown wasn't due to unrigged attachments or anything like that. And since mesh bodies are among the most complex rigged mesh around, they kind of made that issue more obvious. And over time, more and more people switch to mesh bodies, so something had to be done.

Recently Chalice Yao implemented an optimized version of the avatar shadow rendering for her own viewer (NaCl). It does not lower the FPS for a single avatar much (since it has to render nearly all the passes the original algorithm does), but the optimization seems to work well for a crowd. After a short conversation with her, I had another idea and wanted to simplify the shadow of every single avatar in sight, by not rendering rigged mesh attachments at all, and rendering the avatar shape instead. I think Chalice will use that as an option in her viewer too since I integrated hers (thank you for that by the way, Chalice).

So I have added a new debug setting to the RLV called "RestrainedLoveAvatarShadows". You can access it by going to the "Advanced" menu, selecting "Show debug settings" and typing "RestrainedLoveAvatarShadows" in the edit box on the small window that shows. If you don't see an "Advanced" menu, press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D to make it show.

This debug setting can take 4 values :

0 : No avatar shadow at all. Well, except unrigged attachments, which will still show. I don't know how to selectively hide the shadow of an object when it is attached, compared to an object that is not an attachment, since we are not in the right context for that when it comes to rendering shadows (we're dealing with surfaces and spatial partitions at that time of the process).

Level 0, 83 FPS. As you can see, my unrigged attachments (hair, necklace and a few other things) look like they are floating in the air).

1 : Simplified shadows (my method). By using this method, none of your rigged attachments will have a shadow. More over, none of your alpha layers will mask your body in its shadow either, so the result is that you will see your system shape instead of your mesh body shape. The downside to this is that your mesh hair won't show either, neither will your mesh clothes. This method is good for those who use a human mesh body, but is inadequate for non-human avatars such as animals, robots etc, since the underlying avatar shape is usually very thin and deformed and serves only as a skeleton.

Level 1, 83 FPS. Notice the avatar shape rendered on the white screen, and the lack of anything rigged (in particular my boots, which are replaced with the shape of the shoe base). Notice there is no difference in speed with Level 0, even at such high FPS counts.

2 : Chalice's optimized algorithm. You won't see a difference between that rendering and the legacy one, and the FPS gain will be minimal if there are only a few avatars around, but apparently this is good for crowds.

Level 2, 47 FPS. Notice that the shadow is visually exact, all my rigged attachments are rendered. But it has a cost in rendering speed.

3 : The legacy SL rendering. Exact, but slow.

Level 3, 45 FPS. Here too the shadow is exact.

In this example, from 45 FPS to 83 FPS, that's a 180% boost. This is what I generally observe (even in areas with a lot to render, while these pictures have been taken in a skybox to really emphasize the difference in speed), a speed boost between 150% and 180% when setting RestrainedLoveAvatarShadows to 1.

You may say "ok level 1 is cool but the shadow looks like crap" and you'd be right. However, you seldom look at your shadow. Your shadow is there to make the scene more realistic, but it isn't really the center of the attention. More over, very often you can see your system shoe base rendered at the same time as your rigged feet and shoes anyway.

Why ? Because short of a mesh body, you have to use an alpha layer that has an actual texture attached to it in order to hide your feet, and the renderer does not like that at all. If one texture in an alpha layer is not totally transparent, then it will have a full shadow. I believe this is done this way for optimization purposes. Mesh bodies, on the other hand, hide the whole body except the head, so it uses fully transparent textures, and that hides the shadows of the system hands and feet.

Lastly, you often have "Ambient Occlusion" selected in the graphics preferences, which not only adds ambient occlusion to the rendering (i.e. a darkening the corners, making the scene look more realistic too), but also blurs all the shadows (don't ask me why). In the end, with Ambient Occlusion on, your shadow looks good enough even at level 1. And if you really want to take good pictures including your shadow, you don't need the FPS boost so you can switch to level 2 or 3.

Ok, that was a long explanation, sorry about that ! You can grab the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dust system

Hi !

Let me introduce you to the latest products available in the Marine's Goodies brand, by Marine Kelley : the Dust System.

The Dust System is a group of three different products that are sold separately : a set of dusty surfaces (+ their controller), a duster gag and a hand duster. Those are distinct products, simply because the one buying and rezzing the dusty surfaces might not be the one using the duster gag and/or the hand duster. In other words, the owner of the house (who owns the dusty surfaces) and the maid (who dusts them) are likely to be two different persons.

Dusting a house can be fun, when it is done in a kinky and sexy way ! Especially when the owner of the household can later check the work done and punish the maids who were sloppy. In fact, a lot of maids are sloppy on purpose, I wonder why... So this system was made with that idea in mind. Kinky maids dusting the place in a tantalizing fashion, most likely tightly bound, and the owner checking their work afterwards.

And it is made to be as simple and intuitive as possible. When a surface is dusty, it looks dirty. When it is clean, it looks squeaky clean. No hovertext, no complicated game, nothing of the sort. The better the maid positions herself towards the surface she is dusting, the faster she goes, and that's all.

The hand duster in action on a dusty surface, from dirty to clean :

A cloud of dust floating in the air (you might want to enlarge the video for that one) :

Bound, hobbled, gagged, and still working :

Now using the "Partial mode", letting me dust the surface while my legs are bound :

Here I am using my RR legs straps making me kneel down (notice how the feet are bent before I begin dusting and after I stop, this is because I'm wearing Slink high feet and using the RR legs straps' kneeling animation) :

Bound, gagged, blindfolded, and still working !

This makes for interesting bondage scenes !

The dusty surfaces

Let's suppose you are the owner of the household and you want to hire maids to clean your house.

The core component of this system is the dusty surfaces. They are mere flat mesh objects (0.75 LI each, but you can link them together to save LI allowance) that you rez on the surfaces that you want to become dusty (and later dusted), and they become increasingly dusty over time. They stay clean for a week, then get increasingly dustier over the following week. You have two different shapes, round and square, and both are copiable and modifiable so you can rez as many as you want and resize them at will. Each surface contains only one script (16 KB, 0.002 ms). They are already dusty after being rezzed simply so you can see them and start playing with them right away, but you can control their state through the central controller (see below).


 A dusty surface rezzed over a painting

The surfaces are set to be "alpha masked" instead of "alpha blended". Without being technical, this means a blindfolded maid can still "see" the dusty surface in order to work on it. Yes, you read that right, a maid can dust even while blindfolded ! Of course they need a RLV 2.9 for that, as only alpha masked textures render when blindfolded, not alpha blended ones. As a result, the dust doesn't show from a distance, but it shows when reasonably close anyway. It makes sense, actually, because in real life the dust isn't really visible until we get close enough.

The same surface, "seen" when blindfolded. It looks grainy, but only when dirty.

The places where you will rez your dusty surfaces are likely to be table tops, counter tops, chairs maybe, mirrors and stuff like that. It doesn't matter how they are oriented, but the altitude where the middle of a dusty surface is located compared to the avatar does matter, for it is what determines the animation a maid will have to use to dust it. In most cases, this is a no-brainer (especially if the surface is horizontal), but in some cases, like a standing vanity mirror, it isn't obvious where the middle of the surface is. You'll see below how to choose the right animation for every surface.

When resizing a surface after rezzing it, you may see the dust texture stretch in one direction, but pay no attention to it. Once you are done resizing it, simply touch it and it will update its texture accordingly.

When a surface becomes fully dusty, it starts spawning clouds of dust in the air, floating around and making the place look like it really needs attention.

A cloud of dust lazily floating in the air. Is there a maid in the house ?

Conversely, dusting an already clean surface makes it look squeaky clean, with little sparks of light.

Job's done !

Finally, in order to check the how clean a surface is, all one has to do is click on said surface and they see a message saying who dusted it last, when, and what its current state is. For example : "This surface has been dusted by Marine about 2h 22mn ago and it looks clean."

During the tests it appeared that there was a visual bug on the client side with the dusty surfaces. Sometimes, some of them would look clean to some people and dirty to others, as if they weren't updated locally to some viewers. The only way to fix that was to dust them again, to select and resize them, or to relog. There are several fixes into the script of the surface to make sure it looks the same for everyone, but if all else fails, touching it to check it will also make it scale up for a brief moment, updating its size and prim parameters to the viewers of the people around. That way, no accusing a maid of being sloppy when she's not !

You will notice an object named "Dust controller" included with the dust system. It is a simple box that is meant to be rezzed somewhere in your house, and to help you manage your dusty surfaces. To use it, simply click on it to get its menu :

With these options you can :

- Highlight all your surfaces in red, with particles that point at them, in order to let you find them easily (useful when you have rezzed dozens of them).

- Stop the highlighting.

- Make them all fully dusty.

- Make them all fully clean.

- Refresh them all (in case the visual bug described above rears its head again).

- Update their scripts (the controller owns a version of the "Dusty" script, the same one that is contained in every dusty surface) without having to re-rez them all.

- Request a new version of the dusty surfaces.

That's all you need to know about the dusty surfaces, really, they're very much "rez and forget". Just rez them around in your house and wait for a maid to walk by.

The dusters

Now suppose you are a maid (or an unfortunate captive made to dust her captor's mansion). You bought (or were given) a feather duster, be it a hand duster or a duster gag. It doesn't really matter which one it is, both are used the same way, they just don't use the same animations and are not efficient the same way (it takes longer to dust with your head than with your hand !), but they do the same thing, they dust the dusty surfaces when used correctly.

To use your feather duster, simply touch it (if you can) or say "menu" on channel 88 (by typing "/88 menu"). There is a gesture for that in the box if you need. Simply right-click on it and choose "Activate". Then you'll get the menu by pressing the F3 key (the gesture is full-perms, so you can change that too). If you really can't use channel 88 because you are wearing something else that uses this channel, you can change it by modifying the notecard inside the duster. You don't even have to reset it.

The duster can be set to one of two modes : Total or Partial.

Total mode means the animations will animate your whole body, in other words, that you are mostly free to move. In Total mode, you select one animation and that's it. Press "STOP" to stop.

Quiet while I'm working, back there !

Partial mode means that only a part of your body will be animated, most likely because you are tied up, or because you are already using another device to animate you (like the Sublimator I make). In Partial mode, you select one animation, and if you need to, a second one (called "blend") : that second animation animates either your neck or your arms, depending on the product, while the first animation animates your head or your hand (respectively). So the second animation completes, or "blends", the first one to let you adjust the position your duster better to your taste when you work.

Partial mode lets you choose the level independently from how your avatar is currently animated, because it is animated by something else. That's a way to see it.

Even when tightly bound...

... a maid's got to do her duties.

(here I'm using the RR legs straps in a pose that makes me bend forward, + my Sublimator in "bend fwd" pose)

To switch between both modes, click on "MODE".

When you dust, you have to choose between 4 levels : "High", "Mid", "Low" or "Very low" :

- "High" for surfaces which middle is at head level or above. For example, paintings.

- "Mid" for surfaces which middle is at about chest level. For example, mirrors.

- "Low" for surfaces which middle is at about hip level. For example, tables.

- "Very low" for surfaces which middle is at about knee level or below. For example, coffee tables.

If you choose the right level according to the surface you are trying to dust, if you're close enough and if you're facing the surface, you will see either little puffs of smoke (if the surface is dirty) or sparks (if it is clean). Keep dusting until the surface is clean, then press "STOP" and go to the next one. The better you are at facing the middle of the surface, the quicker you will dust it. That way, we can have speed contests between maids ! With all the little complications you can think of : free, chained, bound, blindfolded, etc.

In Total mode, you have two variations per level, usually one with your legs together and the other with your legs apart. All the animations are pretty sensual, so you can be sexy even while you work !

There's a speck of dust right here

House of Gord style !

There are also two options you can use in Total mode (only one in Partial mode) :

- Move (Total mode only) : When active, your avatar will move back into position before dusting, then forward after stopping. This way, you don't have to be very precise with how far you want to be from the surface, simply walk to it until you bump into it, then start dusting. When inactive, you simply dust from where you are.

- Feet (Both modes) : When active, your feet are forced to stay at a straight angle while you are animated. This is especially useful for kneeling animations, which tend to stretch your feet, but that looks odd when you're wearing rigged high feet (Slink high feet for instance).

If you're on a viewer that implements the @adjustheight RLV command (at the time of this writing, Firestorm still doesn't, but all the viewers that use my code do, like the original RLV, Cool VL, Dolphin, Kokua and a few others), your avatar will be automatically moved up or down to make sure the kneeling animations are as close to the floor as possible.

By pressing the "UPDATE" button (Partial mode only, not because it is tied to a mode, but because it was the only button left on the menu), you can request an update or a replacement for your duster. Please note that you must be at my shop for that, and you have to click on the updater there (it looks like an orb on a pedestal). It updates very much like the RealRestraint products, it uses the same scripts and the same procedures.

Both dusters are different in looks : the hand duster is very much like the feather dusters you can find in RL : a wooden handle, a plastic hilt and a bouquet of ostrich feathers :

Hand duster

It uses materials to look realistic (the shine is dynamic), and the feathers are alpha masked so they don't flash like most semi-transparent textures do. It looks fluffy !

The duster gag is simpler and smaller, but similar in design : a thin metal rod, a plastic hilt and a bouquet of feathers. It is not actually a gag, but an accessory for a gag. Wearing it won't prevent you from speaking, but its simple design allows you to wear it with pretty much any gag you have (panel gag, ball gag, muzzle etc). It is by default compatible with RealRestraint gags, so it becomes non-detachable when the gag is locked. It just has to be worn before locking the gag. I prefer this solution rather than making a full gag that competes against those that already exist in SL. Attention, although most RR gags are invisible while unlocked, this accessory is always visible. This is that way so it is usable with other gags that are not RR, and that do not communicate with this accessory at all.

Duster gag

Worn with the RR Deluxe gag in panel form

Worn with a RR Deluxe gag in ball gag form

Worn with a Kidnapped penis gag (I should move the duster down a little for that one)

The other difference with the hand duster (aside from the different animations, of course) is that it is a little less efficient at dusting. Since the feathers and the "handle" are smaller, and since your neck isn't as mobile as your arm, dusting takes more time with a duster gag than with a hand duster. Not much more, like 20% slower, but noticeable anyway.

You can find all three products in any of the Marine's Goodies vendors, one of them being in Pak :

The Dusty Surfaces are Copy/Modify/No-transfer and cost L$200.

The dusters (hand and gag) are No-copy/Modify/Transfer and cost L$250 each.

Have fun !


PS : I am aware that the menus on the videos are not exactly the same as the ones on the pictures. For example, in the duster gag, "High 2" on the videos is labelled "High tight" on the pictures and in the final product. This is because I made the videos before actually choosing a good descriptive names for the animations, but the animations themselves are the same. You could actually change the buttons yourself by modifying the notecard in your duster, and it would still work and still update when needed. Just be careful not to make the names too long (18 characters max) or there could be a crash.

Monday, May 25, 2015

RLV 2.9.11

Hi !

Here is a new version of the RLV with one quick bug fix to a bug that was reported by a friend, the ability to see beacons through a blindfold. I was sure I had fixed that one, but apparently not, so here it is, sorry about that !

- fixed : We could see the beacons through the vision restrictions. Thank you Danna Pearl for the heads-up !

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RLV 2.9.10

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with two long-standing bug fixes, including one I wasn't even aware of :

- fixed : For some reason we could detach a locked attachment by clicking on the cross left to the name of the object in the "Edit Outfit" window (but it would come back after a few seconds anyway). Thank you Delicia Blackheart for the heads-up !

- fixed : There was no way to view or modify your own profile directly in the viewer, due to outdated DLLs in the llplugins folder. Updated them with the ones found in the official viewer release. Thank you Keiyra Aeon for the pointers !

You can find the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New RealRestraint product : Deluxe Bridle addon

Hi !

The Deluxe Gag gets a new addon : the Deluxe Bridle !

It was a popular request, but also something I've been wanting to make for a while, and is aimed at all the ponygirls and boys out there who want to use their Deluxe Gags during their favorite activities !

Attention : it needs the Deluxe Gag to work, it does not do anything on its own !

Designed to operate seamlessly with the Deluxe Gag, it is an addon to it in the same sense that the Police Elbow cuffs are an addon to the Police Handcuffs. At the bare minimum, it is a leather strap around the head, and another going down the jaw and under the chin :

The jaw straps providing more support for the strap of the gag (ring, ball, bit or ball-bit).

It has three options : pony ears, pony blinders, and pony plumes (a.k.a. "feathers").

The leather ears make the pony look a little more pet-like. Very cute !

Every pony needs leather blinders, they are ideal for training :

What's more, when they are visible, the vision is restricted by the HUD blinders (provided in the box). Even better, the HUD, when visible, is locked (it cannot be detached) and non-editable (it cannot be resized or moved or made invisible). Of course, for those two features, a RLV-enabled viewer is required. Oh, and the HUD blinders change color and texture at the same time as the in-world blinders (those attached to the harness).

Finally, every show pony needs plumes. They are very useful during competitions, races etc, as they can change color at will :

And they're flexi !

As you can see, you can be a complete pony with the Deluxe Gag + its bridle addon. The Deluxe Blindfold is independent and may or may not be worn along with those two. Personally, I love blind pony training so I always wear all three parts at the same time.

The Deluxe Bridle uses the exact same textures and materials than the Deluxe Gag & Blindfold :

This means that when you use the HeadHarnessTex plugin on the Deluxe Gag, the Deluxe Bridle will change textures and tints as well. The blinders and ears are textured like the panel gag, while the front plume is textured like the ball gag and the back plume like the front faces of the leather straps. In other words, you can have your head gear colored in black and red with a red ballgag, like this :

... and texture the ball (and therefore front plume) white, by going to the HeadHarnessTex plugin of the gag, choosing "Sections", then "Ball" (it is on the second page), then "Tint", then "White" :

As you already know by having used the Deluxe Gag & Blindfold, you have many textures and tints at your disposal. When you change the texture or the tint of the gag, the bridle changes as well :

 Rustic, old western style

 Oh, ha ha.

Arrrr ! Well, it sounds more like "mmmph !"

Used along with other RealRestraint items to complement your tack, the Deluxe Bridle is the ideal way to turn you into a very pretty pony !

How to install

To make your Deluxe Bridle operate with your Deluxe Gag, you must modify the contents of the Deluxe Gag a little :

1. Rez your Deluxe Gag on the ground in front of you. Attention, rezzing over a mesh object is problematic, try to rez over a prim or over terrain. The Deluxe Gag is invisible while unlocked, so you need to highlight invisible by pressing Ctrl-Alt-T :

2. Edit your Deluxe Gag by right-clicking on it, and selecting "Edit". Do NOT select "Open", as you might make a mistake when closing it :

3. Click on the Content tab of the window that shows :

4. Delete the "*Style config" notecard by right-clicking on it and selecting "Delete". Do not delete anything else !

5. Look in the Deluxe Bridle folder in your inventory (don't close the Edit window), locate the following items : "*Style config", "Lockable_Master.harngag" and "Lockable_Token_Bridle" (that's two scripts and notecard). Select them, then drag and drop them into the Content tab of Deluxe Gag :

Wait a little and the inventory of the gag will update itself. Then you will be able to see the items you have added.

New "*Style config" notecard

New "Lockable_Master.harngag" and "Lockable_Token_Bridle" scripts.

6. Your Deluxe Gag is ready to use with its Bridle. You can close the Edit window now and pick your Deluxe Gag up. Then wear it, wear the Deluxe Bridle and its Deluxe bridle blinders HUD, and you're ready !

What you have just done is activate the link between Deluxe Gag and the Deluxe Bridle, and make sure that when you update your Deluxe Gag, the updater will give you an updated Deluxe Bridle as well. I would have made a system to automate this installation (much like the RR updaters), but believe it or not, there would be even more room for error than to do it manually. At least here you know what you're doing.

How to use

To control the visibility of each feature (ears, blinders and plumes), all you have to do is click on your gag, go to the Style plugin, and you'll notice its menu has changed, due to the fact that you replace its configuration notecard during the installation procedure (see "How to install"). It now has three more toggles : "Plume", "Ears" and "Blinders". Of course, in order to have them show, you must not only activate them on this menu, but also have the gag locked. When the gag is unlocked, nothing shows at all. The Plume and the Ears are fashion accessories mostly, but the Blinders will hide and show the HUD as well, restricting your vision.

How to resize

Resizing the Deluxe Bridle is easy, because the straps are cut into separate mesh prims that are independent from each other. At first you'll just want to resize the whole object without bothering with each strap, by wearing it and having it locked one way or another (so it is visible), then right-clicking on it and selecting "Edit" on the context menu, exactly like in Step 2 of the installation procedure. You resize an object by holding Ctrl And Shift at the same time, and moving the handles that appear.

But if you really want perfection, you'll want to edit some of the straps individually. To do this, tick the "Edit Linked Parts" checkbox on the Edit window, and click on the part you want to resize.

The parts are :

Front plume, back plume

Left ear, right ear

 Head strap

Forehead strap

 Plume holder

Left blinder, right blinder

Upper left jaw, upper right jaw

Left holder, right holder

 Chin strap

Of course you do not need to resize all of them one at a time. Only those you think could use some fitting.

You can find the RealRestraint Deluxe Bridle addon in any of the RealRestraint vendors in-world, it is Modify, No-copy and Transfer, and costs L$200 :

One location where to find a RR vendor is in Pak :

Have fun !