Saturday, January 31, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.16 is out

Hi there,

As promised, the new 1.16 version of the RLV is out today, with many back-end improvements and a few new features. Let's recap :

* @getdebug, @setdebug to get and set debug settings (for now only AvatarSex and RenderResolutionDivisor, allowing to get/set the gender and to change the "blurriness" of the screen, useful to simulate drugs).
* @getpath, a very handy tool to know the path from the #RLV folder to the object that issues this command. If a parameter is set, it can be either an attachment point or a clothing layer, and in that case the command will return the path to the object/clothing worn there instead.
* @attachthis, @attachallthis, @detachthis, @detachallthis commands, which are shortcuts to a @getpath call followed by an @attach, @attachall, @detach or @detachall command respectively. Very handy to manage outfits without breaking the privacy of the user's inventory !
* @redirchat to redirect public chat spoken on channel 0, to whatever private channel. Useful for gags !
* More "dummy names". Many more.
* llGetAgentLanguage() called from a script to a RLV user will now return the version of the viewer instead of the language setting (which could be just made private anyway). The user is not able to hide it, so the scripts can rely on it. It is much easier than the traditional "@version + listen + timer" way of checking the viewer. This feature is under trial for now, if it bothers too many people before the next big version, I will remove it (otherwise it's here to stay).
* @acceptpermission to automatically accept permissions to attach and to take controls, @denypermission to automatically deny those permissions (the latter takes precedence over the former, of course).

Download it there :

I stupidly closed Windows before calculating the hash... so no hash for this version. Next time !

This release is exceptional in a way though : it is based on a Release Candidate SL viewer. I generally avoid doing this as RC viewers change so often, but it has been so long, and RLV 1.16 was ready anyway. SL 1.22.7 is quite enjoyable now (at least for me, compared to 1.22.3 and even worse, 1.21 ! Read the previous post and you'll know why), and I think even this RLV used along with a regular SL 1.22, once it becomes gold and ceases to be a RC, will work without a glitch.

As for my own scripts, as you can see there are 3 new commands that could prove themselves handy... I am in the process of issuing an update to the arms restraints and the blindfold, as well as the Outfit plugin. No rush, but it is in the works.

Have fun !