Friday, May 10, 2013

RestrainedLove Viewer

Hi there,

After months of work in integrating Linden Lab's last feature called "CHUI" ("Communication Hub User Interface", nothing to do with Feng Shui unfortunately), here is the latest version of the RLV. If you wonder about 2.8.4, there is none. I planned to release it last month but it was simply crashing too much so it was a no-go.

So yes, it took more than two months to integrate CHUI and to debug it. That feature broke several features in my code and the mitigation took time. Sorry about that.

I also wanted to add a few improvements that have been nagging at me for some time, so here it is. The full list of changes follows :

- added : Integration of the new CHUI features (Communications Hub User Interface) from Linden Lab. See

- changed : Do not lose the camera focus when clicking on something. If you really want to lose focus, simply right click on your avatar, or press Escape. Or focus on something else.

- changed : Allow moving an item or a folder from a locked folder to another locked folder (prevent only from locked to unlocked and from unlocked to locked).

- changed : Do not expect the user to press Enter before chatting while in Mouselook, since they don't have to when in 3rd view.

- changed : Do not automatically rename folders or items in the inventory anymore, unless "RestrainedLoveAutomaticRenameItems" is set to TRUE (it is FALSE by default). This is no longer necessary since the viewer does not have to figure out whether it will kick a locked object or not anymore (since it Adds by default now).

- fixed : We could drag and drop an item from an object in-world directly into the inventory, regardless of attach restrictions.

- fixed : We could wear things that were rezzed by right-clicking on them in-world and selecting "attach to", even when @unsharedwear was active.

- fixed : We couldn't hide the UI when unable to rez.

- fixed : We could create new pieces of clothing regardless of outfit restrictions.

- fixed : The Control key wouldn't work in Mouselook. Fixing this removes the ability to control the speed of the mouse view while holding Control, I'm afraid, but Shift already does something similar.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows package is

Have fun !