Sunday, June 22, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.11.4

Here is RL v1.11.4, still working over SL (sorry a lot of people are asking for a version for RC 1.20 but release candidates are just changing too often, and it takes a while to adapt a patch to a new version, sometimes half a day).

Not really new features, let's say just ironing the already existing ones :

* added : inability to receive group chat when unable to recieve IMs (thanks Boy Lane for the trick).
* changed : cannot change the group tag if you are unable to send IMs anymore.
* changed : cannot Take and Return objects if you are unable to Rez things.
* changed : could not Delete objects when unable to Edit, now it is linked to Rez instead, since Rez is dedicated to build/remove objects while Edit is dedicated to modify existing content.
* fixed : bodyparts (shape, skin, eyes and hair) could not be shared. Keep in mind that bodyparts cannot be removed, only replaced by other bodyparts. [Note : it did not figure in the release notes, my bad. But it does work.]

As always, thanks to Orchid, you can find the viewer for windows, and its sources, on the eRestraint website :

Have fun !