Sunday, April 10, 2011

Restrained Love v2.6

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with a few new commands and a LOT of enhancements, to make your SL easier... See for yourself !

- added : @touchme=add exception to the @touch*=n restrictions, this works only for the oject that issues this restriction, to avoid cheating.
- added : @startim=n command, to prevent the user from opening an IM session with anybody (the little "trill" sound will still play, though).
- added : @startim:UUID=add exception to the above restriction.
- added : @startimto:UUID=n command, same as @startim, but regarding one particular person only.
- added : Debug setting RestrainedLoveShowEllipsis (default to TRUE) to show or hide the "..." when you are under @recvchat or @recvchatfrom.
- added : A new RLV menu with the following items :
- List RLV restrictions => displays a list of the current restrictions and exceptions in effect, in the chat history.
- Show Debug Info => Activate or deactivate debugging info for RLV commands.
- Forbid offers to #RLV => allow or forbid objects to send inventory directly in your #RLV folder.
- Double-click to Wear => To choose the default behaviour (Replace or Add) of the viewer when double-clicking on an inventory item to wear it.
- added : Some features from Firestorm :
- Login screen to default to instead of a dumb blank page.
- Temporary textures and snapshots uploads.
- No MOTD on the login progress screen (who wants advertisement anyway ?).
- Top status bar now contains an info button, the name of the parcel and the properties icons (no fly, no rez etc).
- MU*-style emotes (in other words, being able to begin your sentences with ":" as well as "/me").
- Names over "Show Look At" crosshairs.
- Distance on the minimap inspector.
- Radar on the People panel and chat history notifications (but no ability to teleport directly to someone, this is too intrusive).
- added : Some enhancements of my own :
- In-world profiles. Although inspired by Firestorm, these are closer to the v2 codebase.
- Friends offline/online notifications on the chat history (this is managed by the "OnlineOfflinetoNearbyChat" debug setting).
- Group count on the group panel, to show to how many groups you belong.
- Profile, Teleport, Share and Pay buttons directly on the IM window, to act as shortcuts.
- Keeping the permission icons in the friends list always visible.
- fixed : Replacing an outfit while the RLV was deactivated would not work (thank you Lance Corrimal).
- fixed : Avatar tooltip would not be correct when using Display Names, and under @shownames.

I hope all these improvements will make the viewer more enjoyable to use... They sure did for me :)

As usual, you can grab it there :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is

Have fun !