Friday, November 18, 2016



Here is a new version of the RLV, with several bug fixes and a couple changes.

added : Added "AllowMUpose" to settings.xml to let the user decide whether to emote with ":" or not.

changed : Prevent from putting an object in a box if it belongs to a locked folder, because it could be sent back to the inventory thanks to a script into a #RLV/~(name) folder, which might not be locked.

changed : Prevent from rezzing an object if it belongs to a locked folder, but only if it hasn't been given during this session, for the same reason.

changed : When under @unsit and forced to stand up thanks to a llUnSit() LSL call, force to sit back to where we were (only works for prims with a defined sit target, like a scripted furniture or a poseball).

fixed : Wrong limits for @setcam_fov (thank you Henri Beauchamp for the fix)

fixed : secondlife:///app/agent/[uuid]/about was not hidden by @shownames (thank you Chorazin Allen for the heads-up)

fixed : llOwnerSay from a worn object transmitting a message sent by another object on the chat which was spoofing the name of its own wearer (like a gag), was not having names hidden by @shownames, neither on a chat message nor on an emote.

fixed : A gesture sending /77arm bypassed @sendchannel_sec=n (thank you Daisy Rimbaud for the heads-up)

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :

Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is

Have fun !