Friday, May 19, 2017

Update to the MdlM Catsuits, Bodysuits and Socks

Hello there,

An update is available for your Latex Catsuits, Latex Bodysuits, and Latex Socks & Gloves from Maison De La Marquise.

In fact the latex suits themselves are not updated at all, but their neck piece and boots are :

- Neck piece : Completely redone the shape to make it tighter around the neck and fitted the lower part to the Maitreya mesh body, made the upper part more flared on the back so it fits a Lelutka mesh head. If your neck thickness is 30 or more, there should not be any clipping. Of course this is experimental since I don't have a Lelutka mesh head dev kit. Please note that the rigging on the Lelutka mesh head is damped quite a fair bit compared to that of the system head, Catwa head and other mesh heads I know of. This is why the neck piece does not deform itself the same way as this particular mesh head. This also explains why facial animations made for Lelutka look weird on other mesh heads.

- Boots : The ones contained in the Socks & Gloves product switched to "no blend mode" when applying opaque socks, and you had to switch back manually to have a smooth continuous shine. Now they behave just like the Bodysuits neck pieces, which stay in "blend mode" even when applying an opaque bodysuit, until you switch manually.

To update your products, simply rez the updater contained in the folder, and you will receive a new box a short moment later.

Have fun !


PS : You might wonder why the lower part of the neck piece is not fitting the neck of the Maitreya mesh body exactly. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that the dev kit I have is not exactly the same as the mesh body in-world (don't ask me why) so that means a lot of trial and error, the second one is that you can apply to any layer (Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing), and those layers are at different distances from the skin, so the neck piece has to be at least as thick as the Clothing layer.