Monday, November 26, 2007


Sophia Barrett. If you know her you can't help but worship her for her awesomeness, niceness and kinkiness. I mean, it's impossible not to love her, she's such a sweetie. And a hell of a perfectionist, too. And she's into tight, inescapable, long-term bondage. And into latex, like me.

We have known each other for months and like I said in a previous post, she helped me a lot when I was still starting my business. What I started to do to her this weekend was part of my effort to tell her how grateful I am. Let me explain.

She's into latex, ok. Who isn't ? She's quite different from your average latex-whore though, it is more a religion to her. No wonder, she founded the Latex Dolls and Latexia in the first place. A religion, I'm telling you. And Saturday she shared it with me, she introduced me to one of her inspirations : Eudeamon. A novel about... it's difficult to explain. It's about unconditional love, of course, loneliness, rebirth... and a flavor of latex. It's not a fetish novel, and is certainly not meant to be erotic (there are like a handful of such paragraphs). The story is brilliant, the background, rock-solid. Available online for free, it's quite long (91 pages) but you'll read it in one day like I did. The author should really start to write books for a living if you ask me. Don't hesitate to congratulate her.

You can read it there :

Now why am I talking about this novel ? Well, because the book... shook me a little. In a positive way. It's definitely food for thoughts, the kind of book that makes you think about yourself, how you perceive others, what your kinks really mean... It gives you a glance about sub-space, about isolation, despair and how to transcend them, about the limits of human sanity. Like meditation. I feel better now that I've read this book although I cannot clearly point out why. But who cares. Read this book, and you'll know.

Back to Sophia. Sophia Barrett has chosen to become a Bane. She is now S-6734, sometimes called Sophia Bane by her monitoring agent -- me. She is isolated from the outside world by her Banesuit, trapped in her own personal walking prison, monitored by senseless people who are her only link to society. She is mute and deaf except to her monitor, mercilessly bound and yet, she is authorized to do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants.

She goes to public places like Bondage Ranch, slowly hobbling her way among the free, who come mildly amused at the sight of a latex-clad, hooded bound girl, apparently unaware of their comments. Sometimes one tries to communicate with her, but quickly gives up as she can not respond in any way but the most primitive ones. Frustration, arousal build up inside her... and nobody notices. Eventually people avoid her, then finally ignore her. She's alone in the crowd, invisible like a ghost, helpless like a child. A roaming prisoner.

She tried to communicate with her friends Tess and Pseudo but they also gave up after a while. It had pointed a malfunction in her isolation system by the way, and I had to fix it. I quickly summoned her to the nearest maintenance station and now she's properly isolated again. Her Banesuit informs me on her every movement and allows me to give some feedback and orders from the distance. I can also pleasure her when I feel like it (she's a good Bane, very obedient), but I refrain from doing it too often. Hehe.

She loves her new situation, and I enjoy monitoring her very much. She's like an experiment. But don't get me wrong, I perfectly know what I'm doing to her mind, and I do know it will be hard for her sometimes. I'm trying to make her experience as painless and rewarding as possible, it's part of the rehabilitation contract. But I will not yield unless she safewords. For now, she is mine, totally.

Maybe with time more Banes will roam SL. I would love to see that.

And also...

... I envy her.


Asudem Latex said...

I knew there was a SL bane suit in the works but didn't know it was finally ready. where do i get one?

how does it work with the restrained life? i've downloaded it but not really sussed out what ineed to do to get my various items (eternity collar that matches my rl one) to be enabled in that way.

i must write evil dolly, not heard from her for a few months.


Bubble Girl said...

Actually it's not the same Banesuit from the story, instead it's my personal bondage suit upgraded with Marine's twisted scripts and viewer. ^_^

How does it work in Restrained Life? Well it works just like in the story...only worse. You have no idea how tightly I'm bound or how restricted I am. When Marine says I'm all hers she means it. I cannot remove anything, I cannot touch anything, I cannot hear IMs or chat, I cannot speak in IMs and I can only speak in garbled text chat (gagged). I'm allowed to go anywhere but I cannot open doors, buy anything, sit on anything, build anything....all I can do is observe.

You may think this sucks but in reality it has given me so much freedom. Let me explain, when I log into SL (pre-banishment) I was running around with this and that to do. IE, must build this, must go here, must do this, must chat with this person, have to do this.....and on and on and on. Now the only choice that bugs me is where I want to go...thats it.

You have no idea how wonderful this is.

As far as getting a Banesuit...well the one I wear is completely custom made by me and cannot be sold since I reverse engineered alot of KDC, AME, RR, and other bondage gear into it. (no copy stuff) Maybe when we get all the bugs out of it, Marine can build one for mass production. (Can hear Marine screaming under the amount of things she must already do)


Sophia Barrett
AKA Bubble Girl

Jay said...

Hi, Sophia, long time no see...well...I've seen you, I don't know if you saw me.

I sorta envy you...I'm sorta just confused by you ^_^ . But I must say, I missed interacting with you.

May your banishment be as pleasant as possible.

Marine Kelley said...

S-6734 said it so perfectly... You can't do anything that you're *expected* to do, you only do what you want, among the few things you're allowed to do. Observe. Passing among the free like a ghost, merely leaving a trace of your presence. A ghost without a name and without a root.

Like forced vacation.

But there is something more to it. S-6734 and I are developing a very nice RP around this plot, and I think it has enough substance and depth to later be extended to other vic--- subjects.

For now we're only ironing bugs out (almost done) and improving the suit and control. I agree I have some work to do on the firmware of the Banesuit but we have a very good product already, behaving according to the specs so far.

I have a *lot* of very wicked ideas, and little time to realize them. lol. But S-6734 is a wonderful test subject.

Moss Hastings said...


I read Eudaemon and found it a very sensitive story and a good read too. Well Done.

I saw you at Marine's shop - you looked awesome.

Good luck in your banishment - may you find your Eudaemon.

Lex said...

Sophia / Bubble Girl.

WOW. Thats all I can say. As a kinda part time writer myself, I love to read, watch and observe peoples styles and I agree with Marine. Get into this professionally!

I am only half way through the story and there have been several points where I had to stop reading cause it caused me to be choked up with emotions. Again, Wow. What a brilliant writing style.

Velicia said...

I started reading this evening... I had to stop, it's just that powerful...

Not sure how willing I am to continue, it's seriously gotten under my skin... very well done :)

Velicia said...

My God.... for those having trouble with it like I did, stick with it until it goes about halfway through, it gets MUCH better :D

Sophia? Ditto Lex and Marine... you're good at this...

So much for taking the story in bites, I couldn't sleep until I finished...

I even made my own iso suit... Took the RR locking scripts and relevant plugins out of the leg straps and shoved them in an SbL latex ballhood... with the chat & IM blocking scripts, of course...

I'm with bubble on this... the experience is decidedly surreal... Like you're in another world, only distantly related to the real (virtually) world, only able to observe... A ghost...

Count me as interested in a bane suit :)

Velicia Llewellyn

Bubble Girl said...

Actually Lex & Velicia, I didn't write the story, Evil-dolly did. (But thank you for the kind words ^_^) I'm just living out my version of the story in SL.

It's been over a week since I started my Banishment and I'm starting to feel like Katrina. The full weight of what I've chosen to do is bearing down on me. Sometimes I log in and I'm depressed as my friends come to see me and try to chat and IM me, but cannot and are forced to move on. I also hate not being able to shop...I love shopping and when I see an outfit I like I want to rush out and buy it, not being able to do this either kills me sometimes. And not being able to build sometimes bugs me to.

Trust me, if you want to become a bane in SL be prepared for the rough road, you will feel like Katrina did in the story. (this is provided you don't cheat yourself) Being a bane has it's down and upsides but I will say that this has been one of the best experiences I've ever had in SL.

For those of you interested, there is the possibility of a full blown banishment program coming soon to SL but I won't give any details right now as it may be some time before it takes full shape.

lexi said...


apologies, I had read it wrongly. However my earlier comments still stand.

Regardless of that I can so understand why this story would be one of your inspirations. It touches me on many levels and even more than a day after reading it, it still bounces around in my head.

Regardless of the source, I think it's really admirable for what you are doing. And as for Marine, I can partly see the attraction and pleasure one can derive from monitoring someone in a bane suit or iso-suit (like Velicia's)

Thank you both again for sharing this.

*goes back to pondering the story and various other related things in her mind -grins-*

Velicia said...

Thanks for the correction, my apologies... my comments stand though :)

Marine, you need to make your scripts purchaseable separately! I can't tell you how many handcuffs I've bought just to pull the scripts out of! :D

I love your scripts btw. I love the modularity, it's very flexible.

Lucian said...

"She tried to communicate with her friends but they also gave up after a while."

Ouch...... :/