Saturday, February 22, 2014

RestrainedLove with FittedMesh support

Hi there,

Here is the latest version of the RLV, with a couple bug fixes, but more importantly, support for the new FittedMesh feature !

If you don't know about FittedMesh, this is a very new feature that hit the grid recently, that allows rigged mesh (mesh attachments that follow your movements) to be deformed by your shape sliders.

It doesn't spare you from having to wear alpha masks, but it does let rigged mesh fit you much more easily. That decreases the need for the common "XS", "S", "M", "L" and "XL" variations of the same rigged mesh, when it comes to clothing. I'm very enthusiastic about FittedMesh, I feel it is going to bump the clothing business a notch higher in terms of quality.

Anyway, along with FittedMesh support, the new RLV comes with the following changes :

- changed : Do not block llRegionSayTo on channel 0 even when @recvchat or @recvemote is active, because this kind of chat is very similar to a task IM (an IM from an object to an avatar), only without the built-in delay and valid only in the same sim. Thanks Felis Darwin for the report.

- fixed : RenderResolutionDivisor was broken in deferred rendering (again).

- fixed : @remoutfit=force didn't care about "nostrip" in the folder name (only in the item name). Thanks Kinki Aftermath for the report.

You can download the viewer here :
Real Restraint

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is :

Have fun !