Monday, April 24, 2017

Interview by Defiance Magazine

Hi !

This is old news as the magazine has been out for a month, but a friend of mine reminded me about it... I've been interviewed in Issue 5 of Defiance Magazine by TrinaCarlsson, who runs Serenity Lost.

This interview is pretty in-depth and lasted much longer than planned (it took more than three hours) and the result, edited, takes 10 pages !

Who said I talk too much ?

Anyway I thought this would interest you, since I go into details on RR, RLV, why and how it all started, what are my plans, and the like. Here is the link to the magazine, the interview starts at page 194 :

The rest of the magazine is very good too, and written very professionally. I really enjoyed reading it all. Keep up the good work Trina !

Enjoy !


PS : Yes, 14 pages, without a typo (and I made a few), and without my infamous "space before exclamation mark" punctuation habit (which has its own good reason that I won't explain here).