Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.20.1

Hello there,

This is an urgent release due to two crashes that occurred in some conditions in the 1.20 version, including one that could become a crash loop on login. So if you are annoyed by some unexplainable crashes, that you didn't experience before 1.20, you may want to download this one.

- fixed : crash to desktop when hearing chat from an unrezzed avatar while under @shownames (bug introduced in 1.20).
- fixed : crash to desktop when forcing an object to be detached then locking its attach point right away, which would trigger an infinite loop (introduced in 1.20).
- fixed : OOC exception to the redirection was not working all the time (thanks Moss Hastings).
- fixed : a cheat around @shownames (thanks Jolene Tatham).

Grab it here :

The hash for the Windows zip file is :

Have fun !