Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updaters back online

... and they work better now.

Hi there, the updaters for the RR products are back at last ! I'm sorry for taking them out for so long, I know some of you have been wanting to update for a while and couldn't.

I had to take them offline because suddenly a protection against a certain hack was not working anymore, and someone told me about it. This was one of the first protections I put in the update system two years ago, and it worked like a charm (except once when an avatar and two alts exploited it without me noticing) but for some reason a SL change broke that lately, so it was urgent that I removed them.

But that's not the reason why they were taken out for so long. The main reason was that the updaters were not able to handle v1.22 of my products, whatever I tried. This all came down to petty memory issues, but the huge differences and increases in inventory size in 1.22 simply brought the system to its knees, so it was time to rethink it all.

That's what I did, I redid the whole system from scratch. In your point of view, the thing works exactly the same as before, with these subtle differences :

- It's faster, it does not take several seconds per script anymore.
- You can rez several orbs at the same time to update one product per orb, in parallel. The old system could not do that.
- You can cancel an update at any time.
- You know in advance what product you will receive if you choose to replace your item.
- And last but not least, it can handle huge inventory lists like the many animations in 1.22 restraints, the old system could not. In other words, you will be able to replace a 1.22 restraint in the future (it was not possible before).

Please be aware that if your product is not recognized as a retail one even though it was never modified, it is probably due to me not having put its signature into the updater yet. In that case, the updater won't let you replace it with the latest version so all you can do is IM me and send me your product for a manual replacement (and I will add the signature to the list in the process).

Also there is no new version yet, the latest version is still v1.22 at the time of this writing.

There are three updaters in-world :

My little shop :

The Little Shop of Kink :

S&M Castle :

For your information, here is my roadmap for the months to come :

- Some people have trouble adjusting the Siren ropes to their shape, due to a big shoulder width over body size ratio, or due to a small arms length. I want to cut some of the ropes (mainly the over-arms, vertical box part and front SJ part) to make them take a couple prims instead of just one, so it will resize better. The downside is that it makes more prims, so it will be longer to resize. But you can't have the cake and eat it.

- I want to make sitting poses for the other legs restraints to make them behave like the Siren ropes.

- I want to add animations to the existing restraints so they are on par with the Siren ropes.

There are other projects in the making, maybe a couple products that I might slip in-between, but overall lifting the existing restraints to make them as good as the Siren ropes is what I want to do next.

Have fun !