Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Update to the Latex Catsuits

Hi there,

Here is an update to the Latex Catsuits from Maison de la Marquise, with support for Lolas and Omega-compatible breasts, and a darker shade for the Sheer, Transparent and Clear variants of the black catsuits (they were not dark enough to most people, more gray than really black).

The Lolas breasts receive the applier on the Bra layer, while the Omega-compatible breasts receive it on the Top layer, to avoid conflicts. Please note that any Omega-compatible body will also receive the appliers on the Top part, but this is a side-effect of it. There is still currently no way to apply to the whole body with materials using Omega and a custom HUD. But I hear they are working on it so there is hope.

To update your catsuits, simply rez the updater contained in the folder and wait a little, you will soon receive your new version.

Have fun !