Monday, February 27, 2012

New update to your RR products : v1.22

Hello there !

Here it is ! After months of hard work, I am proud to announce the release of the latest update to most of my products ! This is a big update, with a focus on the animations and the leash, but also many small improvements.

As explained in this tutorial, the restraints are now made to behave like Animation Overriders. We all know how to use an AO and what it is meant for, so I guess this feature will be pretty easy to cope with. The purpose of this is to make your bondage more enjoyable, varied, life-like and sexy ! When your legs are tied up tightly together and you're standing, no more standing still not moving at all and not being able to sit down. Now you can bend forward, backward, sit down, move your legs ot the left, to the right, even lean against a wall, sit down on an object without breaking the bondage, and walk around in different ways. Same goes for Tauts, hogties, sits, lies etc.

I have redone the first pose of the Shibari arms ropes, so it looks more relaxed :

The hogtie, however, is NOT relaxed !

It's even tighter in the Vixen cuffs :

A hogtie in the police legirons is good...

... but it's even better when it's inviting !

The straps are also much more versatile :

You can even sit down on an object without breaking the legs bondage, in most cases :

Oh, did I tell you that I finally added two more cuffs to the Elegance set ?

Way to look good in submission now !

And the best way to look good in bondage, is to look relaxed :

I have redone nearly all my animations to make them smoother and more realistic, and adapted to the situation. When you need your arms folded, you can fold them. When you're laying on your back with your hands cuffed together, you can bring your arms up behind the small of your back, for a more realistic look. When you're sitting down, you can lift your hands a little so they don't clip your legs. When you're tied in a strappado, you can actually move your arms up far behind your back to execute the strappado. When you're hogtied in some restraints and you feel hot, you can spread your thighs. If you're tired of being hogtied on your belly, you can roll over to the left, the right or even to your back. And so on.

And you can add your own animations. The only thing to keep in mind is that each pose (Taut, Tight, Hands back...) is distinct from the others mainly by the chains and items that show. Knowing that, adding an animation is as easy as dropping it into the restraint and writing its name into one of the notecards. Like an AO !

Aside from the animations, the Leash has changed a bit as well. This tutorial explains it in detail. The plugin now provides a HUD that lets you focus on a prim in-world and leash the sub to it, whether the prim is scripted or not, or a root prim or a child prim. Just Alt-click on a prim, click on the HUD, and all the subs you are holding the leash of will be leashed to it instead.

Another improvement to the leash is that the chain looks better now, and spawns from different points according to the current lock, instead of always the same spot.

Finally, the restraint is automatically unleashed when it is unlocked.

Here is an excerpt from the release notes :

* Anim plugin : this is the main change, simply click lock your restraint, then press "Plugins", then "Anim", then "Give HUD". Wear the HUD you are given and play with the yellow arrows. That will give you a good foretaste of what this plugin can do !
- This is a new plugin that replaces the old ForceAnim script in most restraints. It acts like an Animation Overrider, and even gives you a HUD to control your poses more precisely. With it, come many new poses and animations, to make your bondage more life-like !
- Can sit even with the legs tied.
- Animations configurable through the use of notecards.
- Redid most of the animations to make them smoother, more realistic and most of all, sexier !

* Leash
- Added the ability to leash anywhere (really anywhere, including unscripted prims, child prims, even avatars, even cross-sim) just by focusing your camera on the object you want to leash the sub to, and clicking on the HUD given by this plugin.
- Made the chain or rope change its point according to the current lock, sometimes several chains may even appear when it makes sense.
- Changed the texture of the rope on the Shibari set, to look more like a rope and less like a mess.
- Changed the default texture of the chain to a less bulky one.

* Control plugin (RLV)
- Added the ability of restricting teleports (same button as "Fly"). This does not conflict with the Leash though, which still issues teleport restrictions as well. That way you can decide to restrict TP without leashing if you want to.

* Restrained Elegance set
- Added 2 more cuffs, for the elbows. The old 6th pose (wrists tied high to the collar, behind your back) is replaced with a U-shape pose, closer to that of the Serious Shackles.

* Legs straps and Legs shibari ropes
- Added a "Hobble" pose, in which only your thighs are tied, and you can walk around slowly.

* Shibari
- Changed the chest ropes a little so that they are much easier to resize to your shape.

* Give Keys
- Added a button to simply throw the key away. Careful, this means you have to struggle out or to ask someone to use their RealKey on you to free you !

Please note that due to the amount of changes involved, the only option is to replace your products through my updaters. I can't give you the choice between "update" and "replace", a regular update would leave you with incompatible scripts and some features would stop working. For instance you would not be able to see the chain of the leash anymore. I know it's a pain to resize your stuff, especially the Shibari ropes. However I have done my best to make those easier to resize now.

Have fun !