Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RLV 2.9.19

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV with a few interesting changes, including the one I discussed lately. I will not go into details about the rendering change here, I prefer to write a full blog post about it later, because it goes hand in hand with a change in my own products. Even though both changes are, actually, independent. I know, I'm being vague, don't worry everything will become clear soon, I just don't want to dwell on this in these release notes. In short, the change is about not rendering surfaces which alpha is 0.0, to avoid rendering things that we cannot see anyway, making the viewer a bit faster. This change is related to the new Avatar Rendering Complexity changes that came to the SL viewer.

Apart from the small (but important) rendering optimization that will be discussed in a later post, there are a couple additions to the list of IM commands the viewer responds to. You already know that if the other party types "@version" in an IM to you, they get the version of your RLV. Likewise, if they type "@getblacklist", they get the list of RLV commands you have blacklisted (it is empty by default).

Starting from this version, if they type "@list" in the IM window they get the list of RLV restrictions you are currently under (as if you had clicked on the RLV > List Restrictions menu item), and if they type "@stopim", your IM window will automatically close, but only if you are under the "@startim" restriction at that moment (wouldn't make sense otherwise). That way they control when the conversation ends, and not you.

I want to point out that these IM commands are not part of the RLV API specification like script commands, but recommended. I will add such a note to the API soon. They're there for convenience, but since they do not change how the viewer responds to RLV commands coming from scripts, they are not mandatory.

And if you don't want to have to remember all those commands, I have added shortcuts to them to the small menu of the IM window :

Of course these menu entries (and the commands that go with them) are available only in P2P conversations. Not group chat, not conferences and not nearby chat, where they are greyed out. Thanks Angelina Sinclair for suggesting to add those menu entries.

Here is the list of changes :

- added : If someone types "@list" in an IM with you, they get the list of RLV restrictions you are currently under (exactly like the "List RLV restrictions" menu item in the RLV menu).

- added : If someone types "@stopim" in an IM with you and you are under the "@startim" RLV restriction (preventing you from starting IMs), your IM window is closed automatically and both of you get feedback. If you are not under a "@startim" restriction, then the other party gets feedback too to show that it didn't work.

- added : 4 menu items in the small menu button for each IM window, to automatically send "@version", "@getblacklist", "@list" and "@stopim" in IM so you don't have to remember them and type them manually.

- improved : The viewer no longer renders surfaces which alpha is 0.0 except when "highlight invisible" is active. See BUG-20168 for details.

- fixed : @touchme did not allow you to touch the object issuing this command when you were under @touchall (thanks Kyrah Abattoir for the heads-up).

- fixed : Prevent click-dragging when @edit is active.

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :


Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is

Have fun !