Monday, January 15, 2018

Update to the Body Harness : Maitreya fit !


Today I'm releasing an update that I've been meaning to make for a while : a variant of the Body Harness that is fitted for Maitreya, as well as Maitreya + Proud Girls !


Maitreya + Proud Girls

It has been a popular request for over a year, but the amount of work was quite high so I kept delaying it. People often think that all one has to do to fit an object to a mesh body is copying the weights after remodeling around the body to be close to it, but nooo ! In some cases (like here) it involves completely redoing the object since rigging involves more precision and more vertices, or else it clips through the skin. And an item like the Body Harness cannot rely on hiding body parts underneath, so the fitting has to be exact and snug.

This new variant is actually embedded into the harness, it is not a separate object. I did this so that if you are a Maitreya user (or Maitreya + Proud Girls), you can wear the main item and not the rest, saving two attachment slots. You need to wear one or two of the other two items only if you want to switch some parts to unrigged, or if you want to see the leash particle chains. More on that below.

That's right, you can mix rigged and unrigged, there is a new plugin helping you with that, called "HarnessFit", accessible only to the wearer.


For example, suppose you don't like the deformation at the shoulders (as some animations may stretch them perpendicular to the straps, making them look wider), you can tell the plugin to use the unrigged variant for those straps only, and you have the control over how to resize them then.

Clicking on any part button cycles through the different variants available for that part. For example, if you click on  "Above breasts", it will cycle between "Unrigged, "Maitreya" and "Proud Girls". For the crotch and stomach, which are linked together since they are always rigged, you have the choice between "System" (the original rigged part that is far from the skin), "System tighter" (a part I made later that is closer to the skin) and "Maitreya". The former two are to be used with a system body or a mesh body that is not Maitreya.

Likewise, if you are wearing a tight corset, one that cinches your waist, the waist part of your Maitreya harness would not fit you anymore, so in that case you may decide to switch to the unrigged waist part, and to resize it so it fits better. And when you remove the corset, no need to resize again, just toggle the waist back to Maitreya with the HarnessFit plugin, and it will fit your body again. Best of both worlds.

The three buttons on the top row are shortcuts to switch the whole harness to "System" (meaning system rigged crotch and stomach and the rest of the harness is unrigged), to "Maitreya" or to "Maitreya + Proud Girls".

There is another change : the HarnessTex plugin has been divided in three plugins, HarnessTex and Style. The former being the same as before minus the "show" and "hide" buttons, which are now the responsiblity of Style (I used to merge the two before but it doesn't make sense now). Style lets you show and hide each part individually.


Please note that Style is in charge of showing and hiding parts individually but it doesn't care about the fitting, i.e. it shows and hides the parts corresponding to the fitting you've selected in the HarnessFit plugin and keeps the other variants hidden. For example, if you selected the "Maitreya + Proud Girls" variant of the  "Above breasts" strap in the HarnessFit plugin, and you decide to hide then show the "Above breasts" strap in the Style plugin, it will be this "Maitreya + Proud Girls" variant of the strap that will be hidden then shown again. The other two variants ("unrigged" and "Maitreya") will remain hidden. It's all very simple, you'll see. Just keep in mind that :

- Style (keyholder only) is in charge of deciding what parts to show or hide, it works exactly like the plugin of the same name in other RR products (Deluxe Straps, Siren ropes...).
- HarnessFit (wearer only) is in charge of deciding which variants to use, those variants will be the ones controlled by Style, the others will remain hidden. Be aware that it won't show a strap that is hidden by Style.
- HarnessTex (keyholder and wearer, or keyholder only if "Deny" is active) is in charge of changing the textures, materials and tints, it works exactly like the other Texture plugins in other RR products (Deluxe Straps, Highbinder...).

Lastly, the Leash plugin still spawns its chain from different points of the harness, depending on what parts are visible. The ring above the breasts will take priority, if it is not visible then the one below the breasts will, and if that one isn't visible either then the one on the belly will. And if that one isn't visible, well, no chain will show. Since particle chains spawn from the actual location of their source prim, it is best to spawn them from an unrigged prim, because rigged mesh may appear to be a totally different place than where it is actually attached. For this reason, two of the three chain spawners are located in the unrigged torso part of the harness, the third one is in the main part since that part is attached to the left pec (like the waist part before this update). In other words, if you wish to see all three chains, you need to wear the main part and the torso part, even if you don't show any unrigged part of the harness.

Naturally, if you are not wearing a Maitreya mesh body, let alone the Proud Girls breasts, this update won't do much for you, but it is always best to keep up to date.

To update your body harness, simply go to any of my updaters, click on it and follow the instructions. You need a replacement, a simple update won't do.

At the time of this writing, there are four available locations :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's store
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Please note that out of the box, the Body Harness is set to display its unrigged and system parts, you need to use the HarnessFit plugin to switch to Maitreya.

Have fun !