Friday, March 6, 2015

RealRestraint update to v1.27

Hi !

There is a new version available for all the RealRestraint products !

The key highlights of this update are the ability for the sub to change the color of her restraints even when locked, tighter blindfolds, a game mode to allow for fast struggling (for escape contests between tied up subs) and the ability to prevent editing a set of restraints once locked.

If your product is v1.24 or below, you will only have the option to replace it. This is because the number of changes that occurred during v1.24 and v1.25 is so big that there is no guarantee a soft update will still work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If the version of your product is 1.25 or 1.26, I recommend you replace it, but you do not have to. A simple Update should let you benefit from almost all the new features. Between 1.26 and 1.27, there are only a few reasons you may want to replace your product :

- To benefit fully from the new "Editable" button on the main menu (see below). It will work if you don't replace, but the secondary items of your product will not be rendered uneditable when you uncheck "Editable", only the root item.
- To get the new version of the ring gag strap of the Deluxe Gag, that is the same strap but cut in two parts to allow for easier adjusting.
- To have the chain conflict fixed on the Vixen cuffs when locked in "Sit spread" and "Hands collar" at the same time, you need to replace the arms cuffs.
- To have your body harness more difficult to struggle out from.
- To have your blindfolds easier to struggle out from.
- To get the new Leash Anywhere HUD (but it is also included in the update folder so you don't really have to).
- To get the Siren crotchrope vibrator fixed.

* All restraints :
- Added a "Game mode" button in the "Special" menu to allow for interesting struggling contests. It is deactivated by default but when you activate it, the sub recovers her energy much faster than in real mode. She should be able to struggle out in less than half an hour if she's good. Game mode is deactivated as soon as the restraint is locked, so you have to set it manually after locking it. That way, you don't let a sub struggle out and forget that she was in game mode the next time you lock her up.
- Added an "Editable" button in the "Special" menu to allow you to prevent the sub from editing the whole set of restraints. RLV is required for this one of course. This should prevent her from hiding a collar, for example, if you want her to have it shown at all times !
- When the key is on and no timer is set, the sub is able to call the menu up with /77 whether it is allowed or not. This should stop letting people get stuck in restraints with /77 off and no touch, while having their own keys. (*)
- Changed the access scheme to all the color and texture customization plugins (HarnessTex, BinderTex, VixenTex, SirenTex and many others) to "wearer AND keyholder, even when locked". A lot of people like to wear their restraints as fashion elements, not only as restraints, and they like to customize the color after being locked as well. It is less realistic (when you're restrained in hemp ropes, you should not be magically able to switch to camo ropes without someone re-tying you up entirely), but a lot nicer to the sub. One of the perks of being a sub in SL, you can look pretty even when tied up !

* Gags in general :
- Now emotes are redirected to the same channel as the chat, and controlled entirely by the gag, instead of letting the RLV cut the emote short itself.
- Changed the way the "Emote" button works : it can now restrict lightly, heavily or completely suppress emotes. The heavier the restriction, the shorter the emotes. If the emotes are throttled too much, the sub will randomly whine, huff, gasp, moan etc instead of emoting. The specifics are 4 characters per second (200 characters max per emote) in the light restriction, and 1 character per second (50 characters max per emote) in the heavy restriction. Please don't restrict the emotes of a para-RPer (someone who likes to type whole paragraphs when emoting), unless you want to make them explode !

* Blindfolds in general :
- Made @camavdist (the distance from where avatars are rendered as silhouettes in RLV 2.9) farther than the black vision spheres, effectively removing silhouettes. The rendering of silhouettes is not appropriate for looking at them up-close.
- Made the vision much darker on the lower locks ("Blurry" to "Thin"), and opaque on the higher locks ("Medium" to "Opaque", RLV 2.9 only). It was too easy to set the screen really bright (with or without gamma adjustment), effectively negating the effects of "Blurry" to "Thin" blindfolds. You could even see through "Thick" pretty well. It should be much more challenging now, and every lock should have an interest.
- Made them easier to struggle out from. Usually blindfolds are locked pretty tight and that makes them much harder to struggle out from than the rest of the restraints, but blindfolds are usually just a piece of fabric wrapped around the head. In RL, struggling out of a normal blindfold is trivial, unless it is a piece of fetish equipment with straps everywhere, or integrated in a hood. (*)

* Deluxe Gag :
- Separated the ring strap (the one that appears when you are gagged with a ring) in two parts, to allow for an easier adjusting (*). Please note that since it changes the number of prims, it won't be possible to save and load your times between the old version and the new one. I'm sorry.

* Leash anywhere HUD :
- There was a problem when trying to target a prim located inside a concave mesh object. Now the HUD targets the smallest object it finds on its path, among the 3 closest ones. The fix is not ideal, there may still be cases when it misses the prim you want to leash to, but it generally gives much better results than before. Using the ray cast LSL function inside a concave mesh object is problematic anyway, it is even said so in the wiki.

* Leash plugin :
- Replaced the "70 cm" button by a "-1 m" button, to allow you to choose more precisely the length of the leash without having to add a second page to the menu. If you choose a one meter long leash and click on "-1 m", it shortens it to 70 cm, which is the minimum.

* Vixen cuffs :
- Being locked in "Sit spread" on the legs and "Hands collar" on the arms would conflict for the chain going to the collar. (*)

* Elegance legs :- Removed the "Color this" plugin, which serves no purpose whatsoever in these restraints (it is supposed to be used only in the Serious Shackles and Ballgag). (*)

* Elegance arms :
- Added an intermediary "H+E back Ca" pose between "H+E back C" and "H+E back D". (*)

* Police handcuffs with elbows plugin :
- Added an intermediary "H+E back Ba" pose between "H+E back B" and "H+E back C". (*)

* Body harness :
- Made it much harder to struggle out from. It should be on par with collars now. (*)

* Siren ropes :
- Fixed the crotchrope vibrator rope that would not change color or texture with the rest. This implied a change in both the crotchrope and the vibrator objects. (*)

  (*) Replacement required to benefit from this feature.

You can find an updater at the following places in-world :

My little shop

The Little Shop of Kink

Roper's Dark Playground

Chorazin's main store

Have fun !