Monday, May 4, 2009

RestrainedLife 1.17


A new version of the RLV is out, with a few improvements and a new command :

- fixed : visual clues about the map and minimap were a bit... clueless at times.
- fixed : llGiveInventoryList with a "#RLV/~..." folder was crashing the viewer if no #RLV folder was present. Thank you MissPony Pelous for the info.
- changed : don't go to third view while in Mouselook and switching back to SL from another application. Doesn't work if the window was minimized or hidden (on MacOS X for example).
- changed : don't allow partial matches on folders prefixes with a "~" character anymore, to avoid taking precedence over the "regular" folders. Thank you Mo Noel for the heads up.
- changed : now PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION is also granted when sitting while @acceptpermission is active, even if the object we are sitting on does not actually contain the animation. Useful for rezzable poseballs.
- added : @setrot:angle=force. This command allows you to make the avatar turn to a direction, in radians from the north. This is not possible through a LSL function call so here it is. Be aware that this command is not more precise than the llGetRot() LSL call (for instance the avatar won't rotate if the rotation is less than a few degrees), but it is better than nothing. It is much more precise while in Mouselook, and does not do anything while sitting.

Go get it at

MD5 hash for the Windows zip file :

Note : once again the webpage is not up to date, but the windows file is (and the source code). Please be patient, I'm really trying to work around that problem.

Have fun !