Friday, August 15, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.12.2

Hi there,

Here is a (not-so-small) update to the RL viewer, including :

- Ability to share no-modify objects by putting them inside their own dedicated folder under the outfit folder (so you'd have #RLV/my outfit/my no-mod item (right hand)/my no-mod item)
- Separation of @shownames and @showloc
- Separation of @fly and @tploc
- And a few ironed out bugs.

The MD5 signature of the Windows zip file is

Later I will write a post dedicated to explain how to share items in detail, with pictures.

Have fun !

PS : I had a slight problem with the executable, so if you downloaded the viewer less than one hour after I posted the notice on my group, please download again. The first attempt was unable to automatically rename folders over no-mod items, even if it pretended to do so (it wouldn't stay after a relog).