Sunday, March 25, 2012

Restrained Love v2.8.3.1

Hello there,

After 2 months of non-updates (mostly because I was busy on other projects, as you may have noticed), here is the latest version of the RLV, with a couple enhancements and several bugfixes :

- added : RLV_57 : Avatar Z Offset widget now has a button to reset your height offset to zero.
- changed : Now the name of the attachment point must be between parenthesis : "(spine)" instead of "spine", so that objects containing "top" (for example) are not mistaken for HUDs.
- changed : Removed Qarl's alpha mesh deformer, which would make the viewer crash when looking at some specific meshes.
- changed : "(avatar center)" is now treated exactly as "(root)" in the object names.
- fixed : Automatic attachment of objects when logging on was not always working, when the folder they are contained into was locked (with @unsharedwear or @attachathis).
- fixed : @setenv_preset was broken (the underlying code from the SL viewer had completely changed and expected case-sensitive preset names).
- fixed : "nostrip" was not letting you remove some clothes manually or would let a script detach objects without caring for the "nostrip" bit. Thank you Henri Beauchamp for the heads up !
- fixed : @remoutfit=force did not remove physics and would forget some layers. Thank you Henri Beauchamp for the heads up ! (it was such a beginner error ! Yes I'm ashamed.)
- fixed : RLV_58 : Teleporting would stop flying. Thank you Lance Corrimal for the fix !
- fixed : The draw distance slider was too close to the money display, making it unreadable.
- fixed : Inventory, friendship and teleport offers were not easily clickable on the IM window.

As usual, you can grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is

Have fun !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New product in Marine's Goodies : The Diamond HUD

Hello there,

A long time ago I made myself a small HUD to help me manage my many shared outfits (the ones under #RLV). Because I don't know about you, but I have many, many, many outfits, shoes, restraints, you name it. Too many for the My Appearance window, and certainly too many for the Inventory window. Besides I don't always have access to my inventory anyway.

With this HUD, I could wear entire outfits in one click, without having to browse anything. It was so fast that I could not imagine wearing stuff without it. All I had to do was to "bookmark" an outfit to a prim, and voila. One click it's on, one click it's off.

Then I thought "why not let someone else control my outfits through a similar HUD, too ?". For example, that "someone else" would wear the same HUD, import my bookmarks, and click on one of them to make me wear the bookmarked outfit, all this without having to browse through my many, many, many outfits, shoes and restraints.

Sounds good ?

Yes good enough to share, so here it is, the Diamond HUD is the second product sold through Marine's Goodies.

Features :

* Attach and detach your clothes in one click.
* Manage your outfits easily, quickly and efficiently, even faster than through the "My Appearance" window.
* Open a menu to navigate through your outfits with a script.
* Save your configurations and load them later.
* Control your friends' outfits through their Diamond HUD by using yours like a remote.
* Command it with clicks and voice commands.
* Compatible with the "My Outfits" folder in your viewer, if you are using it.

Attention : This HUD requires the use of a RLV. If you are not a RLV user, you will not be able to make the HUD attach and detach your own outfits, but you will be able to control other people's Diamond HUDs (provided they are RLV users themselves).

Please note, that since this is through my Marine's Goodies line of products, there are only two vendors at the time of this writing : one at my shop in Pak, the other at the Little Shop of Kink in Lineside.

My shop :

Little Shop of Kink :

I hope you will find this HUD as useful as I do !

Have fun,