Thursday, March 7, 2019



Here is a new version of the RLV with even more bug fixes, including for the infamous "attachment loss after teleport" bug, and for that one I'm far from being alone to work on it.

I took Henri Beauchamp's fix (with his permission, thank you Henri) as well as Chorazin Allen's integration of the fix from Firestorm into Kokua (with his permission too, thank you Chorazin, and of course thank you Ansariel and Kitty for working on it in the first place), added them to my own (introduced in RLV 2.9.25 and a little more in 2.9.26), shook the whole cocktail a little and voila.

I've tested and seen this bug occur with each fix taken separately, sometimes an attachment would go past Henri's fix, some other times it would go past Ansariel's fix. Even with two of them in the code, sometimes an attachment would go past both fixes one after the other (it was rarer, but it happened).

But with all of them I have yet to experience one attachment loss, and I TP a lot with a lot of attachments on my avatar, so yay ! Well I hope yay. In any case, it seems a lot more stable than before, so let's hope this bug is finally behind us now.

There was also a small bug introduced in RLV 2.9.26, well it's not really a bug but a side effect of one of the fixes mentioned above, which would make Bento-rigged attachments using animations containing bone displacement (for example neko ears) revert back to their original locations after a teleport and even a rebake wouldn't fix it. This should be fixed by the fixes mentioned above, but I have still seen it happen in this version, albeit very rarely. If this happens to you, press Ctrl Alt T twice (that shortcut highlights invisible surfaces in red) and it seems to fix it. I don't know why yet, but at least we have that option. Also the bug was only seen in local, other people would not see it, and so is the fix.

Lastly, I have added three useful shortcuts for builders :

- Alt+S to return to the standard Move tool (it also deactivate Edit Linked and selects the whole object, otherwise the selection would look weird).
- Alt+X to select by face.
- Alt+C to switch to Qarl Linden's Align tool.

Speaking of Qarl's Align tool, I have reinstated it in the Edit window, something I forgot to do in 2.9.26. The code was there but the UI file did not contain the "Align" entry, sorry about that.

You can grab the Windows version here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Have fun !