Sunday, September 13, 2009

RR Tutorial : Allow plugin

Hi, we are going to talk about a fairly simple plugin for a change : Allow. This plugin is one of the "RLV plugins", which means it makes sense only if you are using the Restrained Life Viewer ("RLV" for short).

Its purpose is merely to provide exceptions to restrictions issued by other plugins or even other restraints. The captive is either "Allowed" or "Denied", it is as simple as that. When "Denied" no exception is given, it is like inactive. But when "Active", the following things happen :

* The captive can be teleported by the keyholder. In fact she won't even have the choice to decline teleport offers.
* The captive will be able to hear the keyholder, even if she is deaf to everyone else.
* The captive will be able to receive IMs from the keyholder, even if she can't receive IMs from anyone else.

That's all. What ? Already ? Told ya it was a simple one.

Have fun,