Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RR Tutorial : RL Time plugin

Hi, this tutorial is about the RL Time plugin (a.k.a. RL security timer plugin), which is fairly easy to understand actually, so I will keep it short for once.

Click on your cuff, go to Plugins > RL Time and look at the menu.

Once again you hit a wall of numbers, but if you have read the Long Time plugin tutorial you should be familiar with their meaning already. You can add hours, days or even weeks of time on the restraints of your captive, before she is unlocked. But the big difference is... the time is not added to the regular release timer (the one that is counting down before release), but to another timer specific to this plugin. And this timer does not count online time, it counts calendar time ! Hence the name "RL Timer".

This plugin was made primarily as a security timer to release the captive at a set date, regardless of how long she had spent online in the meantime. For instance you want to keep your captive for 8 hours online, or until next Tuesday, whichever comes first, because she has to attend to the wedding of her best friend that day. This is where the RL Timer plugin comes in handy. Once it reaches its date, it resets all the timers and gives the key back to the captive, exactly like the regular release timer.

Told you this one would be short !

Have fun,