Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SLBI is open ! Again !

So here it goes again. SLBI, for those who don't know, stands for the Second Life Bureau of Investigation, sort of a virtual version of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in RL. But this is not a police group, a griefers group, a militia, or anything nasty like that.

It is a roleplay group. More specifically a bondage roleplay group. Used by the finest roleplayers in SL, this group is about kidnapping and rescuing, a true gem in the overall crappy RP one can see around. Of course most players have female avatars but it is not gender-specific.

I can't talk about the SLBI without introducing its owner and creator : Ollalla Sugarbeet (on the 2nd picture). She's my best SL friend, and holds a good part of my own second life. I would not be where or what I am if I had not met her. I won't throw personal details at you, this blog is not really about me (granted, it is a bit), but let me say that she has put her guts into this project. As she does with every project. You'll see her name regularly here, as we're together a lot and work on the same things. A lot of the most wicked features in my stuff are her ideas in the first place. Self timers with keys available, double use of the RealKey, and others I don't have in mind now, have been her suggestions and are now a great success. But if you mention it to her she will simply smile and discard the compliment in her ever-elegant modest manners :)

But I digress. The SLBI is a roleplay group. It has always had a HQ, which was successively located near The Little Shop of Kink, Kaliwulf Kingdom and now in Zhora. Each move has given it a complete overhaul. The first one was built by Tess Whitcroft (owner of TessTech, builder of Tesscatraz), the second one was built by Sophia Barrett (founder of The Latex Dolls), the third one by me. And it's bigger each time ! Now it is located in Zhora, a sim owned by Chorazin Allen and Ally Boyle, who kindly let us squat there, trying to make it a fully RP sim. And I think we can make it !

The building itself is huge. Lobby, 3 floors plus roof with landing pad (and BBQ), a working elevator, 8 Agents offices, 6 Special Agents offices, Staff offices, Conference room, Operations Center, Interrogation rooms, Rest rooms, Firing range, Maintenance room and of course, 8 cells (the ones the inmates of Tesscatraz loved to hate). It took me 2 weeks to complete but I'm proud of it. Ollalla issued precise specifications, I only built according to them, like a contractor. She prefers the word "slave labor" and I must admit, this was it. I loved it all the way, of course :)

And it's not only about the build, everything is working there : computers linked to a single server, greylist about griefers and cheaters (also networked), cells, doors, chairs, firing range, everything does something. But that's only technical. The real heart of the SLBI is the people who are part of the group, playing and making the cases evolve... a lot of very interesting (and intricate) plots have been unfolded during the past lives of this group and now... it is up again after a few months of sleep.

Let's play.

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Velicia said...

Was just in exploring last night... neat place Marine! I especially liked that scanner board that showed the location of all avs in the vicinity, that is easily among the coolest things I've ever seen in SL.