Monday, January 8, 2018

Small update to When You're Hot

Hi there,

Here is a small update to the When You're Hot sweat appliers that fixes an issue occurring specifically with LAQ mesh heads, where the demo would work but not the retail product.

The reason for this fix is odd and specific to LAQ. My sweat appliers use the "Default Transparent Texture" texture from the Library (it is in yours too) as the diffuse channel, while it relies on the normal and specular channels to actually render the sweat (*). Only... it seems that particular texture is recognized by the LAQ mesh heads as an information telling them to completely hide the tattoo layer. In other words, this library texture's UUID is special and must not be used with LAQ. The demos work because their diffuse textures are different, they are custom textures with big white "DEMO" stamps on them.

So I just saved and re-uploaded that texture in order to give it a different UUID, and it now works like a charm.

So if you are a LAQ mesh head user and cannot make the When You're Hot appliers to show sweat on your face, please rez the updater from your folder and you'll get a fixed version. The only thing that changes in this update is the "When You're Hot Head (Omega) (top left)" item.

Have fun !

(*) This is also the reason why it does not work on Catwa and Akeruka, those heads cannot handle materials on a layer that is not the skin.