Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A bit of news

Hi there,

Let me just say that I am still alive and working on the RLV, a few features are giving me a hard time... more on this later. But first let me share a bit of news with you : the former licensing on the code is no more and is now replaced by another one at a higher level. In short, the code of the RLV I publish is now GPL, while the API stays proprietary (in other words maintained by myself). It will calm everyone down (the former license has been the cause of the useless sacrifice of many innocent bytes across the world) and will allow me to focus on more... important matters. You can read it here.

Secondly, and this is the actual purpose of this post, I want to keep you informed with what RLV 1.19 will contain :

- fix : @getpath was not working when called within a child prim (done)
- fix : messages in history were appened a weird dot character on an empty line when prevented from hearing chat (done)
- fix : crash when taking a snapshot... it may be just me, nobody has reported this but so far I can't find a way to fix this. This bug also occurs to me with 1.18.1
- new : @recvemote, works like @recvchat but with... emotes (done, still needs testing, works with exceptions as well)
- new : @rediremote to redirect emotes like @redirchat redirects chat (done)
- new : @showhovertextall to hide all hovertexts (done)
- new : @showhovertext to hide the text floating over one prim in particular (not done yet)
- new : @showhovertexthud to hide the text floating over every prim of a HUD object (not done yet)

So this is why I am so busy again...


PS : Yes I am aware of @acceptpermission being broken in 1.18, I have just fixed it and tested the fix a few minutes ago, this bugfix will force me to expedite the release so maybe all the new features will not be there yet in the next issue.