Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some news about the next RLV

Hello there,

Once again I am silently working on the next version of the Restrained Life Viewer (1.20), which should hit the shelves soon... Here is a glimpse of the features :

* A command to prevent attaching/detaching per attachment point (ex : @detach:spine=n). That way you can make a full set of attachments become undetachable, without counting on listeners and all. And it applies to no-mod items, for instance no-mod shoes that you want to lock.
* An improved algorithm to guess the target attachment point from the name of the object to attach. Now it will choose the right-most occurence, and in doubt it will choose the longest name among all the candidates. For instance, "Purple top scarf (chest)" will choose "chest", and not "top" like before. Retaining the longest name also allows for more attachment points, if it ever happens. For example, "Purple top scarf (chest (2))" will choose "chest (2)" and not "chest" or "top". Handy !
* It won't redirect OOC (Out Of Character) text anymore (text that is contained between "((" and "))" ). This was necessary since @rediremote, because the avatar could have been rendered completely mute, with no way to ask for something out of character.
* It fixes an age-old bug that would ignore chat restrictions for HUDs and unrezzed avatars/objects.

There is no ETA yet, but everything I've mentioned hereabove is already coded and works. So this RLV 1.20 should be ready pretty soon. I need to test a little more, of course.

Have fun !