Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RR Tutorial : Long Time plugin

Hi, welcome to the Long Time plugin tutorial. This plugin is part of the "standard suite" of scripts contained into RR products, in other words it is common to every single product I sell. Its purpose is triple :

- To set the release timer to a very long time

- To set the release timer to a random time

- To hide and show the release timer everywhere in the restraint (and other timers as well, such as the Autolock timer)

When you go to the menu of this plugin, you suddenly hit a wall of numbers...

Whoa. What language is it now ? Wait, I'm going to explain. The 3 buttons above "Main..." are about adding random times : from half an hour to 2 hours, from 2 to 6 hours, and from 6 to 12 hours. The 3 buttons above these are fixed times : plus 12, 24 or 48 hours (hence the name of this plugin !). I insist, these buttons add time, so you may press them several times to lenghten the timer.

What they do is simple : they simulate many clicks on the "+30 mn" and "+3 h" buttons of the main menu. Either randomly or a fixed number of times. You may have noticed there is no "No timer" button there, in fact at the time of this writing you must go back to the main menu to clear the timers... Sorry that's an oversight, I will work on this later maybe.

The two buttons on the top row are interesting... By pressing "Hide" all the timers on all the menus are hidden (except maybe on some third-party plugins, and the one you are on right now). When hidden, the timers don't show anywhere but on the Long Time plugin, and no warnings are issued before an autolock triggers. And how do we show them again ? There is no "Show" button ! Well... that's the role of the "Default" button actually. In our case, "Default" means "Show". This is a legacy from Tesscatraz, where cuffs were designed to never show any time, no matter what the guards were doing, it was like a "factory setting". The factory setting on the retail RR products is to "show the timer by default", hence the "Default" button. I know it is a bit confusing.

It is fun to hide all the timers on your captive's restraints by pressing "Hide" on this plugin, then to set a timer without telling her how long she is going to stay bound. And even to set an autolock to automatically relock her a bit after she is unlocked ! You can be sure she will curse you !

Have fun !