Monday, August 30, 2010

Restrained Love v2.1.2.1

Hi !

This is a last-minute release for the RLV with a quick fix. It seems that 2.1.2 crashed when receiving a @getoutfit command. If you have downloaded 2.1.2, please download this new version ASAP because using a furniture or an attachment that issues this command will make your viewer crash to desktop. Big thanks to Chorazin Allen for helping me track that bug down.

For those who build their own viewer and include the RLV patch in it :
I have also added the revision of the latest changeset integrated in the SL viewer at the time when I cloned the repository to build this RLV, which is 11980. Same revision as RLV 2.1.2 so the patch will need to be applied on the same source code. I'll try to keep the revision number visible so we know exactly what changes are included into the viewer when I decide to build a new RLV.

For those who didn't understand a word in what I just wrote, this simply means that the version of the SL viewer I have used to build the RLV on, will appear on the Help > About window, and I will try to do so from now on :)

Grab it here :

Hash for the Windows installer :
6f4ca405511ef7225d8a6571574dd196 (initial version with debug setting set to FALSE, unavailable now)
92e4ad7d2f02552ffb5d043ee4012885 (fixed version with debug setting set to TRUE)

Sorry for the inconvenience,

PS : The initial version had its "RestrainedLove" debug setting set to FALSE in the package, resulting in the RLV features being deactivated by default instead of activated. If you have downloaded it between 6:40am and 7:15am SLT on 8/30/2010, please download it again or turn this debug setting to TRUE yourself in Advanced > Debug Settings. That's the only difference between these two versions. Sorry about that.