Saturday, September 8, 2012

New product : Tape gag & blindfold

Hi there !

I've been wanting to make this for years, but could never get to make something satisfying enough. Now that we can make mesh objects, here they are : a tape gag and a tape blindfold !

There is not much to say about this kind of restraint actually. Everybody loves duct tape... well a sub loves it until it has to come off. Because it sticks to the skin so much !

Alright, so, you've got tape. What do we do with tape ? We can apply it over a wad of cloth :

So far so good, but not too tight, the tape won't muffle much but will ensure the wad stays in the mouth. Why not add more tape ?

That's better. Still, a sub can work her cheeks and her jaw to make way for some air. What to do ? You guessed right, add even MORE tape :

"Mmmmph !"

Okay now that is airtight. No way air will come through. We can still hear SOME sound, but nobody will understand anything and it's so muffled it won't be heard even from the next room. Of course, if you want total silence, you can keep adding tape !

Mission accomplished ! Complete silence now ! Wait... is the sub glaring at you ? No problem !

There. A little patch over each eye and a layer of tape to cover them (you don't want to hurt her, do you ?) and she won't see much if at all...

... but let's err on the safe side, shall we, we don't want that tape to come off either, right ?

A final layer and that's it. The face is nearly entirely covered, the sub can't speak and can't see, and I'm sure will be a lot more cooperative from now on.

But, well, sometimes you like fantasy, and duct tape is so... grey. It's always good to keep the tape assorted with the ropes... especially if that's all that she is wearing. And nothing is worse than to be bound in non-assorted restraints !

Black goes with everything !

But colors make you stand out !

And if you want to stay discreet, nothing is better than a gag that blends with the skin, so your captive won't attract unwanted looks should she walk outside :

"You're ready for the photo shoot, sweety. Let's do it before sending the ransom letter to your dad..."

The tape gag and the tape blindfold are actually independent restraints, but they are sold together because they blend together well. They also use the same script as the Shibari ropes, since you can't use a key on tape. The texture changes through a plugin ("TapegagTex" and "TapeblindTex" for the gag and the blindfold respectively), but not the color. You can however change the color manually if you wish to tint the tape in a more personal way. It works best with the white and the light skin textures, but feel free to experiment !

Lastly, it is a mesh object (well, two) but not rigged, which means you can resize it to your face. It should not be too hard, the friends who tested it had no problem to resize it to their shapes.

You can find it from any of my vendors, here is a link to my main shop :

Have fun !