Sunday, December 16, 2012

Restrained Love

Hello there,

After months of stalling, here is the latest version of the RLV at last. As I indicated here, I had to revert the version of the RLV from down to, because the former was simply unusable for a builder. It all came down to one reason only : the introduction of the Pathfinding feature in the SL code base, which broke a lot of things !

It took months for Linden Lab to fix the bugs one by one, and thanks to Lance Corrimal, the source code of the RLV was kept up to date !

So here it is, with precisely no improvement on the RLV side, but a lot of improvement on the SL side. Now you can keep "Lighting and Shadows" on at all times ! No sudden crash (or very few), no texture corruption, no weird edit bug, and a lot of other things have been improved as well. I couldn't keep track of all that has been done, but it looks like the Friends List and the Group List load much faster now. It also seems to be able to handle large amounts of texture on Ultra without crashing (such as in crowded places, for example).

It overall feels snappier and more stable.

The only problem I had with it was my back tattoo... it was causing a lot of issues such as refusing to bake my skin and refusing to hide my feet when wearing shoes (but not all of them, go figure). Other tattoos are fine, but I just can't wear that one for the moment. Weird. So if you have issues when baking your skin that rebaking doesn't solve, you may want to find out which part of your avatar texture is causing the issue.

Grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is

Have fun !