Saturday, December 13, 2008

RestrainedLife 1.15.2

Hi there,

Even more bug fixed in this release, and now the user will be unable to see invisible objects while under an edit restriction (makes sense, if you can't edit you don't have to see any overlay... do you ?). This will be easier for the prison and trap makers out there.

* Invisible folders (starting with ".") were taken into account in the @attachall command
* Items that are neither objects nor pieces of clothing were taken into account in the @getinvwon command
* Skin and hair did not register in the @getinvworn command
* Viewer was freezing when using @getinvworn while RLV debug is active.
* @getinvworn was seeing every item contained directly under #RLV, but did not allow the user to attach nor detach them. As #RLV is not an outfit, now @getinvworn ignores them
* Now when the user is unable to edit things, they are also unable to see any beacon, including invisible objects

Download the viewer and the sources there :

MD5 hash for the windows zip :

Have fun !