Monday, August 3, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.20

Hello there,

As promised here is the latest version of the RLV, v1.20, which is still working on SL 1.23.4. Take a look at the new features :

- added : @notify command to let scripts be notified when a particular restriction (or just any restriction) is issued or lifted by an object. It does not disclose the object itself, just the fact a restriction has changed. (thank you Corvan Nansen for the idea)

- added : @detach: command to lock a particular attachment point. When using this command, any object worn there is locked on, even if it is not even scripted, and no other object can kick it off. If the attachment point is empty, this command will lock it empty, even if another object is attached to it with llAttachToAvatar(). (thank you Chorazin Allen for the idea)

- changed : improved the attachment point calculation in the names of inventory items. Now it looks from right to left (to be consistent with how the RLV renames items when worn), and will select the candidates with the longest names first. In other words, it makes the RLV ready if the number of attachment points is increased (like adding "chest (2)" and the like).

- changed : hide custom text in friendship offers when unable to receive IMs.

- changed : OOC text (text between "((" and "))") is not redirected nor hidden anymore. (thank you Henri Beauchamp for the suggestion)

- fixed : HUDs and unrezzed objects and avatars were immune to @recvchat (they could always be heard). (thank you Jennifer Ida for reporting this)

Download it from

The hash code of the latest Windows version is

Have fun !

PS : There has been a problem in this version that I had to fix urgently (@notify:2222/detach=add would have to become @notify:2222;detach=add or @getstatus calls would get confused). Thanks to Chorazin Allen for pointing that out ! I didn't change the version number because I didn't want to generate it all again (taking more than an hour of building), and it's not worth it since the error was corrected right away. If you have downloaded RLV 1.20 before 1:30pm the day it was released, please redownload so @notify has the correct syntax. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience !