Saturday, October 11, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.13


This version of the RL viewer can handle sub-folders in the shared root #RLV. It's not much of a change but helps organizing the shared inventory better (before it was only one level, leading to a clutter of short names parsed by scripts and... a nightmare). I will post a sequel to the Shared Outfits Tutorial shortly to show how I organize my own shared folders with this new feature.

Viewer for Windows :
Hash : c60e026ca377418d931e174a64a693fc

Have fun !

PS : Now you might wonder why this new viewer is a 1.13 with such a short list of changes... well aside from getting a "new feature", sort of, I realize that "13" is not a welcome number to some people, so I think I'll quickly switch to 1.14 as soon as I get the chance. Hehe.