Friday, January 9, 2015

RLV 2.9.5

Happy new year !

So, after 2 weeks of intense work on the RLV, trying to fix those silly rendering bugs that crept up when the avatar was blindfolded (namely, alpha attachments and particles not showing properly), I could finally get the vision spheres to render correctly. And I used the opportunity to also fix a few other bugs that had nothing to do with vision restriction, but that were overdue nonetheless.

A big addition (and I am aware it will trigger a few "WTFs" from some users, but think about it for a second and you'll see it makes sense), is that now you will be blind and unable to TP and to see the location right after logging on, and will stay like this for a few seconds, while your avatar rezzes. No more cheating through blindfolds and TP restrictions right after a relog ! It can sound cumbersome at first, but you'll see, you won't think anything of it after some time.

As a result, this version of the RLV is much more enjoyable to use while blindfolded, since now your avatar shows correctly at last. Phew !

Here is the change list :

- changed : When forced to sit somewhere, allow to do it even when @sittp is active, to let traps re-capture the avatar after a relog.
- changed : When the vision is restricted, force all "Rendering Metadata" types to TRUE, forbidding from hiding the world, the prims, and more importantly, the avatars (since the vision spheres now need the user's avatar to render).
- changed : Allow to set a tracker to a location even when @showworldmap is active (it worked in RLVa so I'm making it work in the RLV too, since apparently some games use that feature).
- changed : Now when logging on, the RLV receives a bunch of "dummy" restrictions, forcing blindness, loss of location, loss of radar and loss of TP ability for a short moment, until actual RLV restrictions come (or after a few seconds). This is good to keep a user from cheating around restrictions right after relogging.
- fixed : Now particles and alpha attachments are rendered correctly when the vision is restricted. This implied changing the place where the rendering of the spheres was called, which brought its own lot of bugs, which in turn implied making a few corrections leading to a few less serious rendering issues (see the known issues below and the Rendering Metadata line above). As a result, blindfolds and other vision restriction devices look a lot better now.
- fixed : When the vision is restricted, alpha rigged attachments will no longer poke holes through the vision spheres. That was the biggest concern.
- fixed : When the vision is restricted, particles spawned by the avatar's attachments (such as leashes) are now rendered correctly. That was the other biggest concern.
- fixed : Impostors near clip range was too far and would make it impossible to zoom up-close to a silhouette.
- fixed : When zooming up close to a prim, the camera could move out of the vision spheres.
- fixed : When under @shownames, we could still see an avatar's name if it was talking through an attachment that impersonated its name (like a gag).
- fixed : @acceptpermission did not work for avatars whose last name was "Resident".
As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !