Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hiya !

Yes, I know, a new RLV version right after a big release... can you say you're surprised ? I'm sorry about that :)

This latest version of the RLV contains a single bug fix for temporary attachments not being detachable (you'd have to relog for that), and an enhancement (in my opinion) that will prevent the camera from automatically reset the view when moving while sitting on an object. For example, when driving a vehicle or using any other kind of furniture that requires you to press the arrow keys. If you want to reset the view, simply use the Escape key. Please note that when you "unlock" the camera (that's the technical term for using Alt and arrow keys or Alt and mouse to move your camera), it will no longer rotate according to what you are focusing on, but it will still move with it.

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !