Monday, May 15, 2017

Hotfix for the Deluxe Gag v1.30


Another day, another hotfix... This time for the Deluxe Gag v1.30.

It seems that its chin strap didn't retain its positioning after being unlocked... it was a silly bug, really, it didn't lose anything at all but refused to update its position after relocking, because of an optimization after including the Bento animations.

To fix that for your own Deluxe Gag, you can go to Dark Wishes and request a soft update (that is when you choose "UPDATE" instead of "REPLACE") from that updater (the other updaters do NOT have this hotfix installed). You do NOT need to rez your gag on the floor for that, since the update is only about a script and not no-copy animations. I know it's confusing, it confuses me too sometimes.

Please note that the Deluxe Gag is the only gag concerned by this hotfix, since other RR gags do not use a chin strap that moves with the lock.

Have fun !