Thursday, October 30, 2014

RLV 2.9.3

Hi !

On top of working on my products lately (the Deluxe gag and Gina's Debut), I've also been working on the RLV v2.9.3. In fact, it has been available for a month and a half now, but I'd never sent a notice nor a blog post about it, because I felt it wasn't ready yet.

It integrates LL's last changes about Server Side Appearance (making it so your skin and clothing are calculated by the sim instead of the viewer), as well as the connections to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. And it would be an understatement to say that these new features were difficult to integrate. SSA in particular, was bug-ridden and it took me four months to stabilize it all. That's why I didn't want to communicate about it until now. But there are enough bug fixes now to make it worth a release.

So here it is, and take a look at the list of changes for yourself :

- added : LL's latest additions for Facebook, Twitter, Flick and SSA support.
- added : Shortcut to Mouselook : Ctrl+Alt+M (the official shortcut "M" does not work when the "Pressing letter keys starts local chag" option is selected in the Preferences).
- changed : Secured the @adjustheight RLV command, to stop it from failing at times. Also made it faster to commit the change by forcing a rebake after a couple seconds.
- changed : When standing up and under @standtp, nothing happens if the landing point of the parcel is fixed, instead of TPing to the wrong place.
- changed : Do not restrict sit distance under @fartouch and @touchfar.
- changed : Do not allow someone to give anything to anyone when under "@showinv" (it makes sense when "@sendim" is active too, to stop people from cheating around it by sending renamed items as a way to chat).
- changed : We now cannot select or inspect anything or anyone beyond the range specified by "@camdrawmin" anymore. This means you can't use your mouse pointer to detect someone by looking at the tooltip, when blinded.
- changed : When clicking or double-clicking on a point to walk to it, don't reset the view, and rotate the avatar so it faces the direction of movement.
- changed : Improved the "force rebake" (Ctrl+Alt+R) command to make it quicker for clothes to appear locally (and usually, remotely too).
- changed : Do not force the texture memory down to 512 if the user has set it to something higher in the TextureMemory debug setting.
- fixed : Crash when receiving a folder or an object which name is shorter than 5 letters.
- fixed : The "detach" exception for an object that was given during this session (for example in the "Objects" folder, while under "@unsharedunwear") will be ignored if this object issued a "@detach" command.
- fixed : Flycam was not restricted under "@camXXX" commands.
- fixed : We couldn't use FlyCam when RLV was deactivated.
- fixed : When replacing or removing outfits from the Appearance window, locked items were detached as well (in the past, these options were greyed out when something was locked, but it is no longer the case).
- fixed : When the camera is controlled by a script, it would not get restricted by the "@camXXX" RLV commands. This was on purpose at first, but maybe it was too permissive.
- fixed : When teleporting, silhouettes were no longer rendered under @camavdist.
- fixed : A way to bypass the @editobj restriction.
- fixed : @recvchatfrom and @recvemotefrom did not take attachments into account.
- fixed : When teleporting to another region and forced into Mouselook with @camdistmax:0, the mouse pointer would show but we would be stuck in ML nonetheless (thank you Sinha Hynes for the heads-up).
- fixed : @detachallthis would still lock the whole #RLV folder.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !

PS : This change list is actually for 2.9.2, but the available one is 2.9.3... This is simply because the day I released 2.9.2, I worked on integrating the latest changes from LL (which were many), and found them quite useful, so I decided to go straight to 2.9.3 so you could benefit from them too. The difference between those two versions is only the code that LL worked on, specifically the login page and the snapshot window, plus many small bug fixes.