Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eudeamon (2)

This story has been making so much noise around us lately... The experiment is going as planned, the subject S-6734 is behaving in accordance to the rules of her sentence.

Subject has expressed concerns about her own captivity. Feeling lonely, unable to do anything, isolated from the outside world for a long time can get on your nerves, and even S-6734 gets the blues from her past life. Although the experiment is really aimed at feeling totally isolated, and on this matter it is a total success, I am glad her sentence is almost over so she can recover and reunite with her friends.

I have received quite a lot of requests from people who want to try the Banesuit... To these people I want to say two things : thank you for your interest and please reconsider. Think about Katrina and her fantasies that turned into a nightmare in no time. It is fucking hard and depressing to be alone, believe me.

It just so happens that I have not experimented on S-6734 without knowing how it feels first. Oh I was not in a Banesuit, I had never even heard of this novel at that time, but I was trussed up to a wall, in an empty skybox, forbidden to IM, unable to move, always staring at the same wall in front of me... and it lasted a full week. I do know how it feels to be alone.

What S-6734 is missing the most is not her friends (although she does miss them terribly), but another Bane. More than one even. I do want more Banes around. But I want to make some additional scripts to reinforce the control and restrictiveness of the Banesuit first : punishments, requirements and if possible the "keep distance from other Banes" rule. I want it to be hard, really hard, so the experience is real.

Being a Bane is no walk in the park. Hehe. But I'm here for S-6734.

PS : Thank you all for your comments, it shows how powerful the novel is for us...


Velicia said...

*nods* I hear you there, Marine... I spent 5 hours in my own home-made iso suit a couple days ago (Read about it here), and it wasn't easy. We're looking into trying a longer stay, and I'm nervous.I dunnno how ready I am for a full bane experience... I want to do it eventually, I'm certain of that. I'm just not sure I'm ready now, or will be soon... we'll see...

God, I feel insane... *giggle* *blush*... NOT trying being a bane is just out of the question in my mind... I have to try it...


Giri said...

I so am waiting Marine.....
I love to read this, i want to try it, but am so afraid to try it.. it scares me and thrills me at the same time....

Bubble Girl said...

Where here is S-6734's report so far.

This experiment has been wonderful and horrible at the same time. At times being in the suit makes me so hot, and other times it can be so depressing. The loss of friends can be hard and the loneliness really takes it's toll, not to mention being unable to do anything kills me as well. I look forward to being released soon but at the same time I dread having the suit apart of me will be taken away. The Bane Program is rough but I can always go back. ^_^

For those interested in becoming a Bane under our potential program please listen to Marine when she says reconsider and think over what will happen. When it comes to things like this Marine and I don't play around, if you become a Bane under our program you will have to suffer like a Bane. No chat, no IM's, no hearing anything, no interaction with anyone, no buying, no building, no nothing except freedom of movement and the ability to see. Those that choose to undergo the program will be expected to live like this until their sentence is up as we won't take cheating lightly. (That is unless you need to safeword, then everything stops) I guess what I'm trying to say is don't jump into this without thinking really hard about it, as once that suit is sealed it's not coming off for awhile.

On the positive side of things, the experience of being a bane is something I cannot describe and is truly wonderful at times.

As far as joining the Bane Program is concerned, Marine and I still have alot to do, and as many of you know Marine already needs 2 clones to keep up. ^_^ Anyway we need to get more bugs and loop holes closed before we start anything major, as well as getting a standard suit setup.

In the mean time I'll be floating around SL if anyone wishes to look at me, but just remember I won't be saying anything. ^_^


lexi said...

bubble and Marine, both thank you ever so kindly for your words, insight and stories and report.

Like Vel, I am not sure at all that I am ready for something as strict as a bane experience (heck the question is even "will I be allowed"), but after watching over Vel in her iso-suit and seeing her next day all happy, yeah I felt some evny.

Like Vel, I am currently looking to assemble bits for an iso suit. Regardless of this I wish you both good luck and I am looking forward how the program will take shape.

and yeah, the whole scare/thrill/
wouldlovetoo/wouldwant too
debate is happily going on in my brain.

I guess time will tell :)

Bubble Girl said...


Velicia it makes me so happy to see other people making personal ISO Suits. After posting my reply last night I woke up today thinking that maybe it would be better to have people build their own Banesuit rather than having a standard one, as the bulk of the Banesuit is scripts it could mean any outfit could work.

I actually think what you're doing is a good idea, building your own suit and then having yourself locked up for periods of time can prepare you, or show you what being a bane feels like. The biggest thing is how you RP this. What makes this so special for me is Marine has taken total control over me, but she didn't just lock me in my suit and turn me loose, she actually RP's with me. I get called in for maintenance, she sends out command protocols thru my suit (IE she is the computer in my head), she actually monitors me and really puts in an effort into seeing that I have a fun yet very realistic experience.

And yes...Marine is my Eudeamon.

I just hope when I return the wonderful favor that she has given me that I'll be just as good to her as she was to me. ^_^


Velicia said...

*giggle* *blush* *giggle*

That's what I'm thinking... get myself used to being isolated... and have some fun with it before I go under totally... considering there's still time left before the program will be ready, I might as well :)

BTW, thanks for the pics! The suit looks awesome!!! I'm a little jealous now :P

Challenge Nakamura said...

Oh Lovely Blog *smiles* Eudeamon is a very nice novel... really wonderfull...
A Bane program inside SL? *gulps*
Im very curious about how far is possible script and extend a Custodian capability inside SL...
Well let me drop a idea...(if that was not already thought)... Like on the novel, you can add a force daily maintenance to recharge, if not after "x" hours the banesuit stops to work making the bane unable to move... I think that can be follow the same line of the "wind-up doll" scripts we see inside SL where the person need to be wound up to move for a periodo of time... Sounds good?

Harmony Hobble said...

I have just Spotted the bane at Marines place. She looks fantastic. it must be very hard. I can't decide if i could go through with it or not. although the fantasy is certianly very nice.

I'm very envious to be honest. Hope the experience is as rewarding as you hope.

Jayleia Greene said...

I haven't been able to get this out of my mind since I finished reading Eudeamon yesterday.

If I do go in there's a couple of things I need to have different from S-6734's Banishment, I'd need to hear and do long emotes (no "Jayleia thinks" emotes obviously) Vision, as Miss Kelley knows, is more negotiable, but even the blindfold's blurry setting, with the absolute minimum gamma and maximum brightness would be too dull. it possible to script it so that it will periodically check that the Custodian is online? (i.e. time won't count (or won't count completely) unless the Custodian is active)

I think there should be a standard Bane Suit if you do a program, if only to block that last bit of individuality.

Challenge, where are those wind-up scripts?

And yes, I want to be a Bane too, desperately, if only to see a bit

Carro said...

Hmmm, WHAT can this pet actully say that pets Mistress (Mistress Giri Gritzi) hasnt said. This pet feels the excact same way about this as her Mistress.
It scares the **** out of this pet and yet this pet is willing to try it on................

Moss Hastings said...

I have been reading all the blog entries and comments, here and elsewhere, with interest. Everyone seems excited and at the same time apprehensive, and that just about sums me up too! I have talked to one or two SL friends about it, and think I may have found a potential monitor/controller.

I am feeling tempted, but I want to know more: particularly about rules, protocols, time-scales, etc. I know some people (other than S-6734) have tried things already. But maybe it would be better to wait for an official Bane Project? I don't know.

So I am waiting for more information at present, and then, if I don't get cold feet, I may (gulp) end up getting banished for a time.

Kylie Ohara said...

I haven't gotten a chance to read the Eudeamon story yet but I love the bane ideas and info I've read about. the whole experience is exactly what everyone has said.. scary as hell.. but for some people.. intensely alluring. I can't help but be drawn to it..
I once was sitting around daydreaming of what I would do with a group of my own if i had limitless resources and talent (i have neither) except it was so severe i wasn't sure i could go through with it myself, nevermind anyone else.

The system seems to heavily rely on the controller? Marine has taken total control over me, but she didn't just lock me in my suit and turn me loose, she actually RP's with me. I just hope that everyone else who does this in the future puts as much of themself into this and as much effort as you two did.