Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RLV 2.9.17

Hi !

Here is the latest version of the RLV with bug fixes, as well as making it up-to-date with the latest SL viewer. There are a lot of changes under the hood that we third party developers have to keep up with, hence the change of minor version (from 16.1 to 17), even though there is no new feature at the moment.

Please note that invisiprims are working and rendered correctly in the RLV, while the current version of the SL viewer (and some third party viewers as well) cannot render them at all or render gray prims instead. It is a bug on their side though, and LL has been working to fix it and make invisiprims work again. So don't be surprised if you see invisiprims correctly and others see gray prims or mesh objects instead, if an invisiprim hides some parts of your body, that means they work for you.

Among the fixes there is one that I should have done long ago : RenderResolutionDivisor (the value that makes the view blurry) wasn't working while the vision was restricted, this was due to a fix I had to make long ago. Removing the "fix" (that became a bug) sorted it all out !

Here's the change list :

- fixed : We could still create landmarks when under @showloc through a button I never even noticed before.

- fixed : Shift+left and Shift+right arrows were still resetting the camera when sitting on an object (remember, you can press Escape to reset your camera anyway).

- fixed : "Group slots used" on the Groups window did not write the maximum number of groups anymore. It used to work when the maximum allowance was constant for everybody but now it depends on whether you are Premium or not.

- fixed : RenderResolutionDivisor was broken when the vision was restricted. This was due to a fix I had to make a few years ago but now the fix had to be fixed. It happens !

- changed : The license written at the beginning of the two RLV files has changed to LGPL to match that of the rest of the viewer. This was an oversight of mine. It doesn't change anything to how you use the viewer or what you can do with it, of course, but it needed updating for those who like to nitpick about licenses.

You can grab the RLV for Windows here :


Direct download :

And the MD5 hash for the executable is :

Have fun !

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New product : The Need For Seed

Hi !

Let me introduce you to the latest product in the Marine's Goodies brand : the Need For Seed HUD.

There is no typo in the name, this HUD is all about getting you covered with cum. Semen. Seed. You see what I mean.

When you play with your sex partner, you don't really want to have to interrupt your roleplay at a critical time to rummage through your inventory and find which cum texture looks best on your body, you want to get a good one right away. The Need For Seed HUD is made for that. It provides you with many appliers for your face and body, all organized with snapshots and quick access, from a few strings of cum to a full bukkake session. Being coated with cum has never been so easy !

This post is divided in two parts : a quick presentation and a longer manual to explain how to use it. But feel free to read the manual first if you feel so inclined, to get a clear idea of what this is all about.


Help ! They're trying to drown me !

This HUD is like a giant applier for both the face and the body, plus a few extras like mouth puddles, cum threads and flexible drops. There are other 200 textures in total and they can be combined. You read that right, over 200 appliers in one HUD ! Exactly 100 for the face and a little over 100 for the body, including 12 for the hands and feet. And it all shines like real cum !

But before you read further and decide whether to buy it, please make sure that you can use it in the first place by reading attentively the following technical requirements :

Firstly, the cum you see on these pictures shines dynamically. It is not static baked lighting like other cum textures (and there are very good ones out there, don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing them at all). Instead it uses materials for a more realistic wet and glossy look. This means that you have to activate Advanced Lighting Model in your viewer preferences to see it correctly. So this means that your computer must be able to handle materials. ALM is what lets you see materials and dynamic shadows. The latter has an impact on performance, but the former is very easy on the video card and it is the former that matters here.

To activate ALM, open your Preferences, go to "Graphics" and tick the "Advanced Lighting Model" checkbox, if not already done :

If doing so cripples your FPS (Frames Per Second, the speed at which your viewer renders your view in SL), just deactivate the dynamic shadows like this :

Of course there need to be local lights around, at the very least some sun. If you are in an area without any local lights, the cum won't shine, obviously.

Secondly, the body appliers contained in this HUD work only for the Maitreya mesh body. If you do not own a Maitreya mesh body, you will still be able to get cum on your face and use the other attachments, but not splash cum over your chest, back, pussy, butt and legs. You need a Maitreya mesh body for it to work fully for you.

The reason for this is technical : I would have made an Omega version of this HUD if the Omega applier scripts for materials were usable in a custom HUD, but they're not. I have opened a ticket on the Omega website to request for a way to do this, but until this feature is added to Omega, I cannot afford to make one HUD for every mesh body out there. We are talking about over 100 appliers (notwithstanding the other 100 for the face, but those work regardless of your mesh body), it would be way too much work. And in any case, I could not make it work on the system avatar because it cannot handle materials at all, so that option is right out.

Thirdly, this product is made for women only. Sorry guys ! Since Maitreya does not make a male mesh body yet, I didn't want to deliver a half-assed product.

Lastly, the appliers for the hands and feet are made for Slink hands and Slink feet only, they do not work for the Maitreya hands and feet.

The reason for this is also technical : one cannot specify a normal and specular map just for the Maitreya hands and feet without changing the ones of the upper and lower body respectively. In plain English, that means that if you wanted to apply cum on your hands, the cum on your upper body would stop being shiny. So this is due to a Maitreya mesh body limitation, but Slink hands and feet are more versatile (plus there are more shapes).

To recap, to use this product fully you need :

- Advanced Lighting Model turned on (all viewers handle it but you have to find out if your own computer can handle it before you buy). If you can't turn it on, don't bother.

- A Maitreya mesh body. Without it, you will still be able to use the 100 appliers for your face (and that's a lot of cum, as you will see below) but not the ones for your body.

- Slink hands and feet. Without them, you simply will not be able to use the 12 appliers made specifically for them but the rest will work just fine.

- Girls only. Until Maitreya releases a male mesh body, or Omega lets me use materials with this HUD.

Please understand that you won't be able to return this product for a refund after purchasing it since it is copy/no-transfer, so all sales are final. This is why I want the requirements to be clear before you buy. I will refund accidental double purchases, of course.

If the developer of the Omega system gives me what I want, I should be able to update this product with support for the other mesh bodies as well (at least the ones that handle materials).

Enough with the technical requirements now, let's see what this is all about.

The product is divided in three parts : a HUD, a mesh face mask (well, actually five masks with different shapes so you can find the one that fits your face best, but of course you wear only one) and an attachment with several strands, puddles and drops of cum like the ones you saw on the pictures above. They are all invisible at first, but you can use the HUD to make them visible one by one. For example to show a big puddle of cum on your tongue.

The face mask (the one you choose among the five provided in the box) is an object that is supposed to more or less fit your face after you adjust it. It is a single mesh object so you can resize it in all directions, and you choose the one that fits your face best according to whether it is round, triangular, square, egg-shaped or close to the standard Ruth shape. You do not need to have a perfect fit, cum drops have some relief after all, a little slack is welcome so don't be too OCD wih the fitting. You can see an example of the round variant on this picture. I have painted it white so you can see it, but of course it won't look like this when you use it :

One of the face masks, ready to receive cum !

It is, for all intents and purposes, a mesh head. Each face mask is actually 8 layers in one : 4 identical layers with the mouth closed and 4 more with the mouth open. There are 4 identical layers of each so that you can apply 4 different textures at the same time ! This allows for a lot of combinations ! More than you can try in a lifetime.

The face mask also follows the state of your mouth, either open or closed, and changes its shape accordingly. The HUD itself can force your mouth open but it is not necessary for it to work. If another attachment of yours keeps your mouth open (for example a gag or an emoter), then the face mask will detect it and adapt and the cum will still look good on your face. Likewise, if you use the mouth button on the HUD then unwear it, but still wear the face mask, your mouth will remain open. It is the face mask that holds your mouth open, not the HUD.

The HUD lets you control exactly how much shine and transparency to set each layer to, and you can switch any layer left or right independently from the others. This is why a part of the textures show cum only on the right side of your face, because you can switch it to the left side on the layer it is applied to at any time.

The Need For Seed HUD

Each square button on the right opens a different set of textures, be it for the face, the body, the legs, hands, feet or the additional attachments. Each button is a snapshot of what happens if you click on it, and if you find them difficult to read, you can make them bigger with the "+" button of the HUD. You can even scroll up and down if you have made them too big to fit the screen, and although the HUD is worn on the left side of the screen with the appliers to its right by default, you can reverse their order and move them to the left so you can move the HUD to the right of your screen. You can also minimize it to take as little screen space as possible so it doesn't block your view.

An example of the HUD with the first face folder open

This is the end of the demonstration of what the Need For Seed HUD can do, the rest of this blog post is the actual manual, which explains in detail how to use it. I find it better to have both the presentation and the manual in one post, because that way you know exactly what you're buying, there is no hidden catch.

You can find the Need For Seed HUD in any of the Marine's Goodies vendors in-world, it is Modify (*), Copy and No-Transfer, and costs L$1000. The box contains an updater to rez in case an update is available for this product, updates are always free. Also if you ever break your product, rezzing the updater will automatically get you a redelivery.

At the time of this writing it is the latest product in the Marine's Goodies brand, so it is the last one in the vendor. You may have to browse with the white arrows on the vendor to find it (you will see it after the Racing System).

One location where to find a MG vendor is in Pak (look on the left of the RealRestraint vendor in the middle of the booth) :

Another one is the Little Shop of Kink :

Have fun !


(*) The HUD itself is no-modify because the scripts are loaded with the UUIDs of the textures to apply. Resetting it would make them lose all those data and break the HUD.


Let's now show you in detail how to operate your Need For Seed HUD.

Firstly, you need to wear one of the face masks provided in the box, the one that you feel will fit your face best. They are all worn on the nose but you can wear them on the chin, skull, wherever you want on the head, and they are not rigged so you can resize them at will. Don't bother with the resizing now though. It is transparent by default so you won't see it anyway. Just make sure to wear one of them, not all of them.

Secondly, wear the cum attachments. That object is worn on the nose too but some parts of it are rigged, they are the threads of cum under the chin and between the legs. So even if you wear it on the nose, these parts will still be placed correctly. Like the face masks, the cum attachments are invisible by default so you still won't see any change.

Lastly, wear the HUD itself. In fact the HUD is the least important part of the product, even if it is made to control everything. Since it contains so many body appliers for Maitreya, it contains many scripts, one per button in the case of the body appliers. There is no other way for me to do this I'm afraid, and Onyx LeShelle, owner of Maitreya, was kind enough to give me a version of her applier script that takes only 16 kB of memory instead of the 64 kB the original applier script takes. So you may want to unwear it after you're done setting the cum textures and attachments on your body. The HUD is useful only when you want to change the textures and attachments, but once you are satisfied with your look, you can safely detach it.

Adjusting your attachments

Now that you are wearing those three attachments, you may want to resize your face mask (this has to be done only once). Let's assume that you have chosen the variant that fits the global shape of your head best. Round, square, triangular, big jaw or standard. Click on the third square button from the top on the HUD, it looks like a face covered with cum. This will display a lot of additional buttons to the right, each one being a picture of what happens if you click on it. Click on one of the messiest faces, for example this one, where the mouse cursor is :

Aaaand... here is the result :

Now you can see the face mask clearly. My face being rather triangular, I choose the triangular face mask personally, but your mileage may vary. All you have to do is fit it to your own face, it's easier than it seems. When you edit it, you have all the resize handles you need (width, height, depth and proportional) for an almost perfect fit :

When you're done you should have a pretty good fitting. It cannot be perfect of course, as all faces are different, but that's fine.

Now click on the mouth button on the lower left corner of the HUD :


This automatically opens your mouth and you can see the face mask changing shape to accommodate :

If it shows a little clipping when the mouth is open, you can adjust a bit better. Don't close your mouth yet, you will need to resize the cum attachments now, and some of them are inside your mouth.

Click on the lowest square button on the HUD, the one that looks like a tongue coated with cum, then click on all the pictures except the second one :


As you can see, they make you look even messier ! You can resize almost all of them by selecting "Edit Linked Parts" on the Edit window :

Then when you click on one of the prims, you are able to edit it individually. You will have to cam inside your head in order to reach the parts inside your mouth, as the face mask blocks the clicks. Or you can unwear the face mask but then your mouth will close. I also recommend you unwear your mesh hair if you are wearing any, it makes it easier to select the small parts.

I asked you not to show the second attachment (the puddle of cum on your sticked-out tongue) because that one is useful only if you have a mesh tongue in the first place. I personally use the Sensations Tongue but there are others on the market. If you have such a tongue, now is the time to stick it out and to proudly show that puddle to adjust it !


Now that everything is fitting correctly, let's talk about the HUD itself.

The HUD controls three different parts of your body : your face mask, your mesh body (+ hands & feet) and your attachments. There are also buttons to control the HUD itself. This picture shows the different areas and what they are dedicated to :

As you can see, most of the buttons on the HUD manage the face, simply because it is the face that offers the most control and flexibility. Take a look at what each button does :

"Folder" here means a group of appliers that appear when you press the folder button. There are no fewer than 3 folders for the face itself. Click on the first one to see the first part :


When you do that, the corresponding applier buttons show up, with a picture showing what it looks like in world.

In case you are wondering, your viewer does not have to download one texture per button, they all show different parts of the same texture, this is much easier on your bandwidth and video card that way.

If you find the pictures too small, you can make them bigger by clicking on the "+" button (and smaller with "-"), and if you make them so big that you can't see them all, you can scroll with the up and down arrow buttons of the HUD. You can also click on the small black double arrow to swap the position of the appliers to the left, in case you prefer to wear your HUD on the right of your screen.

The face

Click on one of the top three appliers and this is what happens :

Easy enough ! You notice a number "1" appears on the button you just clicked... What does it mean ?

The face mask can handle four of these textures simultaneously and independently. The four buttons with numbers on the lower left part of the HUD let you specify which layer you want to apply a texture to. There is no layer above another, they are all merged together. So suppose you want to add more cum without removing the texture you've just applied. Simple : just click on another layer button ("2" for instance), then on another applier :


See how the two textures look like one ? But what if you wanted to show cum coming from the other side ? Most of the face textures show cum on the right side but you may have another guy (or girl, let's not forget shemales and herms) on your left ! Easy as pie, just click on the green double arrow and see your second texture swap to the left side :

This is much more balanced now ! And the first layer is untouched. If you wan to swap it too, just click on button "1" then on the green double arrow again and it will swap like the other one.

You can do this with all the four layers, so imagine how messy you can get !

By the way, did you notice that the layer buttons 1 and 2 seem brighter than the 3 and 4 ones now ? This is because cum has been applied to them. When you apply cum on a layer, it becomes fully visible. You can see it both on the layer button and on the second vertical bar. The first vertical bar indicates the shine. If you want to simulate dried cum or less dense cum, you can play with those two bars by clicking on them, they act like regular sliders. When the second bar is full, the layer is visible (and its button is bright), when it is empty, the layer is invisible and its button is dark. So if you want to hide a particular layer, simply set its alpha to zero by emptying the second bar.

If you want to hide all of them at once, just click on the red "X" button on the lower right corner of the HUD.


To recapitulate :

- Clicking on a folder shows a group of appliers, each one being a button you can click on.

- When you do, the number of the current layer appears over it, so you can easily track which applier you used (please note that this works only for the face, not for the body, as the body appliers are proprietary Maitreya scripts and are not layered like the face).

- You can superimpose up to 4 textures at a time.

- Each layer can be swapped independently, as well as having its alpha and shine changed independently from the others.

- If you want to wipe your face (and cum attachments), just click on the red cross button. This does not erase the textures, it only turns all the layers to fully transparent, so you still have the information of which appliers had been used.

On a side note, female cum is not white because it does not contain sperm, but you can still simulate it by turning the alpha of a layer to something between 20% and 40% (i.e. click on the second vertical bar to make it 1/5 to 2/5 full).

One more thing about the face. I said above that you didn't want to have to skim through cum layers while you are roleplaying, right ? If you don't want to skim here either (even though you see directly the result thanks to the pictures), you can click on one of the dice buttons to the right of the 3 face folders. It is pretty straightforward : click on one die and it will apply one of the textures from that folder randomly to your currently selected layer (making it fully visible in the process). It will also choose the direction randomly. You don't even need to open the folder for that. That's the quickest way to get all messy in the heat of the action !

The body

The body appliers are easier to explain but also more limited, because they rely on a mesh body and a protocol I didn't make. They are used exactly like any clothing applier you buy from other stores. And like clothes, you have to choose between the "Tattoo", the "Underwear" and the "Clothing" layer of the body. I won't explain the difference here but I recommend choosing "Tattoo" or "Underwear", as "Clothing" is loose between the breasts and on the crack of the butt. However managing your body layers intelligently allows you to superimpose at least two textures !

To do this, make sure you set each layer to "non mask mode" (there's a button for that on the mesh body HUD that you have), and if one layer hides another, switch the mask mode on and off. You probably have to do that after each TP. This has nothing to do with the Need For Seed HUD, this is an SL limitation with alpha sorting.

You might wonder why the face doesn't have this issue... This is because the face was made differently, all the layers are exactly equal, none is above the others so the viewer always renders them all without wondering if one hides another.

There are 5 folders containing body appliers. From top to bottom :

- Chest,
- More chest, belly and bukkake
- Back
- Pussy and front legs
- Butt and back legs.

The hands and feet

The hands and feet appliers require you to use Slink hands and feet, and use the Tattoo layers. I wanted to use the Gloves and Socks layers but they hide the nails and are loose between the fingers and toes, heh. So Tattoo layer it is. Of course you need to make your Slink HUD show the tattoo layers to see the result.

The cum attachments

We already saw them in action when resizing them. They are very easy to use : just click on one of them to show it, and click on it again to hide it. If you click on the red "X" on the HUD, not only is the cum wiped from the face (it can't be wiped from the body, it has to be done from the Maitreya and Slink HUDs for that), the attachments are cleared as well.

That's about it ! You never imagined there was so much to say about cum, right ? *g*

Oh, one last thing. There is an Easter egg in the HUD : one of the textures actually shows a word drawn with cum. It is not obvious at first glance but if you look closely, you will see that word.

Have fun !


PS : I will keep working on this project even after release, because there are things I would like to add in the future. I could not add them now because the mesh body and/or the Omega system simply do not allow me to do so yet because of their limitations. But I do have a few features in mind.