Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another update for the RR gags

Hi !

After the big update to the RR gags to v1.30, and a few core features changed, there was a serious need for some fixes, so here they are !

To benefit from these fixes, go to Dark Wishes and get a soft update for your gag (this means choosing "UPDATE" instead of "REPLACE"), but make sure to rez it on the ground first, because there's an animation that needs to be replaced ! Do NOT update your gag while wearing it otherwise you will lose the "OpenMouth" animation and won't be able to get it back. Standard punishment applies if you have to contact me about it. If you don't know what that means, you don't want to know *snickers*

Although only the Dark Wishes updater delivers this update as a soft update, all the other updaters deliver them as hard updates (aka replacements), which means if you want to replace one or more gags, any updater is fine. If your gag is already up to date without these fixes and you want them, go to Dark Wishes.

If you don't want to read on and just want to update without replacing your gag, here is a short recap :

- Go to Dark Wishes
- Rez your gag on the ground
- Update it
- Edit its "*OpenMouth config" notecard
- Turn "default = OpenMouth" into "default ="
- Save it, close it, press "Load notecard" in the OpenMouth plugin's menu
- If you are updating your Deluxe Gag, rez your Deluxe Bridle also (if you have it), edit it, replace its DeluxeGagChinStrap script by the one contained in the folder given to you by the updater.

Done !

If you want all the details, read on :

All gags

The Gag plugin now has a "Silent" switch that lets you turn the gag completely silent, ignoring all speech and emotes, so you can use another gag along with it, even a non-RR one. This was a suggestion I got recently, and the change wasn't difficult so there it is.

The OpenMouth plugin was adamant to open the mouth of the mesh head, whatever it took, defaulting to the "OpenMouth" animation when not finding any other, even when the "default" setting was empty in the "*OpenMouth config" notecard. This wasn't a bug but made by design, but I realize this was a stupid decision on my part. Obviously you may want your gag to not animate your mesh head, for example when you use a third party plugin like PFS to animate your mouth instead (because not everyone likes the animations I made (*) ).

There is one thing you need to do after updating though (no need if you replaced your gag, only if you soft-updated it) : Edit your gag, open the "*OpenMouth config" notecard, transform "default = OpenMouth" into "default =", in other words, stop making "OpenMouth" the default, do not specify any default at all. Once done, save the notecard and close it, then press "Load notecard" in the OpenMouth plugin's menu. Now when you select no brand, no variant and no override, the OpenMouth plugin will no longer animate your mesh head, although it will still animate your system head, allowing for the chin strap of the Deluxe gag (or the face mask of the Need for Seed, or whatever monitors your system head) to resize accordingly.

I've also added a "Loop" button in the "OpenMouth" plugin. By default all mouth animations are looped but it is not always what you want. For example, the L23s animation made by Catwa for the Catwa head works pretty well for such gags as the mouth is open and the lips stretched, but it is made in a way that looping it makes your mouth flap open and closed. The "Loop" button should fix it for you, as it tells the plugin not to constantly restart the current animation. Just so you know, the difference between "Loop", "Autoref" and selecting no brand, no variant and no override is that the first lets the animation play once when turned off (and still opens the system mouth), the second opens nothing at all, it doesn't animate either the mesh head or the system head when turned off, and the third only opens the system mouth and not the mesh head's mouth.

Speaking of L23s, or any other animation you want to use in your RR gags without having to use a third party plugin, all you have to do is insert the animations in your gag after rezzing it on the ground (it doesn't work when wearing it), edit the "*OpenMouth config" notecard and add the names of those anims into the "overrides" list. Then to save the notecard, close it and press "Load notecard" in the OpenMouth plugin's menu.

Lastly, the "OpenMouth" animation was no-transfer, this is the reason why you need to rez your gag on the ground before updating it, because the updater will replace it with a version that is no-copy instead of no-transfer.

Mesh ball gag and ring gag

Those two gags were unable to communicate with the Happy Spanker, which means you wouldn't make gagged yelps when spanked while gagged with one of these.

There was also an issue with the ball gag being unable to open the mouth of the mesh head after having been gagged with a ring gag and wearing both at the same time. This was the same bug as above, it turned out, a failure to communicate with other devices (which is quite ironic for a gag, when you think about it).

Deluxe Gag

The chin strap was decidedly too stubborn, insisting on resetting its position randomly under heavy lag. The reason for this bug was quite technical. You had to be in a laggy sim, Deluxe Gag locked, and the system head's mouth would sometimes close due to the lag (usually when someone TPs in). Then the chin strap script would notice it and resize the strap, so far so good except it would freeze for more than 0.5 s, still due to the lag, and detect the resize as if it was a manual one (that delay was meant specifically to avoid making the script take an automatic resize for a manual one). And it would store it in the "open mouth" slot instead of the "closed mouth" one (that's the second bug). I hope this won't happen again after this fix. Thank you Nico Waxen for helping me test that one.

Please note that the bridle has the same issue, but to fix that one, you need to replace your gag because the updater cannot update it directly, since it is regarded as a secondary item (like a left cuff for example). So to remedy to this, I'm including the DeluxeGagChinStrap script in the update folder you get when you click on the updater, and you can remove the original one from the bridle and put the new one instead. A bit more work for you, but nowhere as much as having to resize your Deluxe Gag again, right ?

Have fun !


(*) I'm aware that the Catwa animations could be better. I do not own a Catwa head and the demos I tried simply looked ugly on me, whatever shape I was using. I literally spent hours trying to make a relatively decent shape, then creating mouth animations for it that wouldn't stretch the lips too much. The result is not ideal yet and I will keep poking at it later. For now, at least, you have other solutions such as third party plugins or even the L23s animation from Catwa that you can set your OpenMouth plugin to use.