Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Little Shop of Kink is gone


It seems that the parcel where the famous Little Shop of Kink in Lineside has recently been abandoned by her owner, Tess Whitcroft, an old friend of mine, and Governor Linden returned all the prims from it today, including my vendors and updater, and now owns the parcel.

I'm sad because the Little Shop of Kink was where I had my very first vendor, before my vendors were networked, before I even bought Pak as my First Land, almost... 10 years ago... *gulp*

So that's a little bit of my history that goes away today.

What it means for you, as a customer, is that the updater in Lineside is obviously no longer available, but there is one at Roper's place and another one at Chorazin's sim. And of course the one at my shop in Pak.

Thank you Tess for having me there for so long, and actually helping me start my business back then. I hope you'll be met with success in your future endeavors.