Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upcoming new RLV command : @standtp

Hi !

Just a short blog post to give you a heads-up as to what the next RLV command will be and what it will be used for : @standtp.

Cages in SL are pretty much secure, with one flaw : the prisoner could use a rezzer HUD to rez prims and get out. One way to prevent this so far is to issue a @sit command, which has the downside of not allowing the prisoner to sit anywhere (it is ok for most cages, but some do include furniture on which the prisoner is expected to sit). Another way to prevent it is to lock their inventory away with @showinv and to ensure the prisoner cannot use a script to grab the rezzer from their #RLV folder... but it is also a bit overkill because the inventory could be useful for other things.

That's why @standtp is being added : When the avatar sits down the RLV retains its last standing position, and when it stands up and this command is active it is teleported back to this last standing position, exactly as if you double-clicked on the floor with the "DoubleClickTeleport" debug setting set to TRUE.

In other words, if you are kept inside a cage that uses this command and you think you can escape by using a HUD that rezzes a prim you can sit on... think again. lol. You'd snap right back inside the cage when you stand up.

Now... Why isn't it part of other commands like @sittp, for example ? Well it wouldn't work for leashes, where the sub can be told to sit in a vehicle for a stroll. She would snap back to the original place upon standing, which would be confusing. So this feature does need a new command I'm afraid.

Oh one last thing ! When the command is issued, the last stored location is also updated to where you are at the moment so that grabbers that force-sit you can still be used to bring someone inside a cage, issue all the restrictions (including @standtp) and THEN unsit the victim. That way no content will break.

I do not have an ETA yet. The command works, but I have no plan to release a new RLV in the next few days so you have time. But since the RLV does accept even non-existing commands (for this reason), you can already update your cages if you want, to be prepared for the time when it will be part of the RLV API.

Have fun !