Sunday, September 2, 2012

Restrained Love again


I'm making RLV available again as, albeit being more recent, has also a couple bugs that make it very hard to build. These bugs have been introduced with Pathfinding, so they are very hard for me to fix by myself (and it is not my job anyway).

Keep in mind that I'm trying to stay up-to-date with the "viewer-development" branch of the SL codebase, which means I get all the new features as soon as they are added, but also all the new bugs. LL makes their code available in that branch for additional testing, then when the code is stable enough they push it to their "viewer-release" branch, which is what the official SL viewer is built from. I release a viewer when I judge it is stable and powerful enough compared to the previous iteration, but sometimes bugs take a while to be discovered.

For example : : Objects you move with the Edit tools still appear not to move until you deselect them. Good luck building or even resizing stuff with that bug. : Rotating objects like wheels and doors may appear twitchy or even not rotate at all. I know because it breaks my carts.

I've noticed sliding and rotating doors not working the first time when you operate them (I'm not talking of editing their position but merely to make them open or close by touching them). They do open, you hear the sound (for the doors which do have sounds), you can walk through them, but they still appear closed. Right-click on them or operate them again and all is back to normal. This is a very confusing bug.

Also skin and clothes have hard time rezzing recently, and I am pretty sure it is a viewer-side bug as well, because it does not do that in older viewers.

Projectors have a problem when you change their projected texture, it seems to revert back to the older one.

But the bug that irks me the most is the fact that flexible prims stop being updated after a while (usually after a teleport). Which means that hair, skirts and such will stay frozen in whatever silly position you can think of. It may be caused by VWR-29466, or it may be yet another bug. I don't care. I just want my hair not to look like I've combed it in glue while doing bungee jumping. I also want my dress not to look like Marilyn Monroe's in "The Seven Year Itch".

RLV does not have Pathfinding in it, but at least it is less frustrating on a daily basis for a builder. It won't overwrite your current RLV when installing it, it will give a different folder by default.

Also I have added my customized openjpeg.dll to make it more stable than the original But other than this change, it is identical to the original.

Of course is still available for download as well. For the developers, that means there is no new source code and no build to provide, if you have kept a backup of the executable.

Grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is

Have fun !