Thursday, April 11, 2019

Update to the Siren and Shibari arms ropes


It has come to my attention that yet again, some (most) of the animations in the arms ropes of the Siren and Shibari sets deformed the avatar, because they included bone translation information. Specifically, you would see your shoulders change width right when playing one of those anims.

I don't know why because I distinctly remember having fixed that issue years ago, but here it goes again, so now I have re-uploaded all of them after correcting them and hopefully you won't see your avatar deformed when being bound in ropes ever again.

To get this fix you must replace your Siren and Shibari arms ropes (legs ropes do not have this issue as far as I know), it won't be fixed with a mere update. Fortunately, you don't have to use the new set completely, only the right wrist rope, you can still use the other items of the old set that you've replaced. Those secondary items are not touched by the updater and the fix is just a replacement for the animations, there is no other change, so you won't need to resize anything but the right wrist rope.

To update your restraint and benefit from this fix, you need to go to one of these locations :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's store
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Once there, click on the updater and follow the instructions. You need to choose "REPLACE". Don't forget to save your times before requesting a replacement. If you do not get a "REPLACE" option, contact me (Marine Kelley) to get a manual replacement.
My shop in Pak is quite laggy these days so if you can't get it to work there, I recommend you go to Chorazin's place, which is a lot faster.

Please note : If you have issues with one of the animations in Supertight (specifically "STB"), please replace again, without having to resize your secondary items, as there was an issue with this animation the first time. Thanks Miraelia for the heads-up.

Have fun !