Thursday, August 4, 2011

New RR product : The Jammer

Hello there !

I am proud to announce the release of a new product in the RealRestraint brand : the Jammer !

Unlike the other products of my brand, this one is not really a restraint. It is... far worse. Those who heard about the Banishment Program know that I am very interested in all kinds of behavioral control devices in SL, and the Jammer is the result of my research.

Out of the box, it looks like a mundane bluetooth headset, that everyone owns nowadays.

But make no mistake ! This is not at all what it is meant for. Under this disguise lie a few high-tech, low power control devices :

- Headphones : Filling the wearer's ears and employing active noise cancellation, they completely suppress the hearing while acting like actual earphones.

- Vocal chords suppressor : Pressed against the wearer's trachea, this small device issues active noise cancellation as well to suppress any sound coming from the wearer's throat, effectively muting her. It also contains a mic, in order to record what was going to be said and send it to the central unit.

- Contact lenses : Applied directly on the eyes, they react to the radio signals sent by the central unit, and polarize themselves accordingly, effectively blinding the wearer when needed.

- Speaker : Disguised into the microphone part of the headset, it is used to speak on behalf of the wearer, using advanced voice morphing technology to perfectly imitate the wearer's voice. It also contains an actual microphone that hears what is said within chat range.

- Central unit : This is the nexus of the system, it is embedded inside the plastic part of the device. It comprises several sub-units :
- A radar to detect who is around
- An antenna to communicate with the Dominant's remote
- A very high frequency, very low power radio emitter to control the opacity of the contact lenses
- A central micro-processor to execute the program uploaded by the Dominant

With this device and the remote control that goes with it, you, as the Dominant, are able to control what your sub says, what she hears, what she sees, you can even speak through her device and hear the chat around her. Or limit the amount of chat she says, suppress it, censor it, or even censor what she hears, making her hear totally different things...

And last but not least, you can actually program her like a computer ! The Jammer has its own programming language that is flexible enough to give you plenty of leverage over your sub, and have her behave at all times, even when you are not around. With this programming language, you can automatically replace words that she says or hears, force her to say the things you want, report to you according to your wishes, and even trigger animations and sounds (that you upload from the remote control).

In the remote you find several predefined programmings, like one for a slave (not being able to speak unless spoken to first, being forced to say "Master" or "Mistress" when talking after you, etc), one for a ponygirl (not being able to understand human language, only common gestures), one for a puppygirl (being made to bark and overall act like an animal), one for a doll (obsessed with sex, eager to serve her owner) and one for a drone (acting like a robot, having her brain washed, being unable to even speak, only obey). Of course these are just examples, you can modifiy them and write your own programmings at will, without limit. You can even share them with fellow Dominants, since they are just contained in notecards.

You also find a few full-perms sounds and aninms (the famous "nadu" for example, but also some custom anims like a "girl in pain" one) that you can upload into the Jammer, and force your sub to play.

Now... Before you get all excited, know that this device is VERY complex stuff. The manual is big and divided in three parts :

- If you are just a casual user, you will have fun with its basic features such as acting like a renamer, limiting and suppressing the speech and hearing, and speaking and hearing through the sub.

- If you are more serious about it, you will learn through an extensive tutorial how to write a program for the Jammer and how to upload it. Mostly for its speech control features.

- And if you are an actual programmer in RL (or even just a scripter in SL), i.e. you have the mindset of a developer, you will enjoy reading the expert part of the manual, that details all the intricacies and features of the language itself, telling you how you need to know to come up with full-fledged programs.

In other words, into the right hands this device can prove to be very powerful. Mwahaha !

Have fun with this new weapon !