Wednesday, April 9, 2008


And here it is on eRestraint. With a small bugfix on top of it, and the latest patch. Enjoy !



Baby Roger said...

it load for me boot for me.

the problems i had on the was that is crashed.

is there a problem with off line messages as when i open with restrainedlife i do not get them but if i open with the nomal SL view i can read them ok

Marine Kelley said...

Look at your preferences, it seems they have been reset at some point. You have to activate a checkbox again (I don't remember which one).

Nothing to do with the RL viewer, though.

Mo Noel said...

Just to turn off Atmospheric shaders will not use the old graphics engine.
I still experience the typical WL texture issues - smudgy or disorted ones and different shiny effects like the original, wich destroys the design of many objects, shops and items I made.

Nimrod said...

And of course I replaced it at my place too (old ones removed). Good job, you and Henri keeps me busy in these days. :)

Coleen Falworth said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Just installed and I love it.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Sl viewer in combination with RL viewer 1.10.4 does not work.
All it does start a procces for every time you click it but you cant log in.

Anyone has a solution???

Boy Lane said...


Please use the latest RL viewer with Lindens only. Older versions were made for the previous releases.

Boy Lane said...

I've just updated the Cool Viewer with a new feature to build / TP over 768m and up to 4096m high. If someone needs that *smile*.

One modification to note (and thats why I post this here), I changed the RLV identifier returned when an @version command is sent to be conform and compatible with Marine's RLV rather than the previous 1.10h from Henri. It returns now: (CV, (CV for the Cool Viewer or (BL for my BanishedLife viewer.