Friday, December 22, 2017

Update to MdlM When You're Hot

Hello there and Merry Christmas !

Shortly after releasing the When You're Hot sweat and wet appliers, I noticed that the first three levels had some kind of pattern on the skin shine... It was not obvious at all, but once I noticed it I couldn't unsee it. The human eye has an uncanny ability to detect patterns, really.

So I have entirely redone those three levels, "Warm", "Hot" and "Torrid", both on the retail and the demo versions, on the head and body, for LeLutka, Maitreya, Lolas and Omega. Now those three levels of shine look more realistic and natural than before, and that freakin' pattern is gone.

See for yourself :

Warm before
Warm after

Hot before
Hot after

Torrid before
Torrid after

As you can see, the pattern was not easily spotted but once you saw it, you could no longer ignore it. I know I couldn't.

Also it does not show on the pictures here, but the new sheen gives the skin a better 3D look, while it was almost flat before. The skin is more "bumpy" now, as it should be, making it look more natural when you move your camera or when the lights move around you.

The other four levels do not use the same pattern for the skin so no need to change them.

That's not all, this update also changes a couple more things.

I have added two "Clear" buttons on the left of the "Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas" HUD (not on the Omega HUDs, which already have such buttons), so you don't have to go through turning off the tattoo layer of your LeLutka head, pressing "clear all layers" on your Maitreya HUD and pressing "clear all" on your Proud Girls (if you use them). These new buttons do not actually clear the textures, they replace them with fully transparent textures and get rid of the materials, which has the same effect.

Two more buttons on the left

Finally, the Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas HUD no longer sends messages to Omega breasts, as it was confusing the Proud Girls and probably other models of mesh breasts as well. This is the role of the Omega HUDs anyway. The reason for this is that Omega top appliers and Lolas appliers share the same channels and follow almost the same protocols.

To update your When You're Hot HUDs, simply rez the updater contained in the folder, wait a little, you will receive the new box and the updater will derez itself.

Have fun and happy holidays !